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Astrological Remedies for Debt Removal or Loan Repayment

Remedies for Debt Removal or Loan Repayment

Updated Date : Tuesday, 02 Jan, 2024 11:59 AM

Are you facing issues in the money matters? Are you debt-ridden? Are you finding it difficult to pay off your loan? Financial debt in Astrology is a matter that makes numerous people ask such queries.

Are you looking for financial crisis astrology solutions? Continue to read.

Money is something that we need in our routine life to fulfill our desires & needs. It is a known fact that earning money is not an easy task in this world unless and until you are born with a silver spoon!

You have to toil hard in your work/business/profession etc. to make some bucks to meet your needs and fulfill the requirements of your family. Sometimes you get carried away due to the rat race of this world and take loans to expand your business or spend some money on the luxury items.

But after all, life is uncertain, isn’t it? God forbid but what if you lose your job or face losses in your business? You may find yourself in Dire Straits when you have debts/loans to repay and your income/revenue does not commensurate to the outstanding dues.

Do not worry, there are astrological remedies for debt problems that can help you to get rid of your loans/debts. But before that, it is important to get into the details of your birth chart or Janam Kundali as there may be some problems due to astrological combinations.

How to get rid of loans by astrology

Once you have determined the issues in your Janam Kundali, you can refer to the below mentioned astrological remedies for the debt problems.

  • Worship Lord Sun: - It is suggested to offer water to the rising Sun daily and chant the Mantra “Om Aditya Namah” along with it. It is an excellent loan remover remedy because the Sun is a symbol of prosperity & success and it is important to worship planet Sun.

  • Plant an Ashoka & Banana tree: - One of the financial crisis astrology remedies is to plant trees. Go ahead and plant a couple of Banana trees in a temple of Lord Vishnu and make sure to give water daily. Additionally, if you donate its fruits to the deprived people then it is a great way to resolve the problems of debt/loans.

Also, if you plant an Ashoka tree in your home and water it daily then you will get the much-needed breather from the debt crisis.

You might have a question about what Pooja should be done at home to get rid of the debts. Performing Puja is a great way to get mental peace and find a resolution to the ongoing issues in your life.

Pooja for clearing debts

Pooja is undoubtedly one of the best remedies to the loans/debt issues that you are facing. Perform below-mentioned Pujas in your home and you should get relief from the ongoing problems:-

  • Burn 5 cloves in Desi Ghee along with camphor daily while you leave the home. Apply the same on your forehead as a Tilak, this is one of the best remedies to get rid of debts.

  • Lord Ganesha is considered auspicious as per Hindu mythology. Hence, it is advised to begin any new work with the puja of Lord Ganesha so that you achieve success and prosperity in your work.

  • Every Tuesday, you should perform Aarti of Lord Hanuman Ji. Take some Dhani oil and burn some cloves in it while chanting the Aarti of Lord Hanuman Ji. 

  • Additionally, you should follow debt removal temple remedies and that includes visiting temples of these lords and performing Puja there as per your suitable schedule.

Vastu remedies for Debts

  • To tone down the malicious effects of the debts/loans related issues, you should keep some salt in a bowl in your bathroom.

  • The best direction to sleep in your house is the southwest direction, start sleeping in this direction and expect to repay the loan installments soon.

  • You must be having some expensive items and valuables like gold, cash, and property documents, etc. and they should be placed safely in an almirah/cupboard that faces the southwest direction.

  • You should make it a point to pay off the first installment of the loan on Tuesday. This loan repayment astrology method is highly recommended.

  • It is advised that you should place a mirror in the North-East direction and you will surely be bestowed by nice positive energy.

  • One of the best Vastu remedies to steer clear of the problems related to the loan/debts etc. should be to keep your workplace, home, etc. clean and tidy. Attempt to clear up the junk and clutter and you will soon be able to free up your debts.

  • The South West or northwest direction of the bedroom should be free of windows and doors. If at all, there are windows and doors in these areas, make sure that they are closed. 

Lal kitab upay for removing debts

The Laal Kitaab is like a boon for the human being and it has the potential to offer Totka to get rid of debts. The miscellaneous lal kitab upay for removing debts are as follows:-

  • It is said that if you take a “Gajra” (Popular bunch of flowers to decorate your hair) and offer it in the Mahalakshmi temple for consecutive Fridays for five weeks.

  • One of the remedies is to collect 7 feathers of a vulture from the nest and keep them in your locker or the place where you keep cash or other valuables etc. This is a tedious process but considered to be extremely effective.

  • Purchase Kumkum on Thursday night and go to the Devi Mata mandir near to your house to offer the same. This totka is effective if you are persistent and follow it for at least 11 Fridays.

  • It is advised that you should take some jaggery and feed a cow for consecutive 5 Sundays. It is recommended that you should use your own hands to feed the cow.

  • It is advised that you should keep a small piece of tamarind tree branch inside the place where you keep your cash, valuables, etc. at home or the workplace.

  • One of the Lal Kitab remedies is to put 7 leaves of Tulsi and two strands of the Saffron in the wheat or whatever grain that you plan to take to the flour mill for grinding. Till the time this flour lasts in your house, there should not be any financial problems in your house.

One of the best astrological tips is to chant Mantras, read further to know about the same

  • It is advised that you should chant Gaytri Mantra '(ॐ भूर्भुवः स्वः तत्सवितुर्वरेण्यं भर्गो देवस्य धीमहि धियो यो नः प्रचोदयात्) at least 108 times. This should pull you out of the financial mess.

  • You should chant लुक मुक्तेश्वर महादेवा नमः mantra after you apply masoor daal on ShivaLingam every Tuesday.

  • Another mantra is Bhairav Mantra “ॐ ऐंक्लींम हींम भमभैरवाय मम ऋणविंमोचनाय…” You should chant this Mantra in a particular duration and only on Sunday. The specific period is Hasta Nakshatra and Shukla Paksha (Waxing Moon). It is a long process and you should chant Bhairav Mantra for 21 consecutive days and at least 108 times.

Which day is best to clear debts?

You are under the pressure of outstanding loans/debts and looking for some best day to repay the loan. Read further to know about the good day to return loans and also the days on which you should refrain from taking or repaying loans/debts.

  • Since Goddess Parvati and Moon are associated with Monday, it is a great day to take or repay the loans

  • If you want to pay off an old loan, Tuesday is a great day. However, refrain from taking a loan/debt on this day.

  • Mercury planet rules Wednesday and hence it is not an auspicious day to repay or take loans.

  • Can we lend money on Thursday? It is advised to refrain from lending the money on Thursday. However, you can take the loan.

  • Planet Venus rules Friday and hence it is one of the best days to lend money or take a loan.

  • Saturn planet rules Saturday and hence it is not an auspicious day as per loan astrology to take or give away loan.

  • Sun rules the Sunday and hence it is not a good day to deal with money matters due to the burning nature.


There it is! Financial crisis astrology solutions can help you to get rid of the debts/loans. Several methods include Puja/ Anushthaan, Vastu tips, Lal Kitab upay for removing debts, etc. Also, there are some mantras that you should chant to get rid of the loans/debts.

Financial debt in astrology is a problem that can be resolved by following these simple tips/measures. At the same time, keep a check on your expenses and refrain from taking loans as far as possible.

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