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Government Job Prediction by Date of Birth and Time

Government Job Prediction

Updated Date : Wednesday, 05 Jun, 2024 09:01 AM

Government Job Prediction by Date of Birth and Time

Are you curious to know about “Government job yog in my kundli?” Getting a government job has always been a dream of many individuals. People constantly look for astrological govt job prediction by date of birth in Hindi and in several other languages. Govt. jobs are always in high demand as it provides a sense of job stability and security and is also considered a highly reputed authoritative job especially in India and similar countries. Government jobs come along with so many lucrative benefits and also increase a person’s social respect and prestige. Are you also among the people who want to know “Will I get government job in future?”

Check  Government job in your Janam Kundali.

Well, consulting an astrologer can be a good option, as astrological predictions for government jobs can help you to get certainty about your job. You can use the government calculator to know the predictions about your Govt. job in Kundali for free. 

You can also get your Government job prediction by date of birth and time. There are several tools of Vedic astrology that can guide you towards the path of getting a Govt job and becoming successful. 

The planetary positions and their combinations with various houses in your birth chart play a significant role as they let an astrologer check govt. Job in your Kundali. These planets can also tell whether you will have a Govt. job in your horoscope

Role of Planets in Various House of Kundli

The online analysis of your Kundli can help you get the govt. Job. Some explicit houses, planetary positions, and planets play a significant role in revealing the major aspects of your life, let‘s understand about them-

First House-This house monitors your ambitions, your aspirations, your career, job, everything. This house is the 1st and the foremost sign for your career in govt. jobs.

Second House- Your health, wealth accumulation, assets, and property, all are represented by this house.

Sixth House- A person’s goals for a career are represented in this house. Using a free kundali by date of birth can help you in knowing your scope in govt. jobs.

Ninth House-The astrological combination of a friendly planet and strong Sun in the 9th House of your Kundli increases your chance of getting a govt. job. 

Tenth House- An astrology specialist can forecast your scope in the white-collared government job by analysing this house.

Know about 12 Kundali Houses in vedic astrology and their meaning and significance.

How to get a job as per astrology 10th house in Kundali

  • To get a Government job, the 10th house must be powerful
  • Lord of the 10th house has its placement in quadrant/trine (House no. 1, 4, 7, 10 are known as quadrants and 1, 5, 9 are known as trines)
  • When Lord of the 9th house has its placement in the 10th house
  • Lords of 10th and 9th houses interchange the signs
  • Lords of 10th and 9th houses are conjoined
  • Lord of the 10th house has its placement in the 11th, 6th, or 3rd house
  • To have a Government job, adequate support from the planets, including Mars, Moon, Sun, and Jupiter, are needed along with a positive impact on the tenth house.

Government Job Yog in My kundli Sun

Following Yogas are auspicious and suitable for govt. Jobs.

  • Sun has its placement in the 10th house (sun in 12th house government job)
  • Sun has its placement in the 10th house and is in transit with planet Mars
  • Sun has its placement in 10th house in own sign or in a friendly sign
  • Sun has its placement in 2nd house and aspects 10th house lord (Govt. jobs related to the secret agency)
  • There is an aspect of Jupiter on the Sun
  • Sun has its placement in the 3rd House (Govt. jobs related to travel or media)
  • Sun has its placement in 4th House (Govt. jobs related to tax or property)
  • Sun has its placement in 6th House (Govt. jobs related to legal service)
  • Sun in 8th house government job (Govt. jobs related to archaeology or R&D)
  • Sun in 12th house government job (Govt. jobs in jail or hospital)
  • Mars and Sun have their placement in the 10th House

Check Government Job in My Kundali Free

  • Jupiter has its placement in the 4th House
  • Rahu has its placement in 10th house, 5th house combined with the Lord of 10th house
  • The powerful planets have their placement in the 10th, 9th, and 1st house
  • Venus-Moon-Jupiter have their placement in the 5th house (Govt. jobs related to contract)
  • The Lord of 12th house has its placement in 11th house, 2nd house, trine or quadrant, and the planets Mercury, Venus, Moon, and Jupiter have their placement in 11th house, 6th house or 3rd house (Govt. jobs related to legal and civil department)
  • The Lord of the 12th house has its placement in the 11th house, 2nd house, trine, or quadrant and Mars has its placement in the 11th house, 6th house, or 3rd house (Govt. jobs related to army or police)
  • Mercury has its placement in 6th house (Govt. jobs related to typing)

Want to know whether you have such favorable combinations in your Kundali? Can you secure a Government Job? Will I get a government job in the future? Will I get a government job in astrology? government job yog in my Kundli? check government jobs in my kundali online? When will I get a job in astrology? Central govt job in astrology? Talk To Our Expert Astrologer and find out now.

Government Job or Career Prediction by Planetary Combinations

Following are the planetary combinations, which are favorable for getting Government jobs:

Horoscope to get a government job. Following are some of the parameters, as per astrology, which determine the professional success and wealth, and status of an individual.

House / Planet

Relates to




Jobs, services, career




Job, profession




Public & Govt. Sector Jobs, Leadership, Career, Physician, Politics, Authority, Position, Medicine


Coal, Mining, Service, Labor


Intelligence, Fame, Success, Knowledge, Good Luck,


Insurance, Media, Railway, Communication, Accounts, Journalism


Literature, Creativity, Music, Designing, Arts


Surgeon, Lawyer, Defence


Travel, Marine, Fishery, Sailing

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