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Zodiac Lucky Colours

lucky colours of zodiac sign

Updated Date : Thursday, 03 Sep, 2020 06:28 AM

You can also always pay for a detailed birth chart and chances are that you will get a revelation about yourself like no other. 

Through your birth chart you can always know why do you have a certain taste, why do you choose a particular dress over others and also why are your favourite colours different from that of your friends.

Your favourite colours need not be your lucky colours. Your lucky colours often is some of your favourite colours, though.

Lucky colours, according to Zodiac sign, is the topic of choice for today.

Often in a small corner of an astrology website or newspaper, you may have come across the lucky colours for today listed separately for all the zodiac signs. 

In websites, they expand this prediction to the next day and the day before also and is often given as Lucky colours for tomorrow and Lucky colours for yesterday.

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Let us try to see the relationship between the zodiac signs and the colours.

Lucky colours of Zodiacs

Aries Lucky colours: For Aries are green and red primarily. 

Red is the lucky colour of these Aries due to the Fire element. 

Maroon shades are also lucky for these as Mars is rusty red, the guardian planet of the Aries.

Avoid black.

Taurus  Lucky colours: For Taurus are brown and white. 

White is lucky for Taureans due to their parent planet Venus. White can stabilize the ill effects of negative energies on them very well. 

Brown is a lucky color for them since they are children of this mighty Earth and are deeply rooted people.

Avoid ash.

Gemini Lucky colours: For Gemini is green observed due to their guardian planet Mercury. 

It is also grey and paler shades of blue as they are Air signs and air shades often can clear their visions and mind.

Avoid Reds.

Cancer Lucky colours: For Cancer are pearly white and foamy shades of blue. 

Pearly white is attributed to its guardian planet, Moon and the foamy shades of blue are attributed to the Waters.

Avoid pinks.

Leo Lucky colours: For Leo are orange and yellow.

Yellow shades are attributed to the Sun and the fiery orange shades are attributed to the Fire element that burns bright within them.

Avoid blues.

Virgo Lucky colors: For Virgo are all shades of green. Beginning from turquoise green to deep foliage green, the Virgo can accommodate all of it. 

The shades of green are attributed to their owner Mercury.

Avoid reds.

Libra Lucky colours: For Libra are White, and all shades of grey and light olives. 

The shades of white, including pristine white and pale white do very well for the Librans, thanks to Venus and the element of Air.

Avoid oranges.

Scorpio Lucky colours: For Scorpio are black and some rusty shades of red. Mars and Pluto rule these Scorpions forever. 

Avoid deeper shades of blue.

Sagittarius Lucky colours: for Sagittarius are yellow, grey, red, orange and some pale reds. Aqua and turquoise blue, icy blue are also lucky for them. 

Thanks to the gigantic, gaseous Jupiter and the Fire within them.

Avoid browns and pearly whites.

Know your city auspicious time for today.

Capricorn Lucky colours: For Capricorn are more profound forms of blue and yellowish-brown. The colours are attributed to Saturn and their earthly composition.

Avoid intense shades of green.

Aquarius Lucky colours: For Aquarius are violet, purple and mauve. 

Endorsing the most different colours of the zodiac due to it’s Saturn and Uranus binding together firmly in their zodiac sign.

Avoid anything that is orangish in shades.

Pisces Lucky colors: For Pisces are all blues, blues, some yellows due to the presence of Neptune and Jupiter as their Lord. 

They also go well with olive greens.

Avoid pearly whites.

So now you know your lucky colour according to Zodiac Signs. Use them in your favour. Wear them for your most important works- for your weddings, exams and even for your interviews as well. Also if you are not superstitious, you can still use them for your benefit. 

Get your kundli matching by date of birth.

It can be said confidently; thus, that your lucky colours have turned out to be nothing but your favorite colors and also the ones which draw your attention often even when in a crowd.

You can also check your lucky colours for today’s columns for an everyday guide.

Everyday guides consider the Lord of the day, your zodiac sign, and also the planet that might be currently influencing your circumference while suggesting your lucky colour for today.

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