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The Full Moon Effect: How does the Full Moon Impact Your Life

Full Moon Effect

Date : 22 Jun, 2020

Full Moons can be heard impacting us since ancient times. We have learned a lot about the impact of Full Moon through the various legends and mythological beliefs from the ancient civilizations. They say that Full Moon’s effect can make you do strange things.

Insanity is often observed in those who are mentally challenged and that even expands to suicidal traits, sleepwalking and violent behavioral patterns. The Full Moon’s effect has always impacted human life in big ways- Lunar cycles have influenced human behavior, the correlations have been recorded and the impact has been found to be real for a long time through science.

Social tension is quite common and lack of harmony is also quite common during the Full Moons. There is increased rate of homicides and the assaults aggravate during the Full Moons. Starting from the impact on sleep cycles, to more babies when the Moon is closest to the Earth, a Full Moon is said to impact many things. Even the menstrual cycles in women are regulated by the Full Moon. Sea animals like crabs, sea lice, certain types of worms and midges have often displayed Moon-related tidal behavioral patterns.

Why do we worship the Lunar Deities?

In some of the ancient religions like the Mayans, Aztecs, Greeks, Romans and Arabic culture, even amongst the Indians, Moon and its astrology have shown to impact us a lot. The vegetations around us are hugely impacted by the Moon; our entire Indian culture is devised around the Moon and its impacts upon us. Our astrology is devised around the Moon Sign; our calendars are mostly Lunar or Luni-solar calendars.

The Full Moon is filled with feminine energy and is the Lord of the Zodiac Cancer, the fourth house of the Zodiac sign. The energy of the Moon is usually said to be reactive whereas the energy of the Sun is said to be active by nature. The Moon stays in a certain Zodiac sign for almost 2.5 days and it takes 28 days for the Moon to complete one circumnavigation around all the Zodiacs.

Moon’s positive nature brings forward in you the signs of sympathy, joy, mental peace and makes you more receptive and patient by nature. Similarly, Moon’s negative nature can make you worry more; it can increase your tensions, depresses you and creates a suicidal tendency within you. The moon’s feminine nature nurtures human souls and guides the subconscious mind and our emotions together. In order to ensure that our subconscious mind guides the emotions rightfully, the Moon is thus worshipped. The worship of Moon God is immensely popular in the Indian culture.

Let us understand the correlationship between Moon and the Human Body

We can see a lot of impact of the Moon on the human body. When the Moon turns up in the sky, the Moonlight is believed to enter the pineal gland and controls our body till we wake up in the morning again.

During the Full Moon various populations hoist a number of meditations and these meditative processes can benefit us, helping us to move into our inner realms. It is believed that the Moon’s Light on a Full Moon can transcend the mind and can expand our divinity.

The pineal gland responds to the dark and light phase of the bioelectricity within us. Meditation can activate this bioelectric energy that is present within us. The female body responds to the 28 day lunar cycle, thus it is believed that the female body is more prone to the vibratory actions of the Moon when compared to the male body.

Thus, fertility, birth rate, reproduction and our sexuality is closely linked to the lunar cycle of the Moon.

How about knowing a little about the Mind and the Moon

Human mind is made of both the subconscious and the unconscious apart from the conscious vibes. Now, these are compared to the position of the various phases of the Moon across the mental level. The subconscious layer of our mind contains the memories and thoughts. We accumulate these during the lifecycle. The Moon can impact our sub-conscious by pulling out our thoughts into the surface of our conscious self. This might create a certain amount of irritation, mindlessness and may also impact our craziness and mindlessness state. Thus, on Full Moon days, you may have come across people who have psychic diseases behaving more emotionally and often are found to grow more anxious towards life and everything around them.

But on Full Moon nights, even the unconscious state comes up to the subconscious level and if you can learn meditation, you can actually gain from it immensely. You can come to know the way in which the unsaid energies of the world impact you and also get connected to the stream of life that flows beneath and amongst us, in a quiet and unsaid manner.

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Mysticism behind the Full Moon

Full Moon draws you close to being a mystic if only you have learnt a way to tap the energies of the Moon- the unconscious and the subconscious mind are at its full bloom. The energy within us is fluid in nature and can take a shape or form that you decide for it.

On the other hand, during the Full Moon women might feel an increase in the sexual urge might connect to the deepest zones of their intuition and may have a million and one ideas that benefit them in the long run.

The hormones respond to the power of the Full Moon and men too move to their inner chores, they experience increased libido and would have an increased desire to satiate their sexuality.

Crime is on the rise during the Full Moon. The psychologically challenged people also experience an increase in desire for crimes and criminal activities do rise around the Full Moon.

Spiritually, mentally and physically, the Moon may influence us in many ways. The rise and fall within us is often a way of the Moon.

Thus, according to Vedic Astrology everything around us is impacted by the forces that rise around us. The Sun and the Moon’s energy are extremely important for our healthy living. The Full Moon showers upon us the complete forces of the Moon and the New Moon withdraws from us the favors of having the Moon.

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