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Full Moon Calendar 2023

full moon calendar 2023

Updated Date : Friday, 24 Sep, 2021 07:16 AM

Full Moon is a wonderful occasion and many cultures all around the world consider it as a highly significant day. Do you know that the Sri Lankans have a holiday on every Poya or Full Moon? Poya is a Buddhist ritualistic ceremony observed all across the world on a Full Moon.

The Full Moons in India are extremely important days according to Hindu beliefs. Several people fast, and pray to various Gods and Goddesses on these days. Mainly different forms of Goddess Laxmi are worshipped on this day.

The Purnima/ Pooranmashi is widely recognised as a day of fullness, abundance, and often marks the completion of a certain task. Usually people prefer beginning a new task and a new thought on the New Moon/Amavasya when the energy is completely new. Purnima often marks the end of a particular resolve or task. Spiritual seekers time their spiritual growth from the Amavasya to the next Poornima in the cycle.

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Let us know when these important Astrological events will be happening in 2023.

For this, let us have a look at the Full Moon Calendar 2023

Full Moon Dates and Days

(The Full Moon Calendar 2023 is given below for your reference, all according to Indian Standard Time (IST))

Full Moon Month

Full Moon Date

Time of the Full Moon

January - Moon after Yule/ Wolf Moon

JANUARY 06, 2023

6:09 p.m. Eastern

February- Snow Moon

FEBRUARY 05, 2023

01:30 PM Eastern

March- WORM Moon

MARCH 07, 2023

7:41 AM Eastern

April- Pink Moon

APRIL 06, 2023

12:33 AM Eastern

May- Flower Moon

MAY 05, 2023

1:34 PM Eastern


JUNE 03, 2023

11:42 PM Eastern

July- Buck Moon

JULY 03, 2023

7:38 AM Eastern

August- STURGEON Moon

AUGUST 01, 2023

2:33 PM Eastern

August- Blue Moon

AUGUST 30, 2023

09:36 PM Eastern

September- HARVEST Moon

SEPTEMBER 29, 2023

5:59 AM Eastern

October- Blood Moon

OCTOBER 28, 2023

4:25 PM Eastern

November- FROST Moon

NOVEMBER 27, 2023

4:16 AM Eastern

December- COLD Moon

DECEMBER 26, 2023

07:33 p.m. Eastern

Moon sign calculator to know your moon sign.

Let us find out a bit more about the Full Moon Nights in the Full Moon Calendar 2023 and their significance.

1. Wolf Moon in January

This Full Moon is named after the howling wolves, in the heart of winter. The wolves could be heard howling out of hunger and stress, during the Full Moon of January, sitting by the Moon as the Moon rose in the sky. This Moon is alternately known as the old Moon.

2. Storm Moon/Snow Moon in February 

During this Full Moon there is a recorded heavy snowfall or snowstorm observed. Thus, this created the name, Storm Moon/ Snow Moon.

3. The Worm Moon/ Chaste Moon in March

In March, the Winters are gone, the soil becomes soft again and the earthworms begin to appear slowly, birds come out after them and life sprawls again on the chaste Earth.

4. The Pink Moon/ Seed Moon in April

 In April, the pink and purple phlox begin to grow back and the seeds dormant within the soil spring out into full grown plants. Thus, the April Full Moon is often termed as the Pink/Seed Moon.

5. The Hare Moon/ The Flower Moon in May

During this time of the year, it is summer everywhere and the flowers are in full bloom. Hare can be seen everywhere in the forest roaming around, thus this Full Moon is called the Hare Moon.

6. The Strawberry Moon/ Dyad Moon in June

This month, once upon a time, the Native American Algonquin tribes would collect the fresh strawberries that grow during this time of the year. Dyad is usually a word collected from the Archaic dictionary and during this time of the year, the effect of the Sun and the Full Moon is clearly visible on Earth.

7. The Mead Moon/ The Thunder Moon in July

It is believed that this Moon brings the nectar of the Gods back to Earth. During this Full Moon there is magic and celebration running the hearts and thus is known as the Mead Moon. It is also known as the Thunder Full Moon since during this time of the year, many parts of the world get heavy rainfalls, and thunderstorms are at their peak.

8. The Wort Moon/ The Sturgeon Moon in August

During this time of the year certain lakes were brimming with this Sturgeon Fish that the Native Americans were easily able to catch, thus giving the name of Sturgeon Moon. It is also known as the Wort Moon since during this time period the worts (medicinal herb plants) come back to Earth.

9. Barley Moon/ The Corn Moon/ Harvest Moon in September

The Barley harvests and other crops were harvested during this time of the year. The Native Americans were singing, dancing and merrymaking during this time of the year. The blackened sky gave way to the name of this Full Moon.

10. Blood Moon/ The Hunter’s Moon

The Blood Moon is usually defined as “four consecutive lunar eclipse series that fall on the Jewish holidays with six Full Moons in between, and no Lunar Eclipses in between to intervene is known to be the starting phase of the end,” as forecasted in the Book of Joel. The Hunter’s Moon was when the Natives of all lands stored their provisions for the mighty winters.

11. The Beaver Moon/ The Frosty Moon

During this time of the year, Winter trickles down, water freezes back and the beaver nets are set for the fur that can keep men warm in winter. Alternatively, it is also called the Beaver Moon since the beavers are at play during this time of the year, creating dams and huts over the water logging systems that have entrances from under water.

12. The Cold Moon/ the long night Moon

The December counts for it’s long nights when darkness often never ends. During this time of the year, the Moon appears cold and distant thus getting the name of Cold Moon.

Let us see what all within your body is going to be impacted by the Full Moons. These body parts would be sensitive during this time of the year. Pay special attention and take extra precautions while working around them.

Full Moon

Moon Sign for Full Moon

Organs impacted



Stomach, mucosa, breast, womb & ovary



Heart, aorta, blood pressure, blood circulation



Pancreas, small intestine & digestive tract



Kidney, ureter, urinary bladder, veins and skin



Genitals, anus, urethra, prostrate



Liver, hips, thighs, sacram



Backbones, joints, knees, hairs and skin



Calf, ankles, shin, Achilles



Feet, toes, pineal glands


1st October: Aries

31st October: Taurus

Head, teeth, tongue, artery

Neck, vocal cords, throat, thyroid glands



Shoulder, arms, hands, bronchial tubes & lungs



Stomach, mucosa, breast, womb & ovary.

The Full Moon Calendar 2023 is going to guide you throughout the year as to what they signify, why they are named that way, their impact on your body and the Moon signs in which the Full Moons occur. Interestingly Poya in Sri Lanka is a Buddhist traditional observation of all the Full Moons in the year. Usually people take a day off to celebrate this day as the festival. During this day, the Sri Lankans and other Buddhist tribes keep an all day fast and meat and alcohol shops are closed during this day of the month. It is a day when the the influence of the Moon is clearly felt everywhere palpably on Earth and thus a fast can help you lessen the strength of the Moon’s pull, so it is believed. The Full Moon Calendar 2023 is thus a place for you to come back as when you require a guide to it.

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