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Fixed Zodiac Signs

Fixed Zodiac Signs

Updated Date : Monday, 17 Jan, 2022 13:39 PM

If you like to keep a little knowledge about astrology then you must be knowing that every zodiac sign has its own element-earth, water, fire, and air. The 12 zodiacs signs are also further divided into 3 qualities or modalities namely- cardinal mutable and fixed. These modalities describe every individual’s vibes and personality.

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4 Fixed signs

The Fixed signs are observed in the middle of the season. 

The 4 Fixed signs comprise Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. 

  • Taurus falls in the middle of the spring season,

  • Leo Falls in mid-summer,

  • Scorpio in mid-autumn,

  • Aquarius falls in midwinter.

These zodiacs can thus also be known as the stabilizers of the zodiac. The fixed sign natives can be considered as your reliable best friend. You can count on them during your hard times. They will knock on your door with ice cream in their hands. The fixed sign natives are very creative and innovative.

Their stubborn nature speaks of their negative traits. They rarely change their mind if they have decided on something once. 

Fixed Signs


Taurus is represented by the fixed sign earth. Being a rooted sign they are known as the stubborn natives. There is a saying ”don’t mess with the bull or you’ll get the horns”, same is the case with the Taurus folks. They don’t get into the angry mode that easily but if someone keeps on irritating them continuously then this calls for their anger.

These natives are quite tenacious and have the ability to finish the given work quickly and with utmost dedication. Stability, routine, and consistency is their thing as they are fixed sign.

The natives of the Taurus sign are all about the luxuries of life from food, clothing to a cozy and comfy-homely environment because they are also ruled by Venus which is the planet of love, intimacy, and pleasure. 


Leo is associated with the elements of a fixed fire sign. They are a combination of interesting and near to opposing nature. Leos are known to bring life to the party or to any adventure. When they are back at home, they love to spend time with their family. It can be said that the Leo natives are a duo of traditional customs and modern adventures.

Lion is the symbolic representation of the Leo sign which embodies them with strength and courage to deal with anything.

Leo natives are very charismatic and dynamic. Their personality always shines through whatever they are working on. 


Being a fixed water sign, Scorpio is surrounded by several emotional issues because of their fixed quality. Although being emotional isn’t bad but due to their “fixed quality,” their emotions also become fixed in nature. This can further lead to stress and tension. 

These natives are also known for being courageous, loyal, and determined. 


Aquarius is the fixed air sign. Aquarius natives love to be independent despite the presence of the fixity element in them. These natives are rooted but wanderers and love to create homely and residency vibes wherever they go. 

Aquarians can be great leaders and they can easily be in charge of any event.

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