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Adverse Effects of Panchak

Adverse Effects of Panchak

Updated Date : Wednesday, 15 Sep, 2021 12:23 PM

Panchak is going to start from the night of 4th June 2018 and will continue till 9th June, 2018. and we want our readers to be beware about the bad effects that Panchak may have on them so please go through the detail in the below mentioned article.

What is Panchak?

Panchak refers to the time duration of 5 days when the Moon is present in Aquarius & Pisces. As per ancient Indian mythology, it is considered to be a very inauspicious period, and it is advised not to start any new work during Panchak. It is said that if someone begins any work during Panchak, it will never be completed and instead of that, problems will increase five times.

In Hindu Vedic astrology, people commonly refer to Panchang and zero upon the auspicious time to perform various activities like marriages, starting a business, constructing a house, etc. Timing is of paramount importance, and people leave no stone unturned to pick the right time. Panchak is considered to be very bad as per Hindu mythology. But, is there some truth in it? Does your life really gets affected by Panchak? Know the real effects of Panchak at Mpanchang.

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Panchak Kaal Time

Panchak Kaal dates and timing for Year 2021 and 2022

Panchak begins on September 18, 2021, Saturday at 03:26 PM
Panchak ends on September 23, 2021, Thursday at 06:44 AM

Panchak begins on October 15, 2021, Friday at 09:16 PM
Panchak ends on October 20, 2021, Wednesday at 02:02 PM

Panchak begins on November 12, 2021, Friday at 02:52 AM
Panchak ends on November 16, 2021, Tuesday at 08:15 PM

Panchak begins on December 9, 2021, Thursday at 10:10 AM
Panchak ends on December 14, 2021, Tuesday at 02:05 AM

Check the Panchak Kaal time and date for the year 2022 before you start any new work.

Panchak begins on January 5, 2022, Wednesday at 07:54 PM
Panchak ends on January 10, 2022, Monday at 08:50 AM

Panchak begins on February 2, 2022, Wednesday at 06:45 AM
Panchak ends on February 6, 2022, Sunday at 05:10 PM

Panchak begins on March 1, 2022, Tuesday at 04:32 PM
Panchak ends on March 6, 2022, Sunday at 02:29 AM

Panchak begins on March 28, 2022, Monday at 11:55 PM
Panchak ends on April 2, 2022, Saturday at 11:21 AM

Panchak begins on April 25, 2022, Monday at 05:30 AM
Panchak ends on April 29, 2022, Friday at 06:43 PM

Panchak begins on May 22, 2022, Sunday at 11:12 AM
Panchak ends on May 27, 2022, Friday at 12:39 AM

Panchak begins on June 18, 2022, Saturday at 06:43 PM
Panchak ends on June 23, 2022, Thursday at 06:14 AM

Panchak begins on July 16, 2022, Saturday at 04:17 AM
Panchak ends at July 20, 2022, Wednesday at 12:50 PM

Panchak begins on August 12, 2022, Friday at 02:49 PM

Panchak ends on August 16, 2022, Tuesday at 09:07 PM

Panchak begins on September 9, 2022, Friday at 12:39 AM
Panchak ends on September 13, 2022, Tuesday at 06:36 AM

Panchak begins on October 6, 2022, Thursday at 08:28 AM
Panchak ends on October 10, 2022, Monday at 04:02 PM

Panchak begins on November 2, 2022, Wednesday at 02:16 PM
Panchak ends on November 7, 2022, Monday at 12:04 AM

Panchak begins on November 29, 2022, Tuesday at 07:51 PM
Panchak ends on December 4, 2022, Sunday at 06:16 AM

Panchak begins on December 27, 2022, Tuesday at 03:31 AM
Panchak ends on December 31, 2022, Saturday at 11:47 AM

Panchak happens for five days every month as per the Hindu Vedic calendar. The time duration when the Moon is placed in Pisces or Aquarius is termed as Dhanishta Panchank which is considered to be very adverse if someone is planning to start any work. It is believed that work will never be complete. As per Hindu Vedic astrology, Panchak is a collection of 5 Nakshatras which are as follows:-

  • Dhanishtha- If any work is started during This Kaal may cause fire accident.

  • Poorva Bhadrapada- This Kaal can cause some serious diseases.

  • Shatbhisha- This Kaal may lead to physical disabilities.

  • Uttara Bhadrapada- It may lead to financial losses like penalties, fine, etc.

  • Revati Nakshatra- This Kaal may lead to the turbulent financial situation and cash crunch.

Things to avoid during Panchak Kaal

  • It is advised that people should avoid traveling to the southwards direction as it is considered to be the road to Yama (Death lord). But still, if you can not avoid travelling to the south, offer some fruits to Lord Hanuman to mitigate the effects of Panchak.

  • You should also refrain from starting a new business or get into a new transaction. But, if at all you have to get started with the construction of a new house then offer sweets to the workers before proceeding.

  • Wood should not be cut, and grass should not be collected during the Panchak Nakshatras as they may cause a fire in your house.

  • Dead body should not be cremated during Panchak Nakshatra because doing this may lead to more deaths in the family. But if there is some mishappening and it cannot be avoided then flour (Atta) should be used to make five dolls. These dolls should be cremated with the dead body. This remedy is believed to remove the dosha of Panchak.

  • Don't even think about buying or constructing a new bed during Panchak Kaal, it is considered as very inauspicious.

What can be done during Panchak?

It's a myth that you should stop doing everything during the Panchak Kaal. You can still go ahead with the purchase of clothes & jewelry, entertainment activities, traveling on vacation or for work during Panchak Kaal. You can go ahead with Puja also during Panchak Kaal and also conduct other important events like Mundan, Marriage, Griha Pravesh, etc after consulting an expert astrologer. You can even start some artistic activity like Drama, singing, fashion, etc during Revati Nakshatra.

At mPanchang, you can get all relevant detail related to remedies for Panchak and our expert astrologers will help you through the entire process with great detail.

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