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taurus and scorpio Love Compatibility



Both the signs fascinate each other – they are introvert and take some time to open up & get comfortable. Taurus and Scorpio are known to be steady and effective – bring out the extreme sides of their partners while in a relationship.

Together they can be inspiringly loyal or can even set a horrifying example of mistrust. They can be sweet hearts and they can hold grudges for life. An association that believes in going to the very limit either good or bad.

Taurus-Scorpio Relationship Compatibility is full of surprises but still an outstanding one.

Are Taurus And Scorpio Compatible?

Both these signs are dead serious, and know what they’re doing. They can either get along very well and be the best of friends, or can be at each other’s throat all the time and end up becoming worst of enemies.  

A lot of what goes between them depends heavily on plenty of respective behavioural aspects. Despite running the risk of falling apart, they are one match in the entire zodiac which has the best complimenting traits that there are!

Taurus is an Earth sign and Scorpio is a water baby, they have different characteristics but, Scorpio has everything that Taurus looks to have in a partner, and vice versa.

For example, Taurus needs someone who can stand by them during the tough times- Scorpions, just like their symbol, can hold onto people forever. While Scorpio ascendants look to invest in a partner more than partnerships. A person they can rely on when they run out of ideas, and who better than the morally and intellectually gifted Taurus to fill that spot. Possibly the reason why they prove to be so advantageous for each other in almost every sphere of life.

Then there is mutual admiration for even the smallest of thoughtful ideas, that makes this couple even more adorable. Also, they have a keen eye for competition. Not only do they want to be like each other, they want to be better than their partners. A quality that takes them further along the pathway of growth.

This is truly a remarkable association of two suiting individuals so it’s only obvious that Taurus and Scorpio Compatibility is leaps and bounds ahead of most of the other couples.

Before we get into the details about Taurus-Scorpio Friendship Compatibility,  Taurus Man Compatibility with Scorpio Woman and Taurus Woman compatibility with Scorpio Man, it is important to gain insights into these Zodiac signs.


Taurus  are immensely confident of their abilities.They are blessed with good common sense. Taureans are tough as the rock of Gibraltar and never give up irrespective of the number of failures. They are materialistic and love living a life of luxury but are not extravagant. They value financial stability and security the most. Taurus are fiercely loyal and committed in a relationship. Click here Taurus to know more about loyal and practical Taurus.


A hypnotic gaze and a mysterious demeanor perfectly describe a true Scorpio. A Water Sign, their emotions run really deep and they are perhaps one of the most sensitive signs of the Zodiac. But, the quality of a Scorpio to hide their emotions and feelings does not let their emotional side come to the fore. Ruled by Pluto and Mars, the November born are known to be inquisitive, alert, creative and motivated. The emotions of a Scorpio are well-controlled and in no circumstances whatsoever will they show the world their sensitive side. Scorpios are highly secretive and have a probing nature. Hardworking and determined to succeed, Scorpio loves competition. Click here Scorpio to know more about the mysterious Scorpio.

Can Taurus and Scorpio Be Good Friends?

When the Scorpio and the Bull decide to be friends with one another, it is a bond between two extremely opposite personalities. Individuals who are poles apart in terms of perspective, life goals, social skills, and interests. When brought together, they are like two pieces of a puzzle that fit perfectly. Signs that are opposite in nature often find it intriguing to be alongside each other. Taurus and Scorpio do not have much in common, but since they have such strong personalities, disagreements are likely to be experienced.

However, Taurus and Scorpio are great work buddies and look to collaborate their creative acumen to achieve a bigger result. Their shared opinions on professional front, is one of the reasons why they are compatible as friends.

Taurus and Scorpio are obsessed with materialistic possessions. They are preoccupied with all the pricey acquisitions they have and welcome foreign inputs on how to make them even more luxurious. This common interest of finance plays a key role in making their bond stronger.

Taurus in a way, is kind of self obsessed while Scorpio is overly selfless and values collective effort. Friendship helps them understand the importance of either aspects. Also, Scorpio is difficult to read and grows a lot of suspicion in people’s minds, but Taurus is more straightforward.  They have so much to learn from each other. Taurus and Scorpio friendship compatibility looks excellent, fundamentally and astrologically.

Taurus-Scorpio Romantic Compatibility

Taurus and Scorpio Love Relationship is a match straight out of Shakespearean love tales. Romantic alliance of the Earth sign Taurus, and the water sign Scorpio, indeed scores tremendously well on the compatibility meter. This match involves individuals that have a common vision, similar set of goals, and respect for their partners.

It might even seem like an other-worldly combination because of the way the two signs connect instantly. Taurus wants Scorpio to be more expressive while Scorpio wants Taurus to transform itself into a more casual and considerate person. Practicality rules the association between these two signs and both get what they wish for.

The two signs are fixed by nature, they tend to stay inflexible regardless of the possible circumstances, reason why they are bound to clash once they are passed the honeymoon phase. They tend to get critical of each other’s actions and opinionated as they are, differences over judgements seem only obvious. They need to learn the art of compromise to counter this situation.

A romantic relation between Taurus and Scorpio is primarily based on trust. Their faithfulness for their partners is something that is exemplary. So, Taurus and Scorpio Romantic Compatibility by every means would have an exceptional journey which will be as soothing as it will be satisfying.

Taurus-Scorpio Sexual Compatibility

Taurus and Scorpio are the signs that are sensual, not to be confused with sexuality, which is a common misnomer. Sexual compatibility is way complex of a concept that depends highly on the individual characteristics of a person willing to engage in a sexual activity. Here in this match, Taurus is a sign with sensual gravity around them that controls its response towards physical pleasure. Its relation with Scorpio involves a blend of intense emotions and sensual spirit that is literally the best in the entire zodiac.

This couple has an incredible ability to get over any sort of frustration, tension, and uneasiness with such elegance that it becomes hard to believe that they were once preoccupied in a mental turmoil. Unlike other couples, where the idea of give and take plays a definitive role, they just don’t need any of it. Taurus and Scorpio don’t leave it to one another and won’t sit & relax until they have completely satisfied their partner. And, make sure that each had the time of its life whenever they get intimate.

As per astrology, they are just the best fit in terms of sexual compatibility but the reality may seem different. One can’t just completely disregard the actual circumstances. In practical life, every individual has a baggage, it can be emotional, it can be dreadful past, trust issues, etc. That can come in the way of them achieving sexual satisfaction. These two signs are no different and have their own personal issues.

But, in reference to aforementioned, they aren’t the best suited couple sexually for no reason. Taurus and Scorpio sexual compatibility is the strongest in the mix because there is a great deal of emotions involved. Both the signs seek support through sexual encounter which becomes even more valuable when they are going through a tough period.

In the physical realm, they represent the planets that are symbol of sensuality, Venus and Mars respectively. This shows the incredible level of intimacy they share and how comfortable they are with their sexuality. There is heat, there is passion, there is romance, and of course, there is occasional experimentation that makes Taurus and Scorpio sexual compatibility the best.

Taurus Man And Scorpio Woman Compatibility

Scorpio woman has a phenomenal appeal when it comes to attraction and the laid back and quiet man, i.e., Taurus, finds it irresistible. The bull will be smitten by the very sight of beautiful her. Moreover, she is very selective of a man she would like to date or marry and would downright reject someone who is pretentious.  The Taurus man is as real as it can get. He has a high self-esteem and won’t mind facing rejection. She will be blown away by the aura of true masculinity Taurus has running around him and would instantly get along. A match with finest start where both the partners seem emotionally satisfied.

A scorpio woman isn’t someone who would rush into anything merely because she is fogged by charm. She will take her time and would closely examine the tangibility of the relationship. The only way forward for her is by getting completely convinced of the fact that there is indeed a fruitful future and there are no doubts in her head whatsoever. Which in general, is a very sensible way to move forward.

Taurus man and a Scorpio woman is a match that is true example of balance and understanding. Both the signs just love each other and respect the freedom one would require to function alright. Even in the times of struggle, they know how to stand by each other and help them get through it with ease. They are ambitious and won’t interfere regrading other important aspects like career and family. It is a match made in heaven and the Taurus Man Scorpio Woman Marriage Compatibility looks pretty good from here.

Taurus Woman And Scorpio Man Compatibility

A Scorpio man is quite non-communicative and won’t let anyone cross the threshold to his personal little world easily. The only way to his heart is by winning his trust. One has to plan a sound course of action to get close to him. But when this man falls for a woman, his dedication for the loved one is a spectacle. He’ll get drawn to the magical persona of a Taurus woman. Unlike usual, he will instantly realize that he can trust this woman. His instincts will be bang on, given the gift of sixth sense he has.

A typical Taurus woman would test the man she decides to go out with, or wants to marry for that matter. In the context of this relationship, Scorpio won’t find it odd and would rather be upbeat about it. He likes to showcase the excellent personality that he is. Only after a point in this communion will they get comfortable and open up to one another.

Taurus Woman And Scorpio Man Love Compatibility seems only moderate because of the approach they have towards a romantic relationship. There can be conflicts, difference of opinions about things related to them, or even some serious disagreements on finance, family and career. This seems to disturb the balance between both the signs.

How Well Do They Click Emotionally?

Both the signs are fixed, strong personalities, but have a lot of differences when it comes to being emotionally comfortable around others. Taurus and Scorpio are fond of qualities they find in each other. It is fascinating how they click even after being so different on a personal level. Probably  the reason they are emotionally compatible.

Being emotionally compatible with a person is all about finding the right balance between good and bad, positives and negatives, annoying and endearing qualities. Taurus and Scorpio are capable of achieving this balance when they are involved together in something.

Taurus negates out what others might find infuriating in Scorpio. And Scorpio helps Taurus to have a better look of things and go beyond a preconceived notion. This helps the couple to enjoy a greater level of emotional comfort and intimacy.

Other than being complementing, they are signs with a gift of intellectual prowess. They stand by what they believe in which makes them come off as stubborn at times. This habit of asserting own perspective over others often disturbs their emotional stability and they get stuck into their zone. All of this administers what can be considered as agony into their lives. But it’s just a phase. An if anything, it only brings them close. Taurus and Scorpio can be termed compatible emotionally.


If you put Taurus Scorpio together to explore the romantic prospects, there are only two possible results. They can either be lovers for life or would end up being the enemies beyond imagination, and probably no other result. So there is one thing guaranteed, the degree of outcome is going to be way above par.

Getting along nicely means they are on the same page regarding important life decisions, have mutual respect, and although it sounds cheesy but can’t live without each other. When two people share such bond that is away from selfishness, highly dependable and involves individuals who are invested emotionally, the union is going to be something extraordinary.

Both the signs can find their soulmate in one another and can plan their nuptial without a second thought. Their sincere love and support for each other  is one for the ages and they can be truest of the soulmates.


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