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taurus and sagittarius Compatibility



In theory, signs with opposite polarity are most likely to have an enduring association either as a romantic couple or as friends, but such may not be the case here. Taurus and Sagittarius are as different as chalk and cheese and the likelihood of them getting along in a relationship is unfortunately, extremely low.

However, there is isn’t anything that can’t be overcome by a little compassion and compromises. But a lot of what goes into Taurus-Sagittarius Relationship Compatibility depends quite tremendously on how far these two signs are willing to go down that road. Taurus and Sagittarius are not so congenial astrologically- both have their own agenda, a set of personalities that don’t really fit, and a rare combination of Earth and Fire sign that is highly incompatible.  

Are Taurus and Sagittarius Compatible?

Every individual has a unique approach to love and life, but on a wider scale, it can be generalized into fast and slow, or classic and contemporary. Taurus are the ones who like to take things slowly. They are tradition fanatics, would have a take on things in the old-fashioned way. While on the other hand, Sagittarius ascendants like to keep up with the pace, they are all for new experiences and would do innovative things with a great fervour. Simple, yet a substantial difference.

Taurus are clever spenders and smart savers, while Sagittarius are free-spenders and don’t believe in looking into their purse before lashing out on anything pricey. So disagreements over financial matters can put the couple through a lot of distress. Taurus would choose to stay home and cook by itself any day but, Sagittarians are the night creatures, they love to mingle. They don’t miss even a single opportunity to socialize and befriend new people. These differences are just tip of the iceberg. There are a whole lot of issues that see both the signs having conflicting opinions which make chances of a strong Taurus and Sagittarius Compatibility quite bleak.

Similar to every Fire sign, Sagittarians are passionate lovers. Courteous, trustworthy, and outspoken, they don’t hold back when encountered something wrong. The Archers don’t give their words much thought and would bluntly go critical on anyone. Their disregard for correct time and place for being expressive is not welcomed by Taureans at all. And the Pride that a Bull has is nothing that is unknown to anybody. This causes a lot of friction between the two, making them one of the most hostile matches. There are some serious repercussions and it’s a not a very pleasing sight in the end.

The success of this particular match solely depends on their mutual understanding and respect for individual characteristics. Both the partners need to be patient and very flexible with the impending circumstances, good or bad. Taurus and Sagittarius Zodiac compatibility is on the lower side.

Before we get into the details about Taurus-Sagittarius Friendship Compatibility,  Taurus Man Compatibility with Sagittarius Woman and Taurus Woman compatibility with Sagittarius Man, it is important to gain insights about these Zodiac signs.


Taurus  are immensely confident of their abilities.They are blessed with good common sense. Taureans are tough as the rock of Gibraltar and never give up irrespective of the number of failures. They are materialistic and love living a life of luxury but are not extravagant. They value financial stability and security the most. Taurus are fiercely loyal and committed in a relationship. Click here Taurus to know more about loyal and practical Taurus.


Sagittarius, the Fire sign, can be easily recognized in a group of people as they will be the liveliest and most energetic people in the group. Being a fiery sign, a Sagittarius is always pumped to explore new avenues, learn new things and travel to far off places. Ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius seeks things that are larger than life; they want the best for themselves and can indulge in extravagant activities to achieve them. People in this Zodiac sign are extremely outspoken to the point of being blunt. On one hand, they can be the goofiest people around, while, on the other hand, they are philosophical, wise and knowledge-seekers.  Click here Sagittarius to know more about the optimistic Sagittarius.  

Can Taurus and Sagittarius Be Good Friends?

Despite of being so distinct in plenty of ways, Taurus and Sagittarius make finest of friends. Mainly because, they have such traits that suit perfectly to each other’s liking. On an individual level, they are way different from each other be it perspective, life goals, or any other significant aspect of life. Taurus ascendants are introvert, calm and collective whereas, Sagittarius are straightforward, exciting and even tend to get candid at times. There is so much to share between these individuals that friendship becomes inevitable once they start to converse.

But before anything serious unfolds, there is a tiny little phase where either requires to break the ice and start to talk. Time when personal traits dictate the judgment and everything could go wrong. Taurus being the quiet one might find it annoying how Sagittarius approaches mingling and the couple could put the wrong foot forward.

This may lead to misunderstandings, minor conflicts and infrequent arguments. But still, they’ll somehow find a way to put aside all these unpleasantries and have a wonderful bond of friendship. Although both the signs have contrasting characteristics, they never let that fact meddle with their relationship and continue to strengthen their the bond of brotherhood and care.  

Taurus and Sagittarius are not the ideal suitors for each other but by the virtue of their honesty, truthfulness, and loyalty, they can have a long-lasting and decent friendship that could even work wonders with a few additional efforts. So astrologically, Taurus and Sagittarius friendship is practical and scores better on the compatibility chart.

Taurus-Sagittarius Romantic Compatibility

Astrology suggests, Taurus and Sagittarius are Earth and Fire signs, they don’t make a fine romantic couple but distinctively, they are one mismatch that has the highest potential of clicking if the right moves are played. If not for years in romantic continuum, Taurus-Sagittarius Love can have an on and off scenario over surprisingly long period of time, or even beyond that. Referring to the aforementioned section, the odds of this couple achieving true sense of togetherness depends heavily on the compromises both the individuals are willing to make.

Both Taurus and Sagittarius are pragmatic and believe in circumstantial reality rather than ideas and notions. They have their own concept regarding love and romance which has a fair hint of cynicism and disbelief to it. They don’t trust anybody that easy. Taurus, however, is more emotionally dense and romantic than the Archer. Taurus is an absolute family man and takes pride in their unconditional love for the close ones. Sagittarius is a bit more open that way and believes in having its cake and eating it too. Values freedom at every level. Taurus is traditional and can wait till eternity to find the perfect match for itself, but Sagittarius likes to keep things in a different way. They are all about making every moment memorable.

These basic characteristic differences aren’t the only reason why this match has no foreseeable future. When together, they seem to lose interest in each other after a while. They do not wish to continue with their romance and would gradually stop putting in efforts and as a result, it becomes a sparkless humdrum affair. Taurus-Sagittarius romantic compatibility isn’t working!

Taurus-Sagittarius Sexual Compatibility

Taurus is considered to be one of the most sensuous signs and Sagittarius being as fiery as it is, there is no way these two individuals would have a dull sex life. Sadly enough, this particular match is a disastrous misfit in terms of intimacy and sexual compatibility. Taurus would be the last person a Sagittarius would think about if it is in a mood for steamy love making. It is as if their romantic incompatibility wasn’t hard enough for the couple.

With their fickle and inconsistent attitude, there appears to be no possibility for the two signs to get anywhere close to being intimate. Although this is just an offshoot of a major problem. Taurus and Sagittarius aren’t characteristically accustomed to comprehend each other’s sexual desires.

Despite the depressing inability of both the zodiacs to attain an ideal sexual life together, it would be wrong to completely disregard even an outside chance of the two having a good time.  Once in a blue moon, the couple can actually end up acquiring sexual pleasure by paying respect to each other’s needs. An uncomplicated approach of give & take to make their relation exciting and passionate. However, other than the odd day, Taurus and Sagittarius sexual compatibility seems like a lost cause.

Taurus Man And Sagittarius Woman Compatibility

Taurus men are composed individuals, they are not often influenced easily. But the warm and demonstrative lady i.e., in fact a Sagittarius woman, will truly attract him. He will be taken by her friendly demeanour and she’d be fascinated by his relaxed yet diligent nature. When it comes to love, Taureans are very old school. They will not rush at all. He will be a gallant gentleman who is pretty much into the lady but won’t initiate anything until he feels the time is right.

The love affair would evolve with a gradual pace and there’s nothing that can be done to speed things up. Fire signs are known to be a tad edgy and quite impatient. A Sagittarius woman will get restless with the unruffled Taurus man. It’s taking too long for her to get into something serious. One of the very reasons why Taurus man and Sagittarius woman lag behind on the longevity of their relationship. Sagittarius woman likes to keep things frisky and are very spontaneous. They are free spirited who don’t believe in going by a schedule or following a typical norm. With a Taurus man around, she would feel constricted as there is nothing going on that would excite her about their romantic association. Eventually conflicts would rise and things will start to fall apart. What started beautifully would end up in worst of the fashions. Taurus Man and Sagittarius Woman Relationship Compatibility is not convincing at all.

Taurus Woman And Sagittarius Man Compatibility

Taurus woman is the quiet one. They aren’t very social and like to stay reserved. They have a planned method for everything in life and would play every move in a copybook style, nothing contemporary. Getting romantically involved with someone is a big deal for her. Right from dating to committing, they have their own way to take things forward. Also, Taurus ascendants are not comfortable with changes, they are unyielding. It is very difficult to woo such a person.

Sagittarius man is a different personality altogether. He believes in living in the moment. Right now is the right time for this animated individual! Here, one individual is expressive and the other one is reserved. There are challenging situations on the way for the couple which make Taurus Woman and Sagittarius Man Love life stressful and exhausting.

It’s only a matter of time till they have petty conflicts and differences over matters concerning love and compatibility. Tug after tug would render them helpless and gradually, they would drift away from each other. The only way for this association to make it work is by investing some more time into the relationship. Give their partners enough opportunities to get comfortable. They need to respect the lifestyle of the other person. Otherwise, Taurus Woman and Sagittarius Man Relationship Compatibility is a dull affair.

How Well Do They Click Emotionally?

Sagittarius and Taurus might appear to be an oddly paired couple but emotionally they seem to have struck the right chord. Poles apart in almost every aspect, the two still manage to find the right balance. Instead of having a critical outlook on Taurus Sagittarius compatibility, it is better to look on the brighter side - most people don’t realize their own weaknesses and strengths let alone the ones they are paired with.

Astrological studies have revealed that people who aren’t compatible with each other don’t necessarily end up losing all the time. In fact, they have a better chance of unwinding emotionally when they are around people who are not the best suit for them. It helps them embrace the characteristic features that they lack themselves.

With Taurus and Sagittarius couple, one can easily see the prevalence of aforementioned point. These two signs are keen observers and pick up things fairly quickly. Therefore, despite all the friction between them on an individual level, they are still able to acquire significant emotional clarity that might seem a bit far fetched even with the couples who are extremely compatible. So may not be in the most conventional fashion but Taurus and Sagittarius can still be comfortable emotionally.

Are Taurus-Sagittarius Soulmates?

There are plenty of zodiac combinations, 78 to be precise. They can be highly compatible or they can’t even stand each other, anything can happen. Each combination with a different set of potential outcomes. But being soulmates is one particular aspect that is way beyond the complexities of individual characteristics.

The simple idea of two signs being soulmates boils down to one thing - their ability to make compromises. It is about bridging the communication gap, showing complacency, displaying immeasurable patience and having a big heart.  Unfortunately, neither of the two signs can put such efforts into their relationship. So, are Taurus and Sagittarius true soulmates? Well, the answer would be No. Because, despite all the compromises they make, they will never be able to get along and understand each other.


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