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pisces and gemini Compatibility



The Zodiac Compatibility between Pisces-Gemini is like North and South Pole. They are far away from each other, yet have an attraction for each other. There is an instant physical attraction and this duo can be good friends but not a good romantic couple. Pisces and Gemini are diametrically opposite individuals. When they come in contact for a professional or a social interaction, they realize this difference in their nature rather quickly. Gemini can impress Pisces with their flawless communicative style and confidence. Pisces easily triggers Gemini's curiosity and interest. There is hardly anything common between them, and this can act as a catalyst for either building a strong attraction or quick repulsion.

Pisces-Gemini Relationship Compatibility

Gemini and Pisces are at right angles in the zodiac and therefore challenge each other in terms of overall compatibility. The elements of air and water are quite different. Air relates to the mind, and water has to do with emotions - this gives you a hint about the focus of your activity and how well you're likely to get on. Pisces experiences life in a more intuitive and instinctive way than Gemini. They are into the not so concrete. They make decisions based on their gut feelings. Gemini, on the other hand, needs tangible proof before they accept things. Gemini may not see the sense in the way Pisces makes decisions.Both of you change your views as easily - and as often - as you change your clothes, and both of you look for variety and excitement in life. However, you are motivated by different things. Each day will be an adventure when you're together, but it will be full of downs as well as ups.

If Gemini wants to bond deeply with Pisces, you'll need to show them that you understand the deeper aspects of life. Pisces needs to know that you are not completely superficial - initially, they may feel you are far too scattered or worldly for them. Be sensitive to the more receptive side of Pisces and prove to them that you are not all froth and bubble. This means sometimes being silent when you're together. Doing this will gain the respect of Pisces - and you may learn a little about what lies beneath your conscious (and sometimes chattering) mind.The Dreamer will keep dreaming and the Communicator will keep communicating and maybe, just maybe, if they dream and communicate enough, one of those beautiful rainbows will show up and keep this couple together. It's one of those relationships which could or even should work, in theory, but for Pisces and Gemini compatibility is never as simple as that.

Gemini (May21-June 21)

Gemini being influenced by the element of Air is ruled by Mercury, the planet that gifts the skills of communication, writing, and movement. As the Air from one direction is complemented with Gail from another end to make the movement complete, similarly, people belonging to this sun sign are always looking for new people to complete their personality. Gemini is gentle, affectionate, curious, adaptable, fast learner and good at exchanging ideas. They lag in decision-making, are not stable and are contradictory in nature. Gemini the Twin, has two aspects of personality that are highly unpredictable. One moment, they can be fun loving, communicative and social creature while on the other moment they can get serious, thoughtful and restless.

Change and freedom are some very important things to the Gemini. With the Mercury as their ruling planet, the Gemini born people are some of the most intelligent and they are excellent orators as well. Being of razor-sharp intelligence their mind is never at rest and they are extremely interested should anything new come up. They possess a rare brand of wit and humor, having a fairly sharp intellect. The Gemini people are irresolute and inconsistent. Yet they are intelligent and witty. But you will never be able to be sure which side you are talking to. They are concerned and connected to everything related to the mind, and being of razor-sharp wit and unusual humor, they make friends pretty easily. They are surely the masters of communication having been able to learn up also couple of languages and having a passing knowledge of everything that is happening around them.

But unfortunately the Gemini born people are extremely inconsistent and they never delve deep into anything. It is their impatience and boredom of the mundane that does not let them delve deep into things. Because of their dual nature, they are never rooted at one place and appear to want to know everything that is happening. This actually at times makes them appear as the snooping people meddling in others affairs.Being ultimate orators and attractive, they become the cynosure of all eyes in a party and thus they enjoy spending the life.

PISCES (19th Feb - 20th March)

Pisces is rightly referred to as The 'Dreamers of the Zodiac' as they are the most imaginative and creative individuals who beautify the world with their artistic talents. Deep souls, they are emotional, sensitive and highly intuitive. The twelfth sign of the Zodiac, they are often referred to as 'old souls' and bear certain characteristics of the eleven preceding signs. You would never find a Pisces spending its life in confines. The Fish savors its independence and loves to be a free spirit and it is very difficult to tie them down to just one spot. Their career choices are also influenced by their love for freedom. One can find a majority of Pisces choosing professions that revolve around creativity and art. Brimming with positive energy, this water sign possesses the knack of bringing out the best in themselves as well as the ones around them.

Pisces is ruled by Neptune and are the most generous and giving people one can come across. They would give it all for their loved ones in the blink of an eye. They are friendly people and get along with everyone they meet and become everyone's favorite in no time given their charming and endearing personality. Pisces like to live in their beautiful and happy world and are oblivious to what is happening outside it. They do not fret much about the small things in life and feel deeply connected to their spiritual side. While on the positive side, they are dreamers, on the negative side they are escapists. When the brutal realities of life clash with their fantasy world, their first and only reaction are to escape. Facing a problem is the last thing they want to do. They do not find themselves courageous or energetic enough to solve their life issues. They simply go back to their world of fantasy and dreams in adverse circumstances. Pisces are weak-willed and lack the ability to take decisions on their own which makes them vulnerable as a result of which people can easily impose their opinions and decisions on them. Pisces love to spend some alone time as a way to take a break from the otherwise chaotic life. This helps them rejuvenate and revive. Pisces are hopeless romantics and when in love they give their relationship all they can.

Gemini Man and Pisces Woman Love Compatibility

A Gemini man is quick and alert. He is not the one to hold on to past and seldom waste time on things he finds unworthy. One can find him either whistling a happy tune or belting out with a cranky attitude. Gemini man's cleverness includes an unerring instinct for the expedient. Experimentation is the adrenalin Gemini man needs to keep going. Being in a relationship is just another fun experiment for Gemini man. He loves his independence and nothing can bind him. While at the same time he loves to give freedom to his lady without a single trace of jealousy. A Pisces woman represents the division of the spiritual and human qualities. She is very cozy and calm individual with all the feminine qualities put graciously throughout her attitude. Pisces woman goes with the flow rather than fight the odds to a better solution, but she sacrifices herself for the sake of her dear ones, hopes and dreams. Being artistically gifted causes the mind of Pisces woman to enter into a dream world where she finds a mental satisfaction above and beyond anything real. She is a great listener to her man and respects him above anything in the world. Gemini Man Pisces Woman Love Compatibility is possible if the Pisces can find an approach to the partner and Gemini becomes faithful.

Gemini Woman and Pisces Man Compatibility

The Gemini woman Pisces man relationship often begins with a shared sense of longing – to learn more about the world, about themselves, and about their purpose. The Pisces man is always searching for a deeper meaning to things, attempting to live his life in the most complete way possible. The Twin yearns for the same thing but for different reasons. When the Gemini woman is dating the Pisces man, her boundless energy keeps her from staying in one place for too long. He finds her enjoyment of life irresistible, for he's always looking at things from a more spiritual angle. The Gemini female understands this, and that connection is what helps to take their relationship to the next level. Gemini is a mutable air sign whereas Pisces is a mutable water sign, the Gemini woman Pisces man compatibility gets a very low rating. With a little give and take, both the Gemini woman and Pisces man can learn to meet at the horizon.

Love for Gemini woman and Pisces man is a thing of calm and beauty. As they both melt away in the warmth of their love, Pisces teaches his little Gemini butterfly to see joyful dreams and she teaches her Pisces dreamer to put some adventure in those dreams and bring them to life. They can always share and have everything and there is always serenity in their relationship that keeps it intact. Each day brings something new and exciting for this couple and they accept it wholeheartedly. The twinkling smile of Gemini woman and the tender touch of Pisces man add to the beauty of their togetherness. Their castle is a forever home for happiness and their garden is magical where red roses of love grow with thorns.

Pisces-Gemini Romantic Compatibility

Can the deep, mystical and sentimental water sign Pisces find true love and happiness in the arms of cool, light-hearted and ever-changing airy sign Gemini? Astrology would come up with an answer that none of these two natives, who have just fallen for each other, would really like to hear. Still, the sooner they realize their different love natures and challenges associated with it, the better it will be for their relationship.

When a Gemini and a Pisces come close and try to find a soul mate connection in each other, the universe throws them a curveball and they get mixed love signals. Pisces is looking for mushiness, soft rose petals, wine, candlelight dinners, rain, moonlight walks and sweet nothings in their ears. In the beginning, Gemini gets fascinated by the idea of romancing their Pisces partner this way, but after some time, all of it gets in over their head. When Gemini falls in love, they like to question and challenge the set norms associated with it. Then again, Gemini might fail to adhere to the idea of true love altogether.

Pisces-Gemini Sexual Compatibility

It is a good thing there is so much creativity to Gemini's approach to sex, or they would really have difficulty making any sort of intimate connection with Pisces. They can be attracted to each other due to the fact that they are ruled by Mercury and Jupiter, the same planets that rule their opposing signs. Still, there is a big chance they won't even recognize each other as sexual beings or keep a distance from each other if they do.

Gemini has a lot of creative potentials but isn't exactly in search for their one and only true love in order to have sex. Pisces, on the other hand, exalt Venus, and they only want to have sex with the love of their life, unless they've been disappointed too many times. If they meet after these numerous disappointments, Gemini will not find Pisces very attractive, for they will no longer have any childish energy or charm.

If their sex life is supposed to be functional, both of them will have to find a way to be a bit more grounded than they normally are. Gemini will have to realize the truth behind their own emotional nature and give in to true intimacy, while Pisces will have to accept the differences of their partner instead of searching for a soulmate with predefined qualities.

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