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leo and aquarius Compatibility



Zodiac Compatibility Leo Aquarius is a meeting of two similar yet different individuals. Leo and Aquarius are two signs who are intelligent, friendly and gregarious. Aquarius' innovation and Leo's passion along with each other's strong determination makes Leo Aquarius Relationship Compatibility an interesting partnership.


Leo Aquarius Relationship Compatibility is a light-hearted and fun association between two courageous and adventure-seeking individuals. An exciting relationship is certainly on the cards when these two come together as they are risk takers and possess a deep desire to excel in every game of life. Aquarius and Leo make excellent friends and business partners. When it comes to Leo Aquarius Love Compatibility, it is a relationship that is packed with fun plans and exciting dates. They get each other's quirky ways and this at times become the strength of Leo Aquarius Marriage Compatibility. As one is Fire (Leo) and another is Air (Aquarius) they are spontaneous, expressive and share a love of all things grand.

Aquarius and Leo are similar in many ways but when it is about emotional quotient, they operate on different emotional levels. Aquarius is quite cool, practical and detached when it comes to emotions whereas Leos are intensely emotional and expressive. So, emotional outbursts in Leo Aquarius Relationship Compatibility are quite likely. Aquarius could take the warmth and dependability Leo possesses when it comes to personal relationships and also their sense of dignity. Leo can learn how to take criticism in a constructive manner and admit to their flaws from an Aquarius.

They both can be an excellent team as they both benefit each other immensely and share the same kinds of strengths. Aquarius and Leo know how to share the organizational responsibilities whether it is a business or a romantic association and this makes them an indomitable duo.

Before knowing about the Leo Man Compatibility with Aquarius Woman and Leo Man Compatibility with Aquarius Woman, it is imperative to gain an insight on both the Zodiac Signs.

AQUARIUS (22nd January - 19th February)

Ruled by Uranus and Saturn, Aquarius are mysterious people who can at times get real tough to understand. Friendship and teamwork is what this Zodiac sign represents. Being the Water Bearer, Aquarius possess an innovative energy which they tend to apply on all things in life. They want to explore the world in its minutest form be it learning electronic music or experiencing living on the edge. They are most courteous and soft spoken people you would ever come in contact with. They love to defy the usual public opinion in the most unconventional and unpredictable manner. Aquarius are the most quirkiest signs among all; they do not conform with the usual standards and wear the weirdest and most unusual attires. It is the sign that has the ability to bring groups of people together for a social cause or any agenda. Aquarius is the philosopher of the Zodiac and contemplates reality to the core and beyond. For them, learning is a continuous process and this is what life's about.

A true Aquarius will always have a mysterious vibe around them. It is quite difficult to penetrate the mysterious and magical knowledge of this Air sign. They love their freedom and like keeping things a little casual. Aquarius are free-spirited souls and cannot focus their energy on just one individual. It can make the otherwise buoyant and cheerful Aquarius go a little off balance. This Water Bearing sign is a nomad to the word and this behavior of theirs can at times backfire and compel them to lead a life of loneliness. They have the habit of over thinking way too much with unsettling anger issues. They get easily bored by repetition and crave for adventure. When it comes to romantic relationships with an Aquarius, friendship is the key. They find it really hard to commit to a person, but once they do, this Water Sign is a devoted and loyal partner.


Both these signs are opposing signs on the Zodiac wheel so a magnetic attraction at one instant and repulsion in another instance is quite common in Leo Female and Aquarius Male Marriage Compatibility. An instant magnetic attraction is visible between the two in the initial phase of Leo Woman Compatibility with Aquarius Man. She was attracted to his effortless charisma and dreamy demeanor and he got lost in her endearing beauty and that perfect queen-like poise. However, this initial attraction gives way to differences and misunderstandings between the two whether it is the difference in attitudes or desires. Harmony in Leo Woman Aquarius Man Love Compatibility can be attained when they both blend these differences to achieve a romantic and domestic bliss.

She should not envy but rather absorb Aquarius ways of accepting life and its situations as well as people effortlessly. He should try to emulate the social graces she possesses and the warmth she brings in other people's lives. However, it is to take care that in this process of blending with each other's positive qualities they do not sacrifice the excitement and quirkiness that their relationship is made of. Another cause of trouble in the paradise of Aquarius and Leo is their contrasting emotional and expressive behaviors. Leo woman constantly wants attention and wants to be showered with admiration, appreciation and romantic gestures every now and then. While an Aquarius man is not good with expressing himself. He might give subtle hints to his Leo woman to show her how much he loves her but that is not going to work with a Leo woman who is quite vocal about her feelings. . It will not be easy for an Aquarius man to flatter and compliment his Leo woman and this can be a matter of concern in Leo Woman Aquarius Man Relationship Compatibility. A Leo woman should understand that if this man has once confessed his love for her then that confession is for life as he is not the kind to repeat any statement or action once it is done. It can be a little difficult for both of them to understand each other's emotional ways and gestures but once they do, they foster a love that is for keeps.


Aquarius woman has the quality to make her Leo Man go a little off-guard which is indeed a difficult thing to do. Nothing in the world can shock and startle Leo but an Aquarius woman however hard he may try to pretend the opposite. Leo Male and Aquarius Female Marriage Compatibility comes packed with plenty of interesting and crazy incidences. True and deep friendship is the foundation of Leo Man Aquarius Woman Love Compatibility. They both have bigger visions and larger than life goals which can be the first step of this relationship. This relationship will be full of lavish gifts, interesting travels and crazy surprises. Leo Man Aquarius Woman Relationship Compatibility will always be a refreshing and inspiring one.

Being two masculine signs, this relationship can lack certain feminine qualities such as patience, tenderness and tolerance. A Leo man needs attention that he deserves. But being the eccentric one, an Aquarius woman can at times even forget his presence if she is involved into something that interests her. On the other hand, the Leo man is quite possessive about his woman and is even jealous. But, he should try and keep up with her spontaneous and quirky manners and also her large group of friends. Working together on such minor troubles gives way to a potentially beautiful and exciting Leo Man Aquarius Woman Love Compatibility.


Leo Aquarius Love Compatibility epitomizes a relationship that is fun, playful and exciting with both having immense affection for each other. Leo's warmth can bring out the best in Aquarius and the Water Bearer's uniqueness can intrigue the Lion to a great extent. Both are social and freedom-loving and understand each other's choices and ways in life further strengthening Leo Aquarius Romantic Compatibility. Leo's love is loyal, passionate and possessive at time while Aquarius' love is enigmatic, fun and playful.


Irrespective of the struggles and clashes between them, they can restore harmony in their relationship with their powerful physical connection. Leo Aquarius Sexual Compatibility is an actual expression of the true love that is there between them. Leo is a passionate sign and Aquarius is an innovative one and together they enjoy a sexual expression that is one of its kind. Despite Aquarius being an emotionally distant sign, he/she reciprocates well to Leo's intense passion and emotions.

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