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aquarius and taurus Love Compatibility



Earth and Air are the two elements respectively who govern these two zodiac signs, the Aquarius and Taurus. The Aquarius -Taurus compatibility depends on how these elements behave with each other. The Aquarius-Taurus love horoscope foretells that diverse nature of the zodiac signs will make Aquarius-Taurus compatibility a difficult proposition. Aquarius love compatibility with the Taurus is low on the scale of compatibility.

Aquarius-Taurus Relationship Compatibility

The Taurus and Aquarius are not adverse zodiac signs but are anti to each other as persons which make this alliance weak. A Taurus is a legendary admirer while an Aquarius is ambitious and erratic in nature who cannot keep his focus intact. They have mutual insight for multiplicity, the switch of direction and eagerness to love. They can do wonders if the concepts of an Aquarius and practicality of a Taurus come on the same footings. The Taurus and the Aquarius relationship problem is that the Taurus is laid back in nature while the Aquarius is a party lover and the Taurus is a homely creature while the Aquarius likes to fly and further the rigidness in their respective attitude keeps them poles apart.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

Taurus is the one who has immense perseverance, even when others have given up, the Taurus rages on. Solid and persistent, just like the bull, which is Taurus' well-suited symbol. Taurus's have a well-known reputation for being stubborn, which is not necessarily a bad thing. The stubborn streak can cause Taurus to butt heads and conflict with other strong character types. Taurus are not fond of change. They like the familiar and routine comfort of life. Taurus is easy going and not one to pick a fight but should some poor souls attempt to provoke Taurus, the wrath will be known, for they have a temper underneath the calm surface. Taurus are very responsive to their surroundings. They like decorations, color, anything that appeals to all the senses. Taurus like possessions and the Taurus home is nicely decorated with lots of things. Taurus is down to earth, they do not like gaudy, flashy or over the top things. They prefer comfortable and creative settings and objects. Taurus likes security, in every aspect of their lives from home, to love, to career. Taurus can be secretive, opinionated and stingy. Taurus tend to be self-indulgent and lazy, Taurus are master procrastinators of the astrology zodiac! They do however have a strong, persistent drive that comes to life when they chose, and no one would ever know that they are lazy. The secret to this is that their laziness is pushed aside when it comes to themselves.

AQUARIUS (22nd January - 19th February)

Ruled by Uranus and Saturn, Aquarius are mysterious people who can at times get really tough to understand. Friendship and teamwork is what this Zodiac sign represents. Being the Water Bearer, Aquarius possess an innovative energy which they tend to apply on all things in life. They want to explore the world in its minutest form be it learning electronic music or experiencing living on the edge. They are most courteous and soft-spoken people you would ever come in contact with. They love to defy the usual public opinion in the most unconventional and unpredictable manner. Aquarius is the quirkiest signs among all; they do not conform with the usual standards and wear the weirdest and most unusual attires. It is the sign that has the ability to bring groups of people together for a social cause or any agenda. Aquarius is the philosopher of the Zodiac and contemplates reality to the core and beyond. For them, learning is a continuous process and this is what life's about.

A true Aquarius will always have a mysterious vibe around them. It is quite difficult to penetrate the mysterious and magical knowledge of this Air sign. They love their freedom and like keeping things a little casual. Aquarius are free-spirited souls and cannot focus their energy on just one individual. It can make the otherwise buoyant and cheerful Aquarius go a little off balance. This Water Bearing sign is a nomad to the word and this behavior of theirs can at times backfire and compel them to lead a life of loneliness. They have the habit of overthinking way too much with unsettling anger issues. They get easily bored by repetition and crave for adventure. When it comes to romantic relationships with an Aquarius, friendship is the key. They find it really hard to commit to a person, but once they do, this Water Sign is a devoted and loyal partner.

Aquarius Man and Taurus Woman Love Compatibility

The entirely different tastes and priorities make them a low compatibility duo. Aquarius Man and Taurus Woman Love Compatibility is very low Though they can get into an affair at the first sight, the difference of opinion and thoughts will not allow the affair a long life. The Taurus man is conventional in thoughts while the Aquarius woman is flamboyant by nature which does not go well with her partner. The future of this relationship is not very bright and full of adjustments at both ends.

A Taurus man is an individual with a sensible head and a loving heart. It is of utmost importance for him to make a noticeable imprint upon the world around him and can become demanding or too involved when he is not being successful at this. Being a bit more traditional, he is often less than comfortable dealing with the realities of modern society, which can result in some anxiety. Emotionally, he is in no rush to let his feelings unfold, so when he opens up it is a sure sign that he is serious about the relationship.

An Aquarius woman is a realistic person who believes in her own dreams and believes in her own path. She has air like qualities to her personality is something that makes it clear that even if one suspects to know her well, she is unpredictable. She floats around the mental sphere, dabbling in all sorts of thoughts and ideas but her personality is hard to peg down and her values are as consistent as can be. She is a truly unique individual and is not willing to play by anyone's rules on love but her own. In a relationship, she is very faithful to her mate but can be detached and low at emotions at the same time.

Over time, however, this couple will likely irritate each other just that little bit too much. It will be the Aquarius woman who breaks free of the relationship if either partner does. She, in her naïve way, will hope that she can remain friends with her Taurus guy – after all, she does love him. Just not in that way. The Taurus man, however, will be heartbroken by his inability to tame this wild creature, and he may take a long time to recover. Remaining friends is not on his agenda, because his jealousy just wouldn't permit it. Once Aquarius Man and Taurus Woman Love Compatibility breaks down, it's over for good.

Aquarius Woman and Taurus Man Compatibility

The Taurus woman can bring many changes into her life by learning from the Aquarius man. The chances of positive survival of the duo's relationship are as bleak as the former pair. The enforcing of his/ her attitude on each other is the reason for it. The positive side of this match is that Taurus woman learns a lot about the different aspects of life from her Aquarius partner. The love match has a little chance of success on the compatibility table as long as they forgive and forget the follies arising from their stubbornness. Taurus woman likes to stick to her ideas about life. On the contrary, Aquarius man has his own philosophies. This controversial nature of each makes this match a mismatch on the compatibility table.

A Taurus woman is a determined lady with all the worthy qualities a man looks around for in his woman. She has more moral and emotional courage than usually, women have but at the same time is capable of displaying occasional fury storms and stubbornness. She always has a gracious tendency that impresses most people and makes her the perfect hostess for all occasions. In a relationship, she makes a perfectly loyal and supportive partner and her jealousy and possessiveness can be avoided in her if her man takes the time to give her to a proper amount of affection and attention.

The Aquarius man is a bright, creative thinker who has a keen insight into the way humans and the rest of the world functions. This gives him a clear perception of why things have happened historically as well as how things might unfold in the future. Though others may find his personal views outlandish he always committed to them. He is very friendly and happy to help kind of a person. Though he may seem detached and indifferent some of the times generally he is lovingly warm. In a relationship, he always proves to be a great understanding friend with a friendly word to cheer up his lady.

One thing this couple does have in common, however, is a huge reserve of determination and sheer willpower. If they want to force this relationship to work, they can do it. In order for Aquarius man Taurus woman compatibility to thrive, the Taurus woman will need to curb some of her selfishness and will definitely have to lose her possessive streak. In return, the Aquarius man will have to try harder to connect emotionally and will need to tone down his restlessness. The Taurus woman will not be able to trust him unless he shows some signs of commitment, and both trust and commitment are key issues for the Taurus woman. So, like any combination, Aquarius man Taurus woman compatibility can be forced to work, but there will be ongoing pressure on this relationship as cracks will easily form. The basic conflict between security and surprise, or between convention and unconventionality will never go away, and that could prove to be simply too much for Aquarius Man Taurus Woman Compatibility to bear.

Aquarius-Taurus Romantic Compatibility

Although Aquarius and Taurus are not opposite in the zodiac, they are very oppositional as people, and this romantic compatibility is likely to be uncomfortable. Aquarius and Taurus compatibility is not very high when it comes to romance, because these two signs view life through such very different lenses. Aquarius, the mythological Visionary and eccentric cannot understand the desire of Taurus, the Lover, for a conventional, stable life. Meanwhile, the Lover cannot bear the Visionary's aloof, unemotional stance. Romantically, however, it's a rare Taurus/Aquarius couple who can make it work – the odds are simply stacked against them. When it does work, it's usually because the Taurus partner has a strong Uranus elsewhere in their chart, and/or the Aquarius partner has plenty of earth elsewhere in theirs. But going by star signs alone, Aquarius and Taurus compatibility is not strong.

Aquarius-Taurus Sexual Compatibility

To Aquarius, sex is experimentation and a carefree game. Taurus' have high libidos and also love games. Sex between this Aquarius and Taurus love relationship will be sensual, erotic and exotic without any inhibitions. Ankles and legs are the Aquarius' erogenous zones, and Taurus' zone is the throat and neck. Taurus doesn't mind being alone but desires devotion and stability from a love mate. The Aquarius male wants to talk over everything, and treat life in an easy, cavalier way. The Taurus female should seduce her Aquarius lover's mind, and Aquarius needs to know that Taurus appreciates intellectual stimulation, but also needs physical needs fulfilled.

Though at opposite ends celestially and trait wise, the pair can get into a stable partnership if they adjust to each other need and have a very strong love bonding with each other.

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