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Mercury Retrograde

date  2019
Ashburn,Virginia,United States

Mercury Retrograde is the time period when Mercury appears to be moving backward in the sky. Ancient people have forever known and talked about planets. Some stars are always brighter than the rest and have appeared to move across the sky from night to night. It is alleged that the apparent change in the movement of the planet through the sky is said to be a Retrograde. In reality, the planet does not start moving in the orbit backward. Retrograde appears because of the relative locations of the planets and the Earth. It depends upon their movement around the Sun.

Mercury Retrograde is observed for about three to four times a year as Mercury begins to move further away from the Sun. In the Earth’s prospective, Mercury seems to travel in the opposite direction. It is stated that there are five distinct periods that are associated with the Mercury Retrograde phenomenon.

 Mercury Retrograde

2019 Mercury Retrograde Motion

BUDHA becomes retrograde On

March 05, 2019, (Tuesday) 13:21

BUDHA becomes progressive On

March 28, 2019, (Thursday) 10:01
Total Retrograde days = 22 Days

BUDHA becomes retrograde On

July 07, 2019, (Sunday) 19:17

BUDHA becomes progressive On

August 01, 2019, (Thursday) 00:00
Total Retrograde days = 24 Days

BUDHA becomes retrograde On

October 31, 2019, (Thursday) 11:43

BUDHA becomes progressive On

November 20, 2019, (Wednesday) 14:13
Total Retrograde days = 20 Days


  • The Pre Shadow Phase.
  • The Mercury Retrograde Station.
  • The Mercury Retrograde Phase.
  • The Mercury Direct Station.
  • The Post Shadow Phase.

Now, let us discuss them in detail.

1. The Pre Shadow Phase

In this period, Mercury begins to slow down and spreads out over the same path in the orbit where the planet will stop later and will go backward or retrograde. The difficulties which are faced due to Mercury Retrograde appears in the Pre-Shadow Phase. There are very common ways in which we make our contribution to the Mercury retrograde are by ignoring our inner voice, intuitions and the hints which the universe reveals to us.

2. The Mercury Retrograde Station

Mercury slow downs before it retrogrades due to the strengthen effect of the Pre Shadow Phase of Mercury Retrograde. In the Hindu calendar, it is observed in the violet color. During this time, Mercury seems to be stationary in the sky for a while. This is frequently considered as the peak of Mercury Retrograde and it appears to be red.

3. The Mercury Retrograde Phase

Mercury appears to travel backward in the sky after the Retrograde Station. The experiences which are ordinarily linked with Mercury Retrograde are communication, travel, information distribution, computer programs and learning. All these things become equipped with errors and disputes. According to the thumb rule, each phase of Mercury Retrograde is felt by the one-third population. This retrograde effects those more who are directly associated with the computer, education, and communication. Mercury Retrograde increases the measure of work or the time duration related to the work.

It is mandatory to keep a check on work during the Mercury Retrograde to stay aligned and out front. Keep a check on assignments, meetings, schedules, and commitments during this phase. On the contrary, this time is genuinely beneficial to finish the pending work and to meet colleagues, friends, etc.

4. The Mercury Direct Station

The backward motion of Mercury slows down until it seems to stop in the sky again. This is the second station, which coincides with the topping out of the retrograde phenomenon. This time in the calendar is indicated as a darker shade of brown by marking the terminal of the Mercury retrograde Phase and it also marks the beginning of the Post-Shadow.

5. The Post Shadow Phase

In this time period, Mercury speeds up and begins to move forward. During this process, it cuts across the path in the sky, which earlier went back. Errors like making poor decisions, lack of attention or assumptions can appear during the Post Shadow period. The effect of Post Shadow period is very strong for the first few days.


Thus, it is clear that Mercury Retrograde ultimately eliminate errors that are raised from ignorance, not paying proper attention to the details, even from false assumptions, wrong beliefs or understandings. So, it is really important to keep a check on everything during this period before making any important decisions. This time should be used to catch errors not only made by us, but also by others which may affect us in a long run.

Mercury Retrograde may seem to be challenging for some people, but it is also a potentially full time to complete old tasks in order to achieve peace. Assignments, reviews, and creative writing are few jobs which can be accomplished during this period. This time can be applied to break the old myths and step into new directions. This period holds up new directions and explorations that break away the dry and old beliefs.


Mercury Retrograde appears for three to four times in a year. In this duration, planet Mercury appears to go backward in the sky for an approximate period of three weeks. It just appears to move, but in an actual state of affairs, no planet can move backward in their respective orbits. The Mercury retrograde cycles are an illusion that is created when seen from the Earth in a special period. It is stated that Mercury rotates more frequently than any other planet. Mercury can never move more than 28 degrees from the Sun. It is recognized that whenever it reaches the furthest distance from the Sun, it automatically changes its direction.

In any Mercury Retrograde motion cycle, it is the time to redo, rethink, reorganize, reorient, replay and reassess without taking the new plan or new actions until the Mercury Retrograde ends. During this time, all the completions can be handled, i.e., paying debts, cleaning up the paperwork, completing what we have promised but still haven’t finished. All these things should be handled responsibly.

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