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Gemstone Details For Diamond (Heera)

As indicated by Vedic Astrology, Diamond relates to the planet, Venus. Diamond is an extremely viable Gemstone. The little size of Diamond additionally has an extensive cost in the business sectors. It's the t most loved Gemstone of ladies class and why not, as per the Vedic Astrology, it is the image of magnificence and ladylike. Along these lines, the Diamond is specifically connected to Women. Venus is the planet of excellence, grandeur and extravagance, it would be valuable in the horoscope to get a happy wedded life and because the Diamond represents the earth, Venus, we can have the more impacts of Venus by wearing a Diamond stone. By wearing Diamond, you can give the quality to your Venus and get every single helpful outcome.

It is a popular saying that Diamonds are the best friend of women. The diamond represents Venus in the astrological domain. Venus being the feminine planet signifies wife, female friend, relationship, comfort, opulence, apparel, merriment, charm, love, leisure etc. The people in whose astrological chart, Venus is placed in a strong position are attractive in looks and make their career in Venus related fields, such as fashion, decoration, modeling, acting, cinema, etc. The planet Venus is ruled by Goddess Lakshmi.

20 Cent Certified Rough Shape 100 % Fully Gurranted Natural Diamond ( Heera) Loose Gemstone

Diamond-Anmol Gems Natural Heera-AAD008G

0.45 Ct IGL Certified Diamond (Heera) Gemstone

IGL Certified 0.50 Ct Original Diamond (Heera)

Natural Diamond (Heera) IGL Certified 0.50 Ct

Original Diamond (Heera) Gemstone 0.56 Ct IGL Certified

Original 0.73 Ct IGL Certified Diamond (Heera) Gemstone

White Hills Stone 7.50 Carat White Zircon Best Diamond Heera Stone by Lab Certified

Lumera Diamonds Zircon|Heera Original 5 Carat 5.25 Ratti Amazing & Beautiful Gemstone By Lab Certified For Unisex

FeelTouchMart 7.50 Carat White Zircon Best Diamond Heera Stone by Lab Certified

Divya Shakti 39 Scent ( 0.195 Crt ) Loose Diamond ( Vajram / Heera ) 100 % Original Certified Natural Gemstone AAA Quality

  • Upgrade ones' beauty, appeal and attraction.
  • It grows engaging quality, admiration as per the spectator.
  • It builds kind-heartedness, companionship, benevolence, fun and revels and social meetings.
  • It upgrades one's wish to look and feel alluring and entrancing.
  • It upgrades relationship, bonding, sentiment, delight, erotic nature, duty, sexuality, and enhances marriage relationship.
  • It supports up one's sex want and suggestion, in this manner widening limits.
  • It fortifies your valuation for magnificence, craftsmanship, social mindfulness and does refinement of the psyche.
  • It rouses one to enjoy imaginative works like written work, verse, singing, acting, earthenware, music, movement, mold, calligraphy, and so on.
  • It fortifies regenerative power and female reproducing framework.
  • It removes evil and fearful thought making the wearer an attractive and charming personality.
  • The wearer will be at peace of mind and shall have good thoughts.

Along with many advantages stated above, this gemstone has certain disadvantages that are said below:

  • It brings immodesty and insincerity in the behavior of the wearer if he/she has afflicted Venus in the horoscope.
  • Such a person will have charmless personality and a disturbed married life, that may lead to separation or divorce.
  • Such person suffers from ill reputation and may be hot-headed and violent.
  • He/She might get involved in illicit relations and may suffer financial losses.
  • He/She shall have questionable conducts and may get disgraced in the society.
  • Such person may suffer from ailments related to ovaries, breasts, reproductive organs, water, kidney, etc. He/She may also suffer from private parts problems, diabetes, etc. to add a few to the list.
What should be the least size of Diamond to be effective?
  • Gemstones are the powerhouse of energies and crystal gazing gives us an approach to channelize this vitality to work to support us and get good fortunes and fortune our Lives. Crystal gazing correctly figures out which gemstone suits a specific individual in light of the planetary positions. The Diamonds are symbolized by 4 ‘C,’ clarity, color, cut and carat.
  • Diamond weight for the celestial reason ought to be no less than 0.30 Carat or more. Great quality precious stone between 0.30 carat – 1.00 carat is perfect for heavenly advantages. Precious stone under 0.30 carat is too little to give prophetic outcomes. Clarity grades should be VS1 or better. The shapes should preferably be round shape and the stone should touch the finger skin.
Astrological Analysis
  • Diamond is worn for Venus. Venus is otherwise called Shukra Graha. Diamond gives the superb impact of Shukra Graha. This is extremely lovely in look. For issues or issues identified with Shukra or Venus, the Diamond is prescribed. On the off chance that a man can't get the great aftereffects of Venus, the individual should wear jewel to decrease its ominousness. If malefic impacts in the birth outline impact Venus or set in the malefic house, it can't give brilliant outcomes. Diamond can be steady in this situation to keep up the propitiousness of the Venus.
  • It is reasonable for the individual who is conceived in Taurus or Libra ascendant and their ascendant ruler is Venus. The individual of Gemini ascendant and Venus is his fifth or twelfth master. The individual who is conceived in Capricorn ascendant and Venus is the Yogakaraka planet in his introduction to the world graph. The indications of the staying ascendant are not in the favorable houses. In this way, they ought not to wear Diamond.
Technical Composition of Diamond
  • Diamonds are the most famous and surely understood gemstone available today. It is an extraordinary, normally happening stone, which comprises of pure carbon. Each carbon particle of a precious stone is limited by another four diverse carbon iotas and related with well-assembled covalent bonds. This plain, institutionalized, firmly fortified arrangement of molecules yields the hardest and most solid mineral.
  • Diamond is known for its excellent physical characteristics, the vast majority of which start from the solid covalent holding between its iotas. Specifically, it has the most astounding hardness and warm conductivity of any mass material.
How to wear Diamond?
  • If you need to wear a Diamond Gemstone, you can wear a 0.5 to 1 Carat Diamond. Precious stone ought to have white shading and less dark spots on the side. Make in gold or silver ring and wear it early in the day of any Friday amid Shukla Paksha, wear it in the center finger. For Purification and enacting the Diamond gemstone, plunge the ring in milk, honey and pure water, for 20 to 30 minutes, Burn five incense sticks to Name of Shukra Deva and ask that you will wear the Diamond to have Blessings from Shukra Deva. At that point take out the ring from the pure water and round it up with the incense sticks 11 times while chanting the mantra ॐ शुक्र देवाय नम: after the mantra, you can wear it in your center finger. Diamond will give impact inside 30 days in the wake of wearing and till five years it will provide full effects, after that it shall be dormant, You should change your gemstone after inactivation.
  • The stone should dependably be placed in gold or even white gold will do. Diamond ought to never be worn with silver. It is continuously worn on the center finger. It is the only stone that is continuously worn on the left finger. This is so since it ought to never touch the food that we are eating. It might crush the nature of nourishment if worn in the right hand subsequently the wearer may experience the ill effects of a lethal illness in the later years of life. It is worn on Friday. Before you wear it, you can serenade Om Shukra deva Namah. You can likewise serenade this routinely to keep the stone as compelling as ever. "OM DRAAM DREEM DROUM SAHA SHUKRAYA NAMAHA" is a mantra that if droned one hundred and eight times on a Friday can present to you the best advantages of this stone. These are not essential, and it is entirely up to you to do it or not. Numerous astrologers say this is an effective stone so the wearer must hold it under his or her pillow for three evenings. On the off chance that the wearer gets terrible dreams then they ought to abstain from wearing the stone.
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