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2023 Ranga Panchami

date  2023
Ashburn, Virginia, United States

Ranga Panchami
Panchang for Ranga Panchami
Choghadiya Muhurat on Ranga Panchami

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Ranga Panchami - Significance and Observance

What is Ranga Panchami?

The festival of Ranga Panchami is celebrated just after a period of five days of the Holi festival. The celebrations of Ranga Panchami is another festivity associated with the festival of colors. On this particular day, people play with colored water and celebrate it with much joy and enthusiasm. Panchami denotes fifth and Ranga signifies color, thus in a literal sense, it refers to the very fifth day of the festival of colors.

In some specific parts of the nation, Ranga Panchami is another day for Holi celebrations. In the states of Maharashtra, it is a vital day for the fishing community as they celebrate this festival in the name of Shimgo. A lot of dancing and singing programs are organized too. In areas like Madhya Pradesh, states of Maharashtra and various other parts of Northern India, the festival is revered immensely and celebrated with much vigor.

When is Ranga Panchami?

As per the Hindu calendar, the occasion of Ranga Panchami falls in the Phalguna month during the Krishna Paksha on Panchami tithi (fifth day). As per the Gregorian calendar, it falls either in the month of February or March.

What Is The Significance Of Ranga Panchami?

The day of Ranga Panchami is a major festivity across the nation. Similar to Holi, the festival is packed with fun, happiness, and colors. For Hindu people, the day plays a vital religious significance as it is believed that in the holy fire of Holika Dahan, people get purified from all sort of tamasic and rajasic elements. The environment gets filled with positivity and a positive aura engulfs one and all. The pious flames help in invoking the deities by the means of colors.

Another significance associated with the festival of Ranga Panchami is that it helps in activating the five key elements (Panch Tattva) which supports the formation of the universe. These five key elements comprise of wind (air), sky, earth, water, and light. As per the beliefs and mythology, the body of a human being is also made up of these Pancha Tattva only and the invoking of these elements support the restoration of balance in human life. It also supports the spiritual development of human beings.

How Ranga Panchami Is Celebrated?

  • As per the Hindu mythology and scriptures, the festival of Rang Panchami marks the triumph and win of Sattva Guna over the Tamasic Guna and Rajasic Guna.
  • It denotes that the barriers and hurdles which were there in the path of spiritual development will end soon.
  • The celebrations take place prominently in the various parts of North India, Madhya Pradesh, and Maharashtra.
  • On this particular day, people play colors with their families, relatives, and friends.
  • Devotees also worship and offer prayers to Lord Krishna and Radha Devi.
  • There are also various puja rituals which are observed by the devotees in order to pay tribute to the union and the supreme bond between the deities.

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