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Facing Problems? Your Puja Room Could Be The Reason!

Money issues? Health problems? Suffering losses in your business? Do you feel negative vibes in your home? The answer to all your problems lie in your Puja Room. A detailed analysis of your Puja Room by our experts will help you achieve success, happiness and prosperity in life.

Get Your Puja Room Designed By Expert Astrologers

Starting From Just $9.99

Follow the 3 easy steps below to get your online analysis report

Personal Details

Enter the details about the chief earning member of the family

Upload a picture and tell us your concern


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Choose the most appropriate solution for your Puja room

$19.99 $9.99

Basic analysis of the Puja room

Get a basic overview of the problems in your puja room

$39.99 $19.99

Remedial Solutions Report

Get basic analysis of the Puja room along with the remedial solutions.

$199.99 $99.99

Puja room design by our Expert

Get your puja room designed by our Expert, as per the detailed analysis.

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Personalized Visit By Experts

Home visit by our expert Astrologers.


Basic analysis report

Did you know?

  • Idols of different Gods should not be placed in a single Puja room since they emit different energies which may cause havoc in your personal space.
  • The Puja room should be on the ground floor of the house only.
  • Every house does not need a Puja room.
  • Having large idols of any God can prove to be disastrous for the harmony and success of the family members.
  • Puja rooms should not have photos of the family members who have left the world for their heavenly abode.
  • Puja-rooms should be built on the basis of the astrological charts of the head earning member of the family.


Are you aware that every house should not have a Puja room and that different idols of Gods should not be placed in a single Puja space? There are many such things about your Puja room that you may not be aware of. It’s difficult to believe that the purest corner of your house can be the reason for your troubles, but even a single problem in your Puja room can have adverse effects on your and your family’s life.

Getting your Puja room analysis will tell you if your Puja room is organized in the right way. Getting your Puja room analysed by our Astrologer will help you understand the kind of changes that you need to do in your Puja-room to ensure happiness, health and prosperity in your life.

This is not a Vastu consultation. Puja room analysis is not done to check if your Puja room is Vastu compliant. The analysis is done based on the birth chart of the main earning member of the family. Your Birth Chart is first prepared by our Astrologer. The idols and their positions are checked to see if they are suitable and beneficial for the birth chart in question.
Our experienced astrologers specialize in designing Puja rooms according to your birth chart based on your ruling planets. They suggest simple changes in the Puja room after seeing the video or image of your Puja room.
A wrongly placed Puja room, or wrongly placed idols in your Puja room can cause serious problems in your life, affecting not just your career but your love life, finances, health and much more. Wrongly placed Puja room directly impacts the main earning member of the family, ultimately affecting the business/career growth.
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