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Surya Namaskar Mantra - All The Mantras With Their Meanings

Surya Namaskar Mantras and the Meanings

Updated Date : Thursday, 02 Jul, 2020 14:03 PM

Surya Namaskar Mantras can definitely make it more impactful and effective.

Are you wondering what is Surya Namaskar with mantras?

We would tell you below more about them.

Surya Namaskar mantras associated with Surya Namaskar Yoga can make it more complete. It is often believed that mantras are intonations that connect your mind and body to the Supreme Consciousness thus allowing you to reap the maximum benefits over a period of time.

Surya Namaskar Mantras and the Meanings

Lord Sun roams the world on a cart ridden by seven horses. Lord Sun is known to have twelve names in the world. Each step of Surya Namaskar is linked to one incantation or holy chant. Let us try and find out more about various steps associated with the Surya Namaskar and the associating Mantras below.

a) With the first step of Tadasana: With Tadasana, the Surya Namaskar mantra that you can recite or chant out in your mind is,

Om Mitraya Namah:”

Om Mitraya Namah: when translated would mean “To the Sun God who renders his affection to all.”

b) With the next step of Urdhva Hastasana, the Surya Namaskar Mantra associated is “Om Ravaye Namah,”

Om Ravaye Namah:”

Om Ravaye Namah,” would mean “To the Sun, that causes all the changes.”

c) While doing the Padahastasana, you can always chant the mantra in Surya’s real name, “Om Suryaye Namah:”

“Om Suryaye Namaha:”

“Om Suryaye Namaha:” is the Surya Namaskar mantra meaning “that sole one who can induce you with all activity.”

d) Ashwa Sanchalasana is the horse pose, and the fourth pose of the Surya Mantra Yoga. While doing this pose you have to bend down or up the back knee, and toes can either be tucked or it can be kept unbuckled. You can place your arms ahead of your body.

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While doing this exercise, recite “Om Bhanave Namah:”

“Om Bhanave Namaha:” actually means “the one who diffuses through the light.

e) Parvatasana can be done while chanting the Surya Namaskar mantra “Om Khagaye Namah:”

Om Khagaye Namaha:” would mean “who moves in the sky.

f) Ashtanga Namaskar is where you use all the eight body parts to perform a Surya Namaskar mantra.

“Om Pusne Namah:” can mean “that one single soul which can nourish all across the world.

g) Bhujangasana is the one that works on, “Om Hiranya Garbhaya Namaha:”

“Om Hiranya Garbhaya Namaha: means “the womb that can contain everything.”

h) With Parvatasana you can chant, “Om Marichaye Namah:”

Om Marichaye Namah: means the prayer to those, who possesses raga (music and rhythmic guidance).

i) Ashwa Sanchalasana can be associated to chant “Om Adityaya Namah:”

Om Adityaya Namah: would mean “that one who is counted to be the God of Gods.

j) During Padahastasana the Surya Namaskar with mantra can be used to chant “Om Savitre Namah:”

Om Savitre Namah:” would mean “that holy one who helps in producing everything.”

k) Urdhva Hastasana is that step wherein we praise the Sun God, calling “Him the One who is completely fit to be worshipped.

l) Tadasana can also be quoted with the incantation, “Om Bhaskaraya Namah:” and that would roughly translate to “the One who is the glittering gold and the cause of everything that shines and lusters.”

Let us find out which of the Beej mantras associated with Surya Namaskar and the ones that go with which step include,

The seed mantra is the ones known to benefit the Chakras- the energy centers of our body.

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We would also see which breathing step you should be in while doing these steps-

Step 1: Tadasana

“Om Hram” is the beej Surya Namaskar mantra.

It guides the heart chakra.

So, during Tadasana you must exhale out all the air from your lungs.

Step 2: Urdhva Hastasana

“Om Hrim” is the Surya Namaskar mantra.

It guides the throat chakra.

During the Urdhva Hastasana you must once again inhale the air.

Step 3: Padahastasana

Om Hrum” would be the seed incantation for the Surya Namaskar mantra that you need to recite.

Swadishthana or the sacrum is the chakra that is influenced by this particular incantation.

You have to exhale the air out while reciting the incantation during Padahastasana.

Step 4: Ashwa Sanchalanasana

Om Hram” is the Surya Namaskar mantra or incantation that influences and guides the third eye.

During this exercise while chanting the incantation ensure, you inhale as deeply as possible.

Step 5: Parvatasana

Om Hraum” often associates with the throat chakra.

As you say the Surya Namaskar mantra ensure you exhale out the air.

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Step 6: Ashtanga Namaskar

“Om Hrah” impacts the Solar Plexus.

Suspend the breathing momentarily during the Surya Namaskar mantra as you perform this step and also ensure that your abdomen is completely without air.

Step 7: Bhujangasana

“Om Hram” that is the Surya Namaskar mantra for the sacrum and you must exhale during the process.

Step 8: Parvatasana

Om Hrim” is the Surya Namaskar mantra for the throat and while chanting it you must exhale your breath.

Step 9: Ashwa Sanchalasana

Om Hrum” is the mantra.

Inhale while chanting the mantra.

Step 10: Padahastasana

Om Hram” is for the sacrum and you must exhale while reciting this mantra.

Step 11: Urdhva Hastasana

Om Hraum” is for the throat and you have to inhale during the process.

Step 12: Tadasana

Om Hrah” is again the Beej Surya Namaskar mantra for the heart chakra and during this process, you must exhale out.

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To close this article, I can say that you can always come back to this post for a quick brush up of the mental notes you might have to keep for yourself when you’re newly practicing the Surya Namaskar mantra. You need not make a lot of effort to learn these incantations; however you might have to go through them again and again, before you can incorporate the Surya Namaskar mantra meaning within your daily routine.

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