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How to Do Yoga at Home

How to Do Yoga at Home

Updated Date : Wednesday, 03 Jan, 2024 06:44 AM

Yoga at Home

Amidst the busy schedules and hectic errands, it gets difficult to take out time for your mental and physical fitness. Yoga is one such workout that can be done almost anytime and anywhere. Moreover, along with making one physically fit, a 15-30 minute yoga session daily makes you mentally healthy, as well. It could be a little strenuous to get into the practice of doing Yoga at Home, but these small tips can help you effortlessly and effectively master your Yoga game at home.

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  • Choose Your Spot and Time

The first and foremost thing that you are required to do is find a spot which is quiet, peaceful and preferably has a window or some open space. If you can dedicate one entire room to your Yoga practice, then nothing like it. Choosing a specific time slot also helps in getting into the practice. You will be successful in dedicating time to your Yoga session if you pick a time that fits and suits your schedule. There is no best time for Yoga, you can do it in the morning, noon or evening as per your convenience.

  • Always Practice On A Yoga Mat

Yoga should never be practiced without its key accessory, i.e. a yoga mat. Doing yoga on the floor can have some adverse effects, so, it is important that you practice it on a mat, preferably non-slip. You can even do it on a carpet if a mat is unavailable but never practice it on the floor.

  • Prevent Injury

Yoga, if done in a wrong way, can even cause injury. Make sure, that you do not force or push much and take care of the vulnerable areas of the body such as neck, spine, hips and knees. Do as much as your body allows.

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If you feel that a particular asana or pose is painful, then immediately soften and come out of it. Be careful when you are moving from one pose to another as being negligent might lead to loss of alignment and injury. A warm-up, before you actually start practicing Yoga, can also help.

  • Find Your Yoga Style

Pick a Yoga style or a routine as per your fitness aim before you begin. Decide whether you need something peaceful and calming to do away with the stresses of life and increase your energy or you want to go for something active to get your juices flowing. Once you have decided on that, you can go online and check out various videos of Yoga asanas or you can also take online classes to achieve your fitness goal.

  • End Your Session With Savasana

It is extremely necessary to relax at the end of every session. You should do Savasana after you are done with all your other asanas. Savasana helps in restoring the body and helps you to unwind and absorb the benefits of the practice.

  • Practice 3 Times A Week

The most important aspect is how regular you are. If you are doing it even for 10 minutes daily, you are doing pretty well. Try and set realistic goals to make yourself a regular, setting impossible targets will cause a dip in your enthusiasm level after a while. Regularity is what you need. For best results of a Yoga session, it should be done at least 3 times a week.

Whatever time you devote and whatever yoga routine you pick, make sure you enjoy and benefit from it thoroughly.

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