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Vastu Shastra Tips for Home

Vastu Shastra Tips for Home

Updated Date : Tuesday, 02 Jan, 2024 12:09 PM

Nothing boosts our attitude and overall approach like positivity in our homes. We become more efficient and calm when we are positive. Vastu Shastra for home is an ancient Indian science of architecture that suggests various principles of designing home through which positive energy flows in our house. Most of the people today want their homes according to the House Vastu principles.

There are some simple and doable Vastu Shastra tips for home which can enhance positivity and fill your home with happiness and liveliness.

Vastu Shastra Tips For Home To Bring Positivity And Prosperity

  • Keep Your House Clean

Cleanliness is the key to bring in positivity at home. A home that is meticulously organized and clean provides a relaxed environment for the people staying in it. Thus, Home Vastu suggests keeping your stuff organized so that rooms appear to be neat & clean. Unwanted and waste material does not let positive vibes enter the house, so, throw away anything that is burnt, broken or unused. Read more Bedroom Vastu - Sleeping Direction As Per Vastu.

  • Use Bright Colors

As per House Vastu, bright colors should be used to decorate the walls. They increase the brightness. Do not use monotonous colors like white or cream. As per East facing house Vastu, white and light pink colors can be used in homes facing east direction. Paint your home with vibrant shades of yellow, green or blue. Avoid using dark colors like black, red, etc. Read more Vastu for South Facing House.

  • Stay Close To Nature

Nature has got a lot of power to add positivity to the area.You should decorate your house with flower pots, petals in water vessels and some other natural objects. However, if you are living in a north facing home, the Vastu rules for home are different. As per North Facing House Vastu, one should never plant trees in the north side of home. You should be mindful of weeding out stale and old flowers and other stuff and only use a fresh set of flowers. Know about the Modular Kitchen Design as per Vastu Shastra

  • Decorate With Mirrors

Decoration by mirrors is another popular Vastu Remedy recommended by Vastu for residence. Mirrors are believed to reflect positive energy throughout the house, and with the correct placement, they can bring a lot of happiness and wealth to the home. There are a couple of Vastu Shastra tips to place the mirror as it should never be placed in front of the bed or facing your main door. Mirror as per West facing house Vastu rules are ideal in North direction. It should be positioned adjacent to the bed so that there is no reflection.

  • Less Empty Walls

The walls should not be empty, suggests Vastu Shastra for the house. You can add pictures of your happy family, different landscapes or any other beautiful painting. But always remember to put positive images and no negative images should be put on the walls. It may have adverse effects on the people who live in the house.

  • Put A Vastu Yantra

There are various Vastu Yantras that should be placed in a home to mitigate the negative energy flow in the house. Normally, these yantras include crystal pyramids or glasses. This method is similar to Feng Shui where coins or the laughing Buddha are kept for improving the positive energy. Read more about vastu tips for temple in a house.

  • Septic Tank Placement 

A septic tank is used to store the waste from the kitchen and bathrooms. Therefore, it harbours negativity and bad vibrations. The wrong placement of a Septic tank can have adverse effects on the owner and people living in that residence. It is advised to never place a septic tank in the north-west direction. As per Septic tank Vastu plan, one should make sure that septic tank walls do not touch the compound wall in any situation. 

  • A Positive Entrance

A welcoming entrance plays a pivotal role in attracting a lot of positive energy in the house, especially if you have a south facing home. As per South facing house Vastu rules, one should never have an entrance in the South west corner. Since the celestial energy flows from the main gate and fills it with wealth, health and happiness. You should ensure that there should be no door or a window opposite to the main door otherwise the entire energy will move out immediately.

  • Keep A Small Bowl Of Salt

Placing a small bowl of salt in the South West or North East direction can remove all the negative energies from your home. As per Vastu for residence, salt is considered to be the symbol of purification and placing it in your home will ensure purification and cleaning.

  • Keep Wind Chimes/Bells In Home

Music is the most amazing gift of God. It has a soothing effect and fills up a space with a lot of positive energy. The home should have musical instruments, bells or wind chimes as their music removes negativity and allows the positive energy to flow freely in the house. Bell and wind chimes should be hung at the entrance. The sound of soothing music welcomes prosperity and wealth to one’s home.

  • Decorate Your Home With Candles

The environment at home can be purified by lighting candles with fragrance and incense sticks. As per Vastu tips for home, a lot of positive energy is reflected by such objects in the house.

  • Direction Of Toilet

As per Toilet Vastu, bathroom or washrooms should never be in the west or north-west direction. Since there are no correction measures for wrong toilet directions in House Vastu Shastra, one should avoid purchasing a house which already has toilets in the wrong direction. 

  • Odd Number Of Steps In A Staircase

In multi-floor houses, staircase placement plays an important role in attracting positivity and good vibrations. Staircase Vastu Tips suggests that the number of stairs should always be an odd number and must never end with a zero. It is believed that people usually put their first foot first while taking the staircase. Their flight to the staircase should end with putting their right foot down and for this reason, the staircase should always have an odd number of steps.

  • Religious Symbols

Any idol, religious symbol or a statue should be placed in the house as it is believed in Puja Room Vastu that deity symbol fills a space with a lot of peace and positive energy. Just be cautious that it should not be set or hung outside the main entrance door.

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South Facing House Vastu Plan East Facing House Vastu Plan

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