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What is Christmas

What is Christmas

Updated Date : Thursday, 06 Dec, 2018 00:00 AM

Christmas - History & Origin

Christmas eve and celebrations are full of excitement, wonder and traditions. Christmas time is approaching soon and we cannot wait for carols, delicious puddings and of course Santa Claus. But have you ever wondered, from where all such things originated? Why this day holds so much relevance and what makes it so special?

History of Christmas, how it has been originated, why is Christmas important, and various other facts about this festival are always fascinating and intriguing enough to know. Let us get a little more insight on the real history of Christmas and its importance.

Origin of Christmas  

In present time, Christmas is totally related with the birth of Jesus Christ as per Bible records. However, it was witnessed that the birth actually took place in early winters or late summers and have no relation with the date of 25th December.

As per the facts and scriptures, 25th December is the day when Mithra, the sun-god was born and soon his religious influence was widespread. Mithra was then related to Shamash, Semitic sun-god and people started worshipping him and he was revered as Deus Sol Invictus Mithras. The Pagan religion was adopted by everyone and started celebrating the rebirth of Sun God in Winter solstice. A complete week was dedicated to the festival and its celebrations and was characterized by singing, gift-giving, downright debauchery and feasting. There were several variations in the date of pagan holiday but later it was officially declared and the tradition and religion of pagan was turned into "Christian" holiday of Christmas.

All About Christmas- Saint Nicholas: Origin of Santa Claus

You might be wondering that what association is there between Saint Nicholas and Santa Claus? In 280 AD, in the city of Lycia, Saint Nicholas was born who was known as a Christmas Priest and then later became a bishop. St. Nicholas was very kind and warm hearted person who used to help the needy and poor people. He always used to offer gifts and surprises to children and was also popular as the gift giver. St. Nicholas was very rich and in order to help the needy, he used to travel across the country. But he gave all the presents and gifts at late night so that people do not admire and reveal the identity of the giver.

A well known story is also associated with St. Nicholas.  Once there was a poor man who did not have any money or present to give to his daughters on their wedding. At midnight, Saint Nicholas put some bags of gold in the stockings which were kept outside to dry. In the morning of the Christmas eve, the girls found gold. Since that day, it is a ritual that children excitingly hang up the stockings before the start of Christmas eve with a hope that they will be filled up with gifts and presents. Santa Claus has been originated from the Dutch Sinterklaas, pronunciation of Saint Nicholas only. As a lot many people and children used to pronunciate as Sinterklaas, soon it gain popularity and recognition as Santa Claus.

Christmas Facts: History of Christmas Tree

There are several legends associated with the origin of Christmas tree. Out of all, one of the most famous and well-known legend is the signifying of Christmas tree as Christianization of pagan ritual during winter solstice. There are rituals like worshipping of pagan tree and the use of the green boughs.

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Once there was a saint named Saint Boniface who was known as an English Monk. Once, he was travelling and found that there were several pagans gathered to sacrifice an innocent child to the Thor God. Seeing this, St. Boniface make the tree fall down to save the child. At that place a small fir tree grew up. It was mentioned by the Saint that this tree symbolizes eternal life of Christ and will be called as Tree of Life. Since that day, on the Christmas eve, the tree is decorated with ornaments and lights and worshipped as a token of positive spirit.

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