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Labour Day 2024

Labour Day

Updated Date : Wednesday, 03 Jan, 2024 07:48 AM

Significance and Celebration Of Labour Day

About Labour Day

Labour Day or the International Labour Day is a worldwide celebration of the laborers, the working class community and also the tradesmen and their efforts for uplifting the nation and its progress. In maximum European nations, May 1st is celebrated as the Labour Day or May Day. But in countries like the United States, the very first Monday of September month is marked as the Labour Day.

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Labour Day in India

In India, Labour Day is popularly called as ‘Shramik Diwas’ or ‘Antarrashtriya Shramik Diwas’. It is celebrated on the 1st of May every year. In India, Labor Day is a public holiday as on this particular day huge celebrations are held by organizing camps in many regions of the nation.

The first celebrations of Labour Day in India were held in Chennai (Madras) in the year 1923 on May 1st. The Labour Kisan Party of Hindustan was also established on this day by one of the founding members of the Communist Party of India named Malayapuram Singaravelu Chettiar.

The red flag symbolizing the working class was hoisted on this day. Every year on May First, huge celebrations with great fervor can be witnesses at Labour Statue (Triumph of Labour) in Chennai.

History and Significance of Labour day

  • Labour Day arose from a movement which was mobilized during the rising phase of industrialization and the day has its roots of origin from that particular movement.
  • Industrialists used to exploit the working class by overburdening them and pressuring them to work for 15 hours a day.
  • To eradicate such exploitation of the workers, the union raise their voice for the rights of the laborers against improper wages, wage deduction, no paid leaves, and unfair treatment.
  • The movement that gave a platform to the voice of the workers was ‘The Eight-hour movement’. The primary aim of the movement was to establish an 8-hour system that speaks for an idea of 8 hours work, 8 hours rest and 8 hours recreation.

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Labour Day Celebrations in India

In India, Labour Day is celebrated in numerous ways. Primarily the trade unions and the various groups working for the rights of the workers organize pageants. Labors also become part of these events and through various banners and slogans, they represent their commitments and wishes.

Labour Day is highly significant in India because of the fact that it signifies the power of unity and a united force as on this particular day all the workers come together and celebrate this day.

Educating the upcoming generation of the laborers is also one of the primary aim and agenda of the celebrations conducted on the Labour day. Thus, in schools, institutes, and colleges, students are engaged in several activities. Speeches are also given as a part of the celebrations which highlight the rights of the workers, and their role in building the national economy. National government authorities and leaders of political parties also give speeches on this day.

At several educational institutes and other places, competitions are organized for children and to enhance their knowledge about Labour Day, several questions are asked. Along with this, educational seminars are also arranged to feature the significance of Labor Day.

Media also play a vital role in Labor Day celebrations as they publish a number of articles and blogs highlighting the importance and history of Labour Day. At individual and private level also, people celebrate Labour Day by organizing a group meal or lunch at the workplace. Hence, the day is also an opportunity to develop unity and friendship and cultivating a positive and peaceful working environment.

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