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Remedies For Children Welfare

Remedies For Children Welfare

Updated Date : Tuesday, 02 Jan, 2024 12:05 PM

At times, there are a lot of troubles faced by some children in the early years of their life. In Astrology, there are several remedies available through which these harmful effects can be mitigated or nullified. Through these remedies, the life of the children can change positively, and they will get great success in their career, studies, and other related fields and in turn, will pave the way for a promising and bright future.


  • If your child’s health is deteriorating or you are constantly worrying about their physical condition, then offer dresses of your deities or different Gods and Goddesses in a temple. It will effectively improve the overall health of your kid.

  • One of the most powerful mantras in the world is Gayatri Mantra. Chanting this mantra regularly makes one’s life successful as it strengthens the position of your Sun. It is said that once the sun gets strong, then the children will eventually receive a lot of positive energy and success will follow them. Moreover, children will get full support and love from their father if they chant this mantra regularly.
  • If your child has a speech problem or is not able to speak correctly, then ask them to drink Shankh water daily. You can also go for a specific gemstone to get rid of this problem.
  • To improve spoilt children, the parents should throw one or more silver balls in a river for 25 days.
  • Telling lies is a common problem found in the children. Copper coin is believed to be an effective remedy to prevent your children from telling lies. Collect some copper coins and offer them in the temple.
  • For children who are not good at studies, their parents should take water in their hands and recite

Om Aan Vanyay Svaha

21 times and then ask the child to drink that water.

  • This remedy is the most effective if a child can recite this Mantra himself/herself for 108 times daily.
  • If your child is very naughty and mischievous, then make him/her wear a silver bangle. Through this remedy, the position of the Moon planet in your kid’s birth chart will strengthen, and your child will learn to be in discipline.
  • If you find that your child has become more sensitive and emotional than usual and does not express easily, then make him/her drink milk in a silver pot. Drinking milk in a silver pot will neutralize the negative effect of the Moon planet.
  • Feed your children with sabudana to make the position of planet Venus strong in the birth chart. Don't let them wear shabby clothes and make sure they wear proper clothes as per the occasion.
  • For children who are having bad dreams and are crying without any reason, then the parents should keep fitkari (alum) near the child’s head when he/she is sleeping on either a Sunday or a Tuesday.

For any specific problem that is troubling your child, you can Talk To Astrologer for personalized guidance and effective solutions.

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