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How to Get a Girl to Like You? Love Tips to Impress a Girl

How to Get a Girl to Like You

Updated Date : Wednesday, 04 Aug, 2021 09:16 AM

How to impress a girl? How to get a girl to like you? How do you make a girl fall in love with you? All these questions are often asked when you like or want to attract a girl.

Well! It is not easy to impress a girl or make a girl interested in you when she is not.

But, there is always a way to raise the score on love meter.

With the right approach and some good love tips, you can easily make a girl like you the moment you meet. Even if you want to know how to get a girlfriend, you may follow these tips and figure out the easy way to the heart of a woman.

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Tips to Know Girl Like You

Want to know! How to get a girl to like you over text? How to get a girl to like you online? How to get a girl to like you back? So, without wasting a moment, let’s read how to get a girl like you through 10 easy and simple tips.

1. Stay Genuine

It is said that women possess a sixth sense. They can sense from afar who are fake and who are genuine. Even if this is not the case, genuineness is the best and foremost tip to get girls to like you. Fake approaches usually make girls nervous and they couldn’t open up with you. Thus, when you are true and real, you can make girls easily get attracted to you.

2. Make Eye Contact

Most men work on their body language and rehearse a lot when they go to meet a girl. But what most of the men forget while doing that is making Eye contact. Making eye contact with your girl at the meeting is the first and foremost step to get a girl like you. This natural way to impress girl always work. When you make eye contact, you allow her to be comfortable with you and open up more. When you meet a girl and before you speak, position yourself near her for some time and then look into her eyes (don’t wink, it’s a little awkward), smile and then greet her with a warm tone. 

3. Just Say “Hey”

If you think that you need to rehearse a lot and make long notes to just start the conversation, you are going wrong. The next step in how to get a girl like you suggests being original and say “Hey” first. By saying this we mean, that women know when you are over practiced and when things are fake or harmful. For girls, cleverness never works. they like genuineness and love how you are. So, simply how to get a girl like you? Don’t try something new or surprise her with rehearsed dialogue or any movie scene, just say a simple “Hey” and start the conversation. Be who you are and initiate a conversation with great confidence. 

4. Boost Your Confidence and Attractiveness With Your Posture

Good posture is one of the most underrated things when it comes to impress a girl and know how to make a girl like you. This step is really easy to learn and it can help you change the way how a girl sees you. Your good posture can convey your positive attitude and tell how confident you are. It shows how you feel and how strong you are in what you say. So, when you want to make any girl subconsciously like you, stand or sit up straight while talking to her.

5. Talk About Your Common Interest

How do I know she shares the same interests as me in the first meeting? There may be no sure way to guess what she likes but still, you can make your way to her heart by discussing yours and making her comfortable. Attempt to talk on the different topics such as horoscope matching, favourite restaurants, new fashion in town etc. Know when you will trigger the right topic she will start showing interest. You may also ask her about likes and dislikes and continue about the things that interest her. Thus, how to get a girl to like you next step after saying “hey” is to talk to the girl about her interests. Here is how do you initiate a converstaion with a girl you like in the 5 easy ways. 

  • At a store- . “ Hey, I am getting a gift for sister or friend… could you please suggest what should I choose?” “Can you help me to pick a good suit for my cousin’s wedding?
  • At local brewery- “This place is famous for its mircobrew selection, have you tried it?” or “I am new to this place..can you help me choose something from the menu?”
  • At a garden or park- “We are playing a small game..would you like to join us?” or “ Could you tell what is the best biking trail at this place?”or “Beautiful day today, isn’t it?”
  • At class or office- “How are you doing today?” or “How was your day today? Did you do anything for fun?” or bring up any mutual friend in conversation asking, “I have heard you know John Willson. How do you two know each other?” If you know her, you can ask- What is your zodiac sign..have you ever checked your zodiac compatibility?
  • At bus stop or train station- “Do you travel daily from this route?..Could you help me with some good places to see here?” 

Remember stay polite and genuine when you ask questions. This is a great way to break the ice and get her interested in you. Also, the questions related to her interests convey that you value her ideas and want to know more about her in a good way without being desparate. 

6. Impress Her

Wondering, how to get a girl to like you? Impress her simply! Here is how you can impress a girl with these simple tips. 

  • Dress to Impress- The first thing that girls notice in men is their dressing sense. Thus, update your wardrobe and invest in good clothing. Buy some stylish but decent clothes that matches your personality. 
  • Focus on Hygiene- Girls love hygiene and likes the guys who keeps things clean and tidy. So, shave and take shower necessarily before you meet the girl. 
  • Be Kind and Genuine- Staying genuine and kind to girls is the best way to impress them. Help her out with things and also extend support if needed. 
  • Take Initiative- Always take initiative and be bold without being quite pushy. If you feel that the girl is not interested or ready, be sure your helpful nature will not get ignored. 
  • Don’t Leave your Goals- Girls like responsible and mature guys. So, if you need not leave your personal goals or career to attract a girl. Pursue your passion and also share your goals with the girl you want to impress. 

7. Make her Laugh

If you know how to make a girl laugh, you exactly know how to get a girl to like you. Making your girl laugh is an important love tip to attract the girl you like. So, ask funny questions and prepare yourself to talk on matters that makes her laugh or smile. Here are the some funny questions that you can ask-

  • What is your spirit animal?- It is really funny to imagine the type of animal that represents you the best. This question will surely be tricky and funny for making the girl laugh.
  • What is the worst pickup line a guy have ever used on you?- This is a hillarious question and it can also make the girl blush thinking that she is attractive. 
  • If you were a vegetable, what would you be and why?- It may not sound very funny but it will be really quirky for her to think of a vegetable that represents her. 

8. Treat Her Differently than You Treat Your Friends

Never shy of showing your girl that she is special. Even if you are with your friends, treat her differently and let her know that you like her. Makingthe girl special is the best tip on how to get a girl like you? Remember when you give her special importance over others, she will know that you will keep her as priority always. An example of how to get a girl to like you is doing special things for her. Make her day special by bringing lunch for her on a hectic work schedule or sending cute texts or flowers admiring her with a note. Such creative things can really warm her heart and make her thinking of you.

9. Ask her Out

Asking her out is the simplest tip on how to get a girl to like you. You should not wait to ask her going out with you on luch or dinner or coffee. This will help you to get an another chance to continue conversations with her and proceed in the right direction. Although it may look like a risky step, you should not wait too long to ask her out on a date. 

10. Giver her Space and Time

You may be already in love with her, but don’t mistaken this as chance to not give her enough space and time. Remember love needs patience and you may have to wait days, weeks, months or even years to see your romance flourish. If you are really in love with a girl, give her personal space and allow her take her own time. But also remember that waiting doesn’t mean you don’t communicate with her or keep checking on her. Keep communicating and let her know that you like her and she is special to you. Also, do not lose your patience. Do not feel frustrated if it takes too long for her to evaluate the love compatibility between you and her. Good things come to those who wait and this is how to get a girl to like you.

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Hopefully, now you know how to get a girl to like you. So, stop waiting and get ready to impress the girl. Dress best, prepare your lines and win the heart of the girl you like. Best wishes!

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