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All About The Significance Of July Birthstone

significance of july birthstone

Updated Date : Friday, 24 Feb, 2023 10:53 AM

Ruby, the most desired gemstone is the July birthstone. This stone is a symbol of love and passion due to its color. This stone is red in color with a touch of purple and thus it perfectly resembles the pigeon’s blood.

This dazzling birthstone is extremely strong and ranks 9 on the scale of hardness. The natural form of rubies is imperfect and impure. This beautiful stone has several benefits. If you want to know more about this birthstone then you must keep reading this blog!

Meaning And History Of Ruby

Ruby is among the variety of corundum minerals and is red or burgundy, in color. In Ancient times, this beautiful red-colored gemstone was considered the “king of precious gemstones” due to its hardness, and rarity. The name ruby originated from the Latin word ‘ruber’, which means “red”- the color of love & passion. Ruby is considered the symbol of youthful energy and power. 

Earlier, people believed that misfortune and danger could be predicted with the help of this July birthstone. Moreover, others thought that this stone could soothe anger and cure several health diseases. Burmese warriors used to wear this stone because it made them invincible on the battlefield. 

Ruby is one of the sought-after gems that was adorned by the royal families and upper-class families of Europe. Rubies are not only precious gems, but have also been used over the years for a variety of applications, including watchmaking, medical instruments, and lasers.

Facts About The July Month Birthstone-

This beautiful gemstone is considered a symbol of royalty due to its rarity and price. 

  • The production and mining of Ruby are majorly done in Thailand. Apart from it, India, Sri Lanka, and Madagascar are also among the leading hubs of this stone. 
  • Earlier, Timur Ruby and Black Prince’s Ruby were among the famous ruby stones. 
  • 95% of the rubies are actually purple and pinkish in color. The deep red rubies are very rare to find.

Benefits Of Ruby Gemstone

  • Rubies can be the best alternatives for diamonds. As diamonds are not easily affordable. Individuals who wear this stone tend to remain more focused and aware of their goals and surroundings. 
  • This powerful stone can cure issues related to blood circulation and eyesight.
  • Students can achieve the desired success in their academics with the help of this stone. Moreover, if someone is aiming to crack the public sector exams then this is the best stone for them. 
  • An individual can attract luxury in their life by adorning this beautiful stone. 
  • As this is a stone of love thus it gives courage to people to open up about their feelings to the person they like. 
  • This stone has the power to combat depression and provide solace to individuals. 
  • Ruby can be helpful in bringing clarity to the various aspects of an individual’s life and one can become more self-aware by wearing it. 
  • Though these stones are a perfect romantic gesture but can be gifted for various other occasions as well. 
  • This stone is treasured by several cultures because they believe that it holds the power of life. Moreover, it is the perfect stone to balance our various chakras and mind and soul. 

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Care And Cleaning Of Ruby

In order to remove the purplish touch from the stone, rubies are heated. This heating process can turn the stone into a pure red color and can also remove needle-like inclusions commonly called “silk”. This further makes the stone more opaque and lighter in weight. 

Fractures in low-quality ruby can be treated with glass as they help in decreasing their visibility. However, it also has a side effect as it can make ruby vulnerable to wear and tear. 

Before buying a ruby always make sure to ask the jeweler by what method your July birthstone has been treated. Apart from it, when it comes to cleaning and caring for Ruby, generally, it can be easily cleaned with lukewarm soapy water along with a soft brush. 

Final Thoughts On The July Birthstone

This blog was all about the meaning and significance of the Ruby gemstone which is majorly said to be a July birthstone. This is one of the rarest and most expensive stones. It has a lot of health and other benefits. 

If you wish to wear this rare and precious gemstone then you must consult an expert Astrologer to know the right way to carry it. These experts can tell you a lot about the significance of Ruby in your life.

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