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Impact Of Gemstones in Your Life

Impact Of Gemstones in Your Life

Updated Date : Wednesday, 03 Jan, 2024 07:32 AM

Is It Necessary To Consult A Pandit (Astrologer) Before Wearing Gemstones?

Gemstones are considered as highly important and effective since ancient times. They possess the power to eliminate or reduce the malefic impact of specific planets as well as are known for increasing the positive impacts of the favorable planets. The gemstones hold the potential to absorb various planetary emissions and thus save the native from several sufferings and obstacles of life in respect with the social status, wellbeing, finances, health, business, family, etc.

There are several types of gemstones which have the power to affect our life, positively as well as negatively. The gemstones not only affects the deeds, results or thoughts of an individual but also the entire body and mind of the wearer. Therefore, it is necessary to consult an astrologer or a pandit if one is deciding to wear a gemstone for astrological purposes to keep the bad effects of any gemstone at bay. It is extremely important to find out whether a gemstone suits or not as its adverse effects can be really dangerous.

It is one of the most common questions which a native has in his mind while wearing a gemstone i.e. ‘Is it necessary to consult or talk to an astrologer before wearing a gemstone?’ Well, the answer to it is a downright ‘Yes’. Whether one is wearing it for Astrological purpose or not, the effects of any gemstone cannot be ignored.

The gemstones possess some or other kind of malefic powers and planetary radiations which are called as the divine powers. Depending upon the colors and the variety of the stone, all the gems represent a specific planet such as Venus being white in color, thus, it is denoted by Diamond and similarly, other gemstones represent different planets. These gemstones have the potential to draw the beams and radiations from the particular planets and then effectively channelize that energy into the body of the native wearing that stone. Such aspect of gemstones can have positive impacts upon the individual in a miraculous manner.

The gemstones which are of Navratna category correspond to the various planets of the solar system. These planets play a significant role in the native’s life and all the endeavors. If there is a specific planet which is weak in one’s birth chart, then they must wear the particular gemstone that can nullify the bad effects of that specific planet. People wear these gemstones in their fingers, arm or neck. It is also equally important to understand the correct and specific place to wear the gemstone as it could have a different effect on the native. In astrology, all the fingers represent particular planets and thus accordingly the gemstones must be worn such as the little finger stands for Mercury, so, the native should wear Emerald representing planet mercury in the little finger to have maximum benefits.

If the particular planet in a person’s horoscope is not so strong then the astrologer with the expert knowledge suggest accordingly that which gemstone represent the specific planet and what can be the effects of wearing the stone. The astrologer can also suggest the type, color, size and variety of the stone based upon the needs and planetary placements of the native. The gemstone absorbs certain beams and draws positive energy to channelize in the native’s body and mind. So that the wearer can benefit the maximum from it.

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There are also certain gemstones which do not possess strong astrological powers or have malefic effects such as turquoise, jade, onyx, and other few stones. Thus, people can wear them without the guidance of an astrologer. But still, every gemstone has some kind of healing capabilities within them which can shower positive or negative effects upon the wearer. Thus, it always recommended wearing a particular gemstone only after consulting a professional astrologer and as per your birth chart. The gemstones such as Ruby, Sapphire, Coral, Emerald, etc. are considered as significant and effectual from astrology perspective and it is essential to consult a pandit before buying or wearing the gemstone to attain better and adequate results.

Apart from astrological consultation, you must also perform Pran Pratishtha in order to energize the gemstone by performing a Vedic Puja.

To know more about gemstones, their power, energizing these gemstones and mantras and pujas for the gemstones, Talk to our expert Astrologer.

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