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February Birthstone Meaning | Amethyst Birthstone Meaning and History

february month birthstone

Updated Date : Monday, 16 Jan, 2023 12:08 PM

Historically, the February month birthstone, Amethyst was considered the symbol of royalty and thus was specially reserved for the royal families. Moreover, this gemstone also has had many folklore associations since so many centuries. This royal edition can be found in royal families across Europe and Asia. However, with time, these gemstones have been within the reach of the common man. This gemstone is associated majorly with the Aquarius Zodiac Sign

This purple gemstone belongs to the quartz mineral species and is believed to give clarity, strength, and protection against negative energies. Thus, if you are a February-born individual then you must consider wearing this gemstone for inner strength and personal empowerment. 

If you wish to know more about this beautiful February birthstone then you are at the right spot. Keep scrolling through the blog to gain detailed information about it!

February Birthstone Meaning And History 

The word “Amethyst” has been derived from the Greek word “amethystos”, meaning a remedy against drunkenness. Due to its wine-like color, this stone is linked to the god of wine, Bacchus. Wearing this gemstone makes an individual quick-witted and clear-headed in every aspect of life. 

Traditionally, this gemstone was gifted to the couple during their 6th wedding anniversary. Amethyst lore also has its association with mystical powers and was said to give strength and wit to those who wore it. 

Talking about its supply, until the 19th century, the major source of Amethyst was Russia. Currently, South America and Africa are the major suppliers. 

Apart from providing wisdom and strength, Amethyst also has various healing effects. Rubbing a moistened Amethyst on the acne and pimple can actually cure them. Moreover, it also protects the wearer from negative energies and the evil eye. Giving an Amethyst to someone is also a sign of forgiveness. 

Healing And Metaphysical Properties Of Amethyst

This February birthstone color is purple quartz and due to this, it is believed to be the master healer of all. This birthstone is majorly associated with the root and crown chakra, however, it can work with other chakras of the body too. In combination with other gemstones, Amethyst works as a powerful stone for spiritual purposes. 

This magical stone creates a balance between mind and soul which consequently boosts the confidence of the individual. The calming properties of the February month birthstone help in reducing feelings of anxiety, stress, and depression. Eventually, it lets you bring back the lost excitement in life. 

Amethyst has the power to enhance the psychic and clairvoyant abilities of the individual. A classic amethyst can be used to move the body's energies and clear out any blockages and negative thought patterns that may have been held subconsciously by the person. With the help of meditative practices, this birthstone can align your intuitions with the Universe and bring clarity to every aspect of your life and you can make logical decisions for yourself. 

In addition to relieving digestive discomforts (indigestion, nausea) and dizziness, amethyst also reduces nausea and vomiting. It is believed that amethyst decreases water retention (edema) when worn regularly or used regularly. 

Caring And Cleaning Of Amethyst Birthstone

When it comes to hardness, on a scale of 1-10, Amethyst is 7. This makes it durable to wear on a daily basis. However, it may require repolishing over time else it might get worn and torn. As compared to ruby and diamond, this birthstone is highly prone to damage if placed next to the harder gemstone. 

Heat treatment is one of the most common as well as the best ways to improve the quality of a natural or raw Amethyst. Though heat treatment won’t turn a pale Amethyst into a dark and bright stone, it will definitely make it attractive for the wearer. 

As far as the cleaning and caring of this birthstone are considered, this February month birthstone can be cleaned with the help of an ultrasonic cleaner. At the same time, steam cleaning is strictly not recommended. A mild soap and a soft brush is the safest option to clean the stone. 

Final Thoughts…

This February month birthstone is said to bestow the natives of February with immense strength and courage. If you were born in this month and are facing issues on any front of life then wearing this powerful stone can help you. 

Besides this, Amethyst has several healing properties such as protecting against various health-related issues. Additionally, it is the most powerful stone to ward off the evil eye effect and the effect of several negative energies. 

However, to know how to wear this stone and in what combination, you must consult an expert Astrologer. These experts can give you better knowledge by analyzing your birth chart.

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