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All About The Significance Of April Birthstone- Diamond

diamond april birthstone

Updated Date : Friday, 13 Jan, 2023 10:47 AM

Diamond is the April birthstone and it goes without saying that this is one of the most sought-after and brilliant gemstones. As an April month’s birthstone, the diamond symbolizes good fortune, love, courage, and good health. This sparkling precious gemstone has its own fire and the natives born in the month of April are lucky to adorn this beauty. 

This scintillating gem is so strong and hard which makes it unbreakable. The beauty of this gem has been cherished since time immemorial. As a symbol of everlasting affection and success, these precious gemstones can be one of the best gifts you can give your loved ones. There is nothing more beautiful than diamonds on a birthday, as they add light and sparkle! Learn more about this beauty in this blog! Dive in!

April Month Birthstone- Meaning and History

The word Diamond originated from the Greek word “Adamas” meaning “unbreakable” or “invincible”. This beautiful stone is considered to be the primary birthstone of April. The wearer of this birthstone tends to attract luck, fortune, love, and good health in life. The history of this gemstone is rich because according to the Romans, the arrow of Cupid was tipped with diamonds. This marks the earliest association between romance and diamonds.

Some people believe that this stone enhances the honesty and longevity of relationships. As diamonds are the strongest of the gemstones, these stones are said to give strength to the wearer. These rare stones are considered precious as they can only be found approx 100 miles beneath the earth’s surface. A diamond can roughly take up to 1-3 billion years to form naturally. Originally, India was the main source of diamonds, however, the sources have changed over time. 

The value of this April month birthstone is high due to its exclusivity. Its value increases more when adorned with any other ornament. Despite experts' best efforts, it is still difficult to shape and cut this rock because it is impregnable. These properties of the diamond make it more prestigious and expensive. 

Facts About April Month Birthstone

  • In addition to being harder than any other mineral on the Mohs hardness scale, the April birthstone is also 58 times harder than any other naturally occurring mineral on the entire planet. 
  • Diamonds are formed out of a pure composition which makes the stone more attractive and impressive. This is the only stone which is entirely made out of a single element i.e. Carbon. Thus, this stone can slightly change with fancy colorations. 
  • Though diamonds are crystal clear naturally, these naturally occurring stones can also project fancy green, red, blue, and orange hues. In the ancient times, the different colors of the diamonds used to separate different castes of the society from one another. And during those times the royal families and rulers were allowed to wear the purest forms of the diamond. 
  • Statistics about average yield for diamond mines reflect the rarity of the April birthstone well. The average amount of diamonds found in a mine is one part for every million parts of the host rock.

Healing Benefits Of The Diamond

During the medieval period, the diamonds were believed to hold the healing powers as they used to cure ailments related to the brain and pituitary glands. This crystal when heated and placed near the bed can help in removing the harmful toxins from the body. It is also believed that diamonds when combined with amethyst can bring stability and clarity in one’s life and can also boost their confidence and energy. 

Though diamond is the April month’s birthstone, it has garnered the attention of almost every individual and is thus represented as the “King of all birthstones' '. Moreover, this gemstone has the potential to strengthen any relationship. It helps in calming and sorting out the issues between a couple. 

This powerful stone is also said to be an antidote against poison and can also ward off the evil eye effect caused by poverty and sickness. Wearing a diamond can lead to good financial progress. This gemstone has not only been confined to be an April birthstone, but it is considered to be the best present to give someone on their 60th or 75th anniversary. 

Tips For Caring And Cleaning Of April Month Birthstone

Thanks to the significant hardness of the diamonds which makes it easier to take good care of them. However, to gently clean this stone, one can take the use of warm water along with some soap. Apart from that, it is always a better idea to get your stone checked after a certain interval by the professionals to maintain its quality.

Final Thoughts On the April Month Birthstone

This blog was all about the significance of the April birthstone, Diamond. However, this birthstone is not only confined to the month of April, as the majority of the individuals love to adorn it. 

This stone has rich foundations along with several healing properties. This crystal clear stone adds beauty to the jewellry when added to it. If you want to know about its benefits in detail then you must talk to an Astrologer who can guide you well.

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