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Zodiac Water Signs - Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces

Zodiac’s Water Sign

Updated Date : Thursday, 23 Dec, 2021 12:54 PM

Guide to Zodiac’s Water Sign

The water sign natives are said to be emotional, deep, and a bit of a psychic. They are highly sensitive and often take things to heart which eventually hurts them. Family is the priority for these natives.

These folks have strong instincts and can easily pick up on the vibes and energy of others. But on the same side, they remain mysterious and it is very hard to interpret what is going inside zodiac water sign natives. Just like the water, these folks can be refreshing and can also drown you in their depths.

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In context to love and relationship, these water signs get attached and start idealizing their partner. A casual relationship is not their thing as they like being a genuine and committed relationship. This nature of the natives can often lead them to heartbreaks and anxiety.

Security is a matter of concern for them. They always try to have a sense of security whether it is a career or a relationship.

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Which zodiac signs are water signs? 

  • Cancer
  • Scorpio
  • Pisces

Major Water Sign traits: 

  • Emotional
  • Caring
  • Cautious
  • Mysterious
  • Intuitive
  • Sensitive

Water sign Astrology

Cancer Water Sign

Cancers are considered the biggest homebody out of the 3 water signs. They prefer to stay in cozy, soothing, and home-like places. Carb is the symbol of their zodiac and they perfectly align with their symbol. Crabs live in their shells and similarly, Cancerians love being homebound. 

This sign is ruled by the Moon and therefore the Cancerians are highly linked with the lunar energies like emotions, intuitions, and memories. They are over-sensitive and love to nurture their close ones. 

As the Moon projects the Sun similarly, the cancer natives are like a mirror projecting the energy present around them.

 Cancers have great imagination power and they come up with good and innovative ideas. All they need is a little push and follow up from someone mature and experienced.

Sentimental, protective, comforting, and caring are some other character traits of this water sign. 

Scorpio Water Sign

Scorpios might seem intimidating in the first meeting due to their mysterious nature. They are introverts and require a lot of effort to open up in front of others. Although it is easy for Scorpio natives to read or perceive the feelings of other people. The opposite is not true. 

The scorpion is the symbol of the Scorpio zodiac sign and is ruled by the dwarf planet Pluto who is the representative of regeneration and power. Folks with this zodiac sign are ambitious to achieve their desired goals and loyal to the person they are in love with. They will never leave your side if you get lucky enough to gain their trust.

Scorpio natives can become possessive and jealous at times. Apart from it, these folks are assertive, determined, courageous, resourceful, and confident. 

Pisces Water Sign

Pisces is the last sign as per the astrological chronology of the zodiac sign. It is hard to know what is going on in the heads of these natives but it always seems that they are up to something. 

This sign is ruled by Neptune and symbolized by two fish. Pisces folks have their own small world full of dreams. They are emotional and caring. Rather than logically analyzing any situation they emotionally analyze the energy of the situation. Being a mutable sign, the Pisces natives are very creative and adaptable. Apart from it, Pisces are psychic, empathetic, naive, creative, and dreamy. 

Final thoughts...

Think of the waves of the tide that come and go. This is the life story of natives with the water sign as their emotional depth is deeper than the other signs. Water signs Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces might differ from one another but they share a common emotional world and are able to sync with those underlying vibes and energies. 

If you are not a native of water signs it is still worth a while to sneak peek into your birth chart and find if you have any significant water existence. You can always talk to an astrologer as they will guide you the best.

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