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What Your Health Horoscope Says According To Your Zodiac Sign

What your health horoscope says about your health problems

Updated Date : Wednesday, 13 May, 2020 14:31 PM

Medical astrology may not be a scientifically approved field by the American Medical Association but astrologers believe that planets and diseases are interlinked. Astrology defines that different Zodiac signs can help in identifying the health problems associated with the planets ruling different zodiac signs. 

Kundli health prediction is another such word, that originated from birth chart analysis for health prediction by dob and time. 

Ancient astrology defines that 12 zodiac signs are ruled by different planets and these planets govern different body parts of a human body. Depending on these planets, it becomes easy to identify which zodiac signs are more likely to suffer from different medical ailments. 

Zodiac signs health problems is a more precise way to understand which part of your body needs special care and attention to save you from future diseases and ailments according to the medical astrology chart

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Zodiac Signs Health Problems

Medical astrology chart enables the readers in recognising which parts of their body need special care and attention and how diseases and accidents can be prevented by putting in a little extra effort. 

Read ahead to find about your Zodiac sign

  • Aries Health Problems

Aries Health Problems

Arians are prone to severe headaches, given their need for constant excitement and challenges. These headaches may turn to migraines in no time. Their kundli health predictions state that there are also chances that individuals with Aries zodiac suffer from neuralgia, problems related to eyes and ears, sinusitis and recurring fever. According to medical astrology they are vulnerable to injuries and broken bones. 

  • Taurus Health Problems

Taurus Health Problems

Taurians suffer from disorders originating from over indulgence. Medical astrology explains that swollen glands, throat infections and constipations can be a reason for stress for these individuals. However, they don’t seem to steer away from clinical depression. Meditation and preventive treatment work best for these individuals.

  • Gemini Health Problems

Gemini Health Problems

Know someone who constantly suffers from cough and cold? There are huge chances that they are a Gemini. Their health prediction by dob describes that Geminis are generally troubled by problems related to lungs and shoulders. Their energy is exhausted very easily, leading them to be tired all the time. 

  • Cancer Health Problems

Cancer Health Problems

Cancerians generally suffer from illness of upper digestive tract and indigestion. According to medical astrology, they are also prone to cataract, cough , anemia leading to lowered energy levels. Cancerians may often suffer from eating disorders and are fond of liquor and sweets. They may also suffer from calcium deficiency.

  • Leo Health Problems

Leo Health Problems

Even though they have a habit of drinking a lot of water, they are somehow always low on energy. These people tend to follow a strict diet regimen and eat at frequent yet regular intervals. 

As per the kundli health predictions, they generally suffer from problems related to heart and liver. They may also face certain digestive issues at different times in their lives. Often falling prey to back related problems, they also tend to develop diabetes at a later stage in their life.

  • Virgo Health Problems

Virgo Health Problems

One of the most disciplined individuals, Virgos tend to have a slow metabolism which often leads to gaining weight, which is generally difficult to put off. Health predictions by dob states that although these people follow a strict routine with their diet and exercise they are still prone to problems related to the stomach and intestines. They are usually always constipated. These individuals are also troubled by nerve related disorders. 

  • Libra Health Problems

Libra Health Problems

Another lot of food lovers, Librans have a liking for sweets but still they are able to maintain a healthy weight. But their unordered eating habits can make their immune system vulnerable and weak. They tend to be affected from skin related problems, mainly epidermis. Medical astrology describes that they also face kidney malfunction and diseases related to reproductive functions. 

  • Scorpio Health Problems

Scorpio Health Problems

According to their medical astrology, the most stressed individuals of all the zodiac signs, Scorpions are prone to stress eating. They are generally troubled by problems related to reproductive organs and bladder. Pelvic problems and urinary disorders are likely to take a toll on their health. 

They are also prone to suffering nose related issues.

  • Sagittarius Health Problems

Sagittarius Health Problems

Often high on energy, Saggitarians are always in a hurry. Even though they are very health and fitness conscious, they lose control over their weight and are prone to weight gain. They tend to suffer from thighs and hip injuries. Their health prediction describes that they are troubled by nerves and arteries related issues. Skin problems and liver disorders add to their troubles.

  • Capricorn Health Problems

Capricorn Health Problems

The biggest food lovers of all time, Capricorns pay extra attention to their food and never compromise on what they want to eat. Sometimes they suffer from calcium deficiency that may lead to bone related problems like knee and joint pains. Other problems that trouble these individuals are hair and nail problems.

  • Aquarius Health Problems

Aquarius Health Problems

Addicted to tea and coffee, Aquarians generally don’t show much liking for different food items. They are often troubled by leg injuries or leg and ankle fractures. Nervous system disorders tend to be the most problematic issues in their kundli health predictions. They also often face blood circulation related issues as well.

  • Pisces Health Problems

Pisces Health Problems

Avoiding salt and excess of alcohol can help the Pisceans in overcoming a lot of their health issues mainly digestive problems. Their Medical astrology states that they have to suffer from arthritis and joint pains. They are also prone to tumors. Cough and problems in the toes often take up a lot of their energy.

Summing up-

Zodiac signs health problems have a lot to do with the planets that rule different zodiacs and it cannot be denied that planets and diseases have a long history. Kundli health predictions can help people in understanding their medical astrology chart from the birth chart. This can help them in understanding how they can empower the planets and correct the doshas that are the major trouble makers.

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