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Spouse Prediction: Know About Your Future Life Partner

spouse prediction astrology

Updated Date : Tuesday, 21 Feb, 2023 12:34 PM

We spend years waiting to finally meet our life partner, and all these years, we keep on wondering whom we will marry and searching for ‘my future husband prediction’ or ‘future spouse prediction free’. Most of us have even built up a picture of our spouse in our minds. However, you can also fetch these details from the spouse astrology. The different planets in the seventh house plays a vital role in your future spouse prediction. 

Let’s see how.

The Importance of 7th House in Spouse Astrology

Mars in the 7th House

The partner of the natives having Mars in their 7th house of their birth chart are aggressive, strong, vibrant, hard-working and like to be engrossed in exercise. The partner will be much active and will be good at sexual relationship. 

Jupiter in the 7th House

If you have the planet Jupiter placed in the 7th house of your birth chart, you are probably the favorite one. Your partner will be of ideal morality and might be highly educated, faithful, ethical and non-secular.

Saturn in the 7th House

Saturn in the 7th house might get you to have a postponed marriage. Nevertheless, you will have a stable relationship whenever it is. Such natives might get an older partner. The partner of such natives will be rational, responsible, and laborious, though elder to you. 

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Ketu in the 7th House

The planet Ketu in the 7th house makes the native's spouse prediction of being non-secular and spiritual. Your partner might be good at math, computers, etc., but not be able to organize his beliefs and perceptions. 

Next, let us discuss your future spouse prediction as per the Zodiac Sign in your seventh house. 


This future spouse prediction free tells that Aries in the 7th house gets you a partner who is fierce, dominative, courageous and energetic.


Having Taurus in your 7th house will get you a partner who is materialistic, rational and desires safety and loves arts and music. 


Your spouse prediction foretells you being married to someone, who is unstable, a multitasker, and strives to accomplish new things. 


If your 7th house has the planet Cancer, your spouse may be quite emotional, be compassionate, moody and have a delicate coronary heart.


The placement of Leo in the 7th house says that your partner will drive the relationship and expect nothing else but respect in return. 


A perfectionist, highly rational and an outstanding business entrepreneur, is the partner of the native having Virgo in the 7th house.


With Libra in your 7th house, anticipate your partner to be balanced, cultured, and innovative. 


Your partner may be passionate, emotional, secretive and vindictive.


Sagittarius in the 7th house may get you an honest, learned, non-secular and rigid partner.


The future spouse prediction says that your partner may be observant, hardworking, sensible and objective-oriented.

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The spouse prediction by date of birth and time free says that you will have a partner who is workaholic, non-secular, spiritual, and introvert.


This future spouse prediction free foretells your partner to be emotional and delicate.


Hope the above details have given you a fair idea about your spouse prediction. In case there are any questions that you have and are left unanswered, ask the astrologers and get a detailed clarity now.

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