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Role and Importance of Mars in Astrology

Role and Importance of Mars in Astrology

Updated Date : Friday, 28 Aug, 2020 10:44 AM

Role and importance of Mars in Vedic Astrology is quite a challenging scenario. Even though people are more scared of Saturn’s judgements, trickery of Uranus and the manipulations of Neptune yet if Mars is wrongly placed in your horoscope, you can get into troubles, you wouldn’t imagine could crop up in your life.

Let’s look at Mars’ role, it’s importance and its characteristics when placed in our horoscope. Mars is red in colour. It has male characteristics and is a carrier of Yang energy. When Mars is good, the person looks younger and exhibits a tremendously high level of energy towards life and work. Mars is the ruler of two Zodiacs- Aries, Scorpion. Scorpio is also ruled by Pluto apart from Mars.

Mars in Vedic Astrology Hindi - हिन्दी में ज्योतिष में मंगल का महत्व के लिए क्लिक करें

The natural element of Mars is Fire and its placement on our Zodiacal chart tends to defend you from harm.

Ideally everything that is organised by the Gods in your astrological chart, is meant to be in your favour, for your protection and it is there to help you with something. But, then there are occasions, when if you want to deflect away from your chart and you would want to pursue a certain path, then you might want to make some changes in your astrological chart as a remedy. Role and importance of Mars in Vedic Astrology, comes up when you do not want to observe a certain path, it becomes a problem then, and removal of some such problem might be your remedy for the problem.

Know your today Rashifal.

The Sun produces heat but Mars can be really destructive. Role and importance of Mars in Vedic Astrology is seen in jobs where Mars governs them to become dauntless soldiers, or to be part of the paramilitary and military forces. Mars rules the production of arms and weapons, and also rules our blood and sinews.

Characteristics of Mars

The characteristics of Mars are quite well defined and are clearly etched out as compared to other planets.

It is often known as the war planet.

  • Day is Tuesday
  • Direction of Mars is South
  • Stays for 45 days in one Zodiac sign.
  • Nature of the planet is definitely furious and it is known to be very aggressive.
  • Friendly planets of Mars are Jupiter, Moon and Sun.
  • The planet is debilitated in Cancer.
  • Resentment is it’s special feature.
  • Red Coral alleviates its debilitating impact.
  • Copper is the metal ruled by Mars.
  • The planet has a 7 year Vimshottari Mahadasha period.
  • Restlessness, Blood problems and tension are the major diseases given by Mars.

Importance of Mars in Astrology

In short, Mars keeps you alive, when you are surrounded by enemies. Role and importance of Mars in Vedic Astrology can be seen when Mars comes up to you with a will to fight back, your desire to live beyond all the hurdles come from Mars. Mars is the planet that wants you to stand for your causes, your rights, your beliefs and gives you the strength to ensure that you look beyond the puniness of life, it ensures that you fight. 

There is no contemplation of your actions with Mars. The approach of Mars is mainly, “You have people attacking you, you have nature attacking you, fight back, do not sit at home. Do not resist or think of alternate ways. Fight. Simply fight.

Mars guides our carnal instincts very well. It guards our sexual desires and depending on the position of Mars in your planetary charts you know how you would behave with your partner. Mars is retrograde in almost every two years. Mars is definitely a detriment to the Librans, and is the major reason behind their desire for balance.

Fearlessness comes from Mars, aggression comes from Mars and anger also comes from Mars according to the characteristics of Mars. If you have a lowly placed Mars, you may never be a brave soldier. You may never have the aggression within you to define your territory. You may never have the strength to live beyond a certain framework of mind.

Thus, you may want to know how to pray to Mars in such circumstances.

The Beej Mantra of Mars is,

“Om Kram Kreem Kraum Sah: Bhaumay Namah:”

The Gayatri Mantra for Mars is,

"Om Angarkaya vidmahe, bhoomipalaya dhimahi, tanno Kujah prachodayat."

The Puranic Mantra of Mars goes like this,

“Dharani-garbha-sambhutam vidyut kanti-samaprabha
Kumaram shakti-hastam ca mangalam pranamamy aham”

Chant it as many times as you can, to derive the maximum benefit from it.

Role of Mars in in Different Houses

Mars indicates wisdom since Mars makes you work without thinking. The results of the work emit out spontaneously and then you are shocked. You thought about it in a different way and it turned out to be very different from what you thought.

This generates wisdom in a person. You have learnt by performing a practical experiment in your life. You have failed so now you are more wise. But if you happen to be a winner you know how it all works, you have figured it out.

Planet Mars also tells you when your fight should be in what form. It teaches you to know which is a mirage in a war and what is the truth within it, that it encapsulates.

Mars gives you the freedom to stick to your decisions. It tells you what you know after your repeated trials and error is the truth. Mars’s role ends where it has taught you to stick to your truths and facts. Its role ends where you are clear about your life and path. Its role ends when you have grown above your challenges, when you have lost the urge to prove anything to anybody on Earth.

Let us see how the presence of Mars in various Houses impacts the nature of the native.

Different Houses

Nature of the native when Mars is in different Houses

First Astrological House

The person would turn out to be quite a fond & loving creature, and would have immense physical power. The person would be moody mentally. He might be bothered by his fiends occasionally.

Second Astrological House.

This is the house for speech, your marital life longevity, materialism and bad habits. This person would focus upon his material wealth. The natives have great business skills. 

Third Astrological House.

The Third House represents courage, physical strength and siblings. The nature of such people are quite harsh. Humans are quite harsh spoken when Mars is in the third House. They often make great journalists and reporters.

Fourth Astrological House.

This fourth House is for the family, for the childhood of a native, for comforts and harmony. The native might turn out to have unpleasant memories about one's childhood. You may frequently change homes. 

Fifth Astrological House.

The fifth house is the house of Mar’s friend Jupiter. When placed in this House, Mars can often bring good results in terms of money, relationships and families.

However, the person could turn out to be a flirt, the person could turn out to be hurrying down in acquiring wealth.

Sixth Astrological House.

In this position with Mars being strong, there arises a strong battle of the native with everything that is not right around him. Though the native wins, the native ends up becoming highly competitive and conflicting with the superiors. They would, although, excel in their positions and circle of life.

Seventh Astrological House.

The Mars in the seventh house, makes the natives lusty. They may have more than one marriage. In females there can be some problem in conceiving children. Marriage would be quite late for these natives.

Eighth Astrological House.

In the eighth house, the role of Mars is making you a complete Manglik. Mars might make your life chaotic. There may be a huge loss of wealth and there will be negative karma that will come upon the individual. 

Ninth Astrological House.

The ninth House denotes religions and wisdom. There is some relief in this House due to Jupiter. Mars if placed alone would turn out the native into an atheist. The person would turn out to be a rebel and would not be following society in any which ways due to the rise in wisdom in these natives. 

Tenth Astrological House.

The tenth House is the House of Action. When Mars is in this House, you tend to create your own life. Your Karma is the main coordinator of your life. So you have to understand how to go about with your karma.

Mars in this House, could help you decide your own path.

Mars + Mercury can make you a scientist.

Mars + Saturn in this House can make you a politician.

Mars + Jupiter can make you a Mayor.

Mars + Venus could make you a successful businessman.

Mars + Rahu makes you an actor or a politician.

Mars + Ketu can expand your spirituality or can put into the service of the mercenaries.

Eleventh Astrological House.

With Mars in the eleventh House, you could also have a rags to riches story. You could be an extremely popular character amongst your friends. You could be ending up earning a lot of money with Mars sitting on the Dhanakaraka House.

Twelfth Astrological House.

It is all about your sleep, your dreams, your imagination and your inner life.Mars even in this House can create Mangal Dosha. Mars wrongly placed here can create a lot of disruption in dreams, imaginations and desires.

Astrological Importance of Mars:

Astrological significance of Mars is also very important and you may want to look at it once. Now, let us talk of the several roles Mars plays when placed in each Zodiac sign.

  1. Astrological Significance of Mars when Mars is placed in Aries, it creates dynamicity in the Arien characters. They give way to impulsiveness and often act out of their own impulsive behaviour. These people hate indirect people and can be quite irritated by the “beating around the bush” behaviour.
  2. Astrological Significance of Mars when Mars is in Taurus then these goal oriented people are not at all racing down the streets. Speed is not their forte. Most of these people have long term goals and they have a good plan of action in place.
  3. Astrological Significance of Mars when Mars is in Gemini then these natives turn out a little easily disrupted. They often pick up debates to ensure they have a good time. These men and women are often desiring change like no other, and hence often seem to be eating up all the change.
  4. Astrological Significance of Mars when Mars is in Cancer, there would be greater aggression in these people. These people turn out to be sensual and very warm by nature. They are ordinarily protective and quiet contemplative by nature. Fierce overprotective homes is where they nestle up.
  5. Astrological Significance of Mars when Mars is in Leo, the Leos become over passionate creatures. They become strongly magnetic creatures and their raw, oozing magnetism draws and pulls other people to them like houseflies.
  6. Astrological Significance of Mars when Mars is in Virgo, these people often create too many goals. They are critical creatures, and it can be difficult to be around those people who have Mars in Virgo. 
  7. Astrological Significance of Mars when Mars is in Libra, the inmates turn out to be passive at their aggression. They can often get very attached in defending people they like, sometimes they can even try defending themselves.
  8. Astrological Significance of Mars when Mars is in Scorpio, these natives might throw in their everything into the project they handle. They might even go for the most impossible tasks. These people usually do not get rid of their cool demeanour. Mars when in Scorpion would have a black or white philosophy relationship.
  9. Astrological Significance of Mars when Mars is in Sagittarius, the natives turn out as impatient beings. They love to work on a lot of projects together, often quite blunt with everyone. They are quite passionate creatures in love. If you poke their plans, these fun loving creatures can definitely show you your place, when their Mars is in Sagittarius.
  10. Astrological Significance of Mars when Mars is in Capricorn, these people can detect an overdose when expressing anger, fear, sexuality, or simply raw energy. These creatures would fear being scattered and also are immensely scared of letting go.
  11. Astrological Significance of Mars when Mars is in Aquarius, they become extraordinary creatures. They do not like being termed as ordinary. They love that their freedom is immense. You would not know if an Aquarius is dominating you unlike the Mars powered Aries and Leo. 
  12. Astrological Significance of Mars when Mars is in Pisces, they do not believe in tying life. They love to go with the flow. They can often change their will and desires, which is majorly affected by their mood.

The astrological significance of Mars rests on the fact that Mars’ gruel teaches you wisdom. It teaches you when to not fight and when to fight. 

Know the mars's house in your kundali .

Mars’s Astrological Significance teaches humans the difference between human nature and the carnal nature. It tells you a lot about your own ethics. It tells you through failures and wins, whether you would really live forward to destruction or you would expand and rise. 

Ordinarily, it is believed that Mars sitting in your house of marriage is actually telling you to explore other ways of life, other than marriage and home.

Very few can listen to this inner call and fewer respond to it. However, when someone has to get married, it is then that you need to seek a remedy. If you have a Mangal dosha that creates obstruction, Mars’s Astrological Significance says no matter how hard you have tried, if you could not get married, it is then advised that you seek your own way or carve out a way. 

Do not be disappointed and do not try harder each time you fail to get married, look closely, life is trying to teach you to expand in a different direction. Make that direction your own and grow in that direction.

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