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Role and Importance of Ketu in Astrology Houses

Role and Importance of Ketu in Astrology Houses

Updated Date : Thursday, 27 Aug, 2020 09:32 AM

The role and importance of Ketu in Vedic astrology lies in its position around the Moon. It is the Southern node on the Moon’s axis, and is known as Ketu, one of the shadowy planets according to Vedic Astrology. Ketu’s body is flag shaped, according to the Matsya Puran. The flag shaped body of Ketu rises above and beyond the Sun often. Ketu is the descendant from the devil clan, belongs to the Dhrum Varna, and is from the Gemini gotra.

Ketu is exalted in Pisces and is devastatingly enfeebling in Gemini. Ketu’s strength lies in the Sagittarius, Pisces and Taurus zodiac signs. When positioned in the seventh place, Ketu can bring good things to the native.

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Ketu is friendly to Jupiter, and is enemies to Moon, Mars and Sun. Mercury, Venus and Saturn are friendly planets to Ketu. Rahu-Ketu are the head and the body of the same being, called Swarbhanu thus they are definitely friendly to each other.

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Characteristics of Ketu

Ketu’s characteristics involve a lot of different attributes, let us look at them one by one.

  1. Grubby natured Ketu is more interested in worldly possessions.
  2. Ketu’s characteristics lie in being the planet that covers the hybrid breeds, and the stubborn faced people. When Ketu is happy he bestows on you far more than anyone else can or will, it is how he shows his happiness when he is contended.
  3. Ketu is in charge of the Ashwin, Magha and Moola constellations.
  4. The Lunar Eclipse occurs when Ketu, Sun and Moon lie in the same zodiacal longitudinal access.
  5. Doctors, magicians, astrologers and medical dilentattes are some of their professions that are favoured by Ketu.
  6.  Ketu’s gemstone is Lahsunia (Cat’s eye).
  7. On one hand, the strictness of Ketu’s characteristics interferes with your well being zone, you have to reap the burden of your past life, all the selfish deeds you did and all the karmic egos that you festered and created. On the other hand, Ketu stands for Moksha and liberation. It stands at the door of all the secret and mysterious knowledge present in the world. Noone can reach that knowledge without his permission and without passing in his tests.
  8. Ketu’s Mahadasha is for seven years in general.

You learn to understand the nature of the world when Ketu is teaching you, since his teachings are a preamble in itself.

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Ketu strangely represents the old people. Thus, how you treat old people in their old age is such an important task for us. It is by this trait that Ketu assesses us and our understanding, and determines our worth.

Role of Ketu in Vedic Astrology

Ketu’s role in Vedic Astrology is more about the psyche of a human being. It causes mental disturbances, emotional upheavals and thus weakens the physical body of the human being eventually. The person becomes very suspicious by nature when afflicted by Ketu. The person might behave crazily when Ketu is in conjunction with the Moon or is opposing it.

Pray to Ketu when you have some mental stress or some spiritual afflictions and problems using the below mantra. This is the Gayatri Mantra for worshipping Ketu and asking him to be slightly benevolent towards your existence.

Oom dhumvarnaya vidmhe kapotavahanaaya dheemahi tannam: Ketu: Prachodayat."

It is believed that the role of Ketu as per Vedic Astrology is exalted in Sagittarius that also has a half animal and half human body, something similar to Ketu, thus the properties.

Ketu’s role is often focussed around the negative aspects of life. Often we associate Ketu to be a malefic influence in our lives but that is never the case. 

Nature is formidable but never Evil unlike humankind,” thus goes the saying.

However Ketu just tries to expand your spiritualism, it tries to make you aware of your existence. It tried to pull you out of your fears that lies often in our smallness. Through hardships and through tests, Neptune creates an environment that is averse to human existence.

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Importance of ketu in Vedic astrology

Ketu’s importance in Vedic Astrology is immense. On one hand, people try to escape Ketu’s influence. On the other hand, people cannot do so, since Ketu is deeply bound to our spirituality. If you want to attain spirituality, you have to undergo Ketu's churns. 

This is the point where the maximum population is stuck. They want to learn about the spirit world but they do not want to give into the sacrifices Ketu, Saturn and Rahu seek from people at certain instances.

Lost his head,” is Ketu's way of asceticism. An ascetic is often known to have lost his or her head, the antenna that connects humans to this realm. Thus, ascetics are those people who have been blessed by Ketu. It is that abundance that connects you to the entire Universe, that untapped knowledge flows through you with Ketu’s blessings. 

Thus often it is said, “Do not enter a temple without leaving your head outside.

But when Ketu’s blessings are not accepted by a human being, that human might feel confusion, detachment and a sense of loss, a lack of complete understanding. People often term such people as mad but it is just this growth that Neptune has brought into humans that people cannot comprehend mostly.

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Being attached to material things or to this realm, grows in humans when humans defy Ketu or his presence. People consider this very materialistic gain as their growth but then this growth is not permanent, it ceases in a lifetime.

Ketu’s Astrological Significance

Strange is the law of Nature, finally the perseverance of a demon paid off, when the demon decided to bring good to this world. Ketu’s astrological significance grew when he decided to begin guarding the gate between the world of Maya and the other worldly; several Gods had tried in vain. 

None of them could stop people well, for the Gods often blessed the less deserving and this way a lot of anomalies were created. So, one day Ketu decided to give it a try. The Gods were terrified and they went to Lord Vishnu and Shivay asking them to stop Ketu from taking over the gate. 

As Ketu waited for permission, and Vishnu’s rationality constantly nudged Shivay, Shivay did not open his eyes. Days passed, Shivay avoided the crowd, ate, slept and kept his eyes closed amidst the crowd standing out of the gate.

Funnily after a long wait, one day he opened his eyes and deputed Ketu for the job. Vishnu stopped opposing, smiled and went back. The Gods got irritated, demons celebrated then both parties fought. However, Ketu understood his Dharma very well. He never wavered, never allowed any unwanted human, God or demon to pass that door.

Ketu’s astrological significance grew when his judgements were not questioned by Shivay. Thus, he stands guard to that eternal door even till date. This knowledge is well crafted in the hidden texts of original Puranas. Thus, fearing him would only take you away from this wisdom, this doorway.

Typical Characteristics of Ketu

Let’s see what are the typical characteristics of Ketu.

  1. Ketu Mahadasha lasts for seven years. It cannot be rightfully called a Mahadasha. It can’t be termed as a sinful state. Since, it is at this point that you receive Ketu’s blessings. It should be called a blessing, however due to his maleficity and his violent nature it is termed as a Mahadasha.
  2. Ketu is the planet of otherworldly desires through the worldly desires. So he is a balance between both.
  3. He is exalted in Sagittarius, he is with the Pisces and he is friendly to Jupiter, Saturn and Venus. He is known to save the ones afflicted by the Sun God.
  4. Cat’s eye is his stone.
  5. Direction for Ketu is North-West.
  6. Ketu is representative of the abdominal portion of the body.
  7. You can take care of street dogs as Ketu seems to reside in dogs. Take care of them, and then you can make Ketu happy. Black dogs are symbols of Shani Dev and any dog is a symbol of the Ketu Dev.
  8. You can eat saffron, or use saffron for a Tilak when you do not want to be influenced by Ketu.

Ketu effects in Astrological Houses

When Ketu is in some of the Houses, it afflicts the wearer. Let us find out how?

  • 1st House: When Ketu is in the First House, it might benefit the father of the family. It might cause problems in human progeny.
  • 2nd House: When Ketu is in the second House, people may want to earn a lot of money, however they may not do anything to achieve those lofty goals. It is generally found in people between the age group of 30-42.
  • 3rd House: The native might be famous, wealthy, God-fearing and might be blessed with obedient children.
  • 4th House: Pessimism is what you would feel when it is in an afflicted position in the fourth house. You would feel negative towards everything, when you are in this House.
  • 5th House: When Ketu is in the fifth House, a student might have a sharp brain but may waste it in unnecessary activities.
  • 6th House: When Ketu is in the sixth House, these natives might settle abroad mostly.
  • 7th House: When Ketu is in the seventh House, it may make you over sanguine or you may be overloaded with confidence. That might create trouble for you.
  • 8th House: In this House when Ketu is placed it can bring hurdles to the natives.
  • 9th House: When Ketu is placed in this House, the native may turn out to be poor, and unethical.
  • 10th House: If Saturn’s position in tenth House is strong, it will definitely bring good results to the bearer.
  •  11th House: Ketu in this House would give courage to its native who slogs hard throughout to achieve a good position and to gain respect in the society.
  • 12th House: Ketu in this House is quite a lucky chap since he would enjoy all the blessings of the world. The person would have a good home, comfortable living and all the niceties of the world.

Now that you know a lot about Ketu, let us find out what and how it influences each Zodiac Sign.

Effects of Ketu on Zodiacs Signs

Tabular representation of the Influence of Ketu in various Zodiacs

Zodiac Sign

Influence of Ketu in different Zodiacs

Ketu’s astrological significance in Aries Sign

Native might turn out to be self-centred, talkative, moody at times. The native might succeed spiritually from this aloofness and eventually gain materialistic pleasures. 

Ketu’s astrological significance in Taurus Sign

The native may end up travelling from one place to the other. But since the native’s mind is controlled by the Earth element, the native would be mentally stable.

Ketu’s astrological significance in Gemini Sign

The native might want to learn, on the other hand they may not be able to focus on a single subject, thus they end up learning in different directions causing distractions on all sides.

Ketu’s astrological significance in Cancer Sign

Ketu in Cancer is a challenging position, Cancerians end up picking up very less out of it. Ketu and Moon are quite bad for each other.

Ketu’s astrological significance in Leo Sign

Natives feel uncertain venturing into new things, impatient, talkative creatures they love art and artistic interests

Ketu’s astrological significance in Virgo Sign

Quite sharp minded, these people are clever enough to know how to use others for their work. They grow spiritually but then quite late in life, do they actually learn spirituality.

Ketu’s astrological significance in Libra Sign

Short tempered with a strong need to travel, these people keep things balanced, they love to travel and often have a very strong need to roam around the world.

Ketu’s astrological significance in Scorpio Sign

Hard working individuals, quite harsh often, such people love to do their own things at their own pace and own time.

Ketu’s astrological significance in Sagittarius Sign

Ketu gives the impulsive Sagittarius some weight, makes them more serious, deeply spiritual and Ketu often finds his greatest disciples in such Sagittarian species.

Ketu’s astrological significance in Capricorn Sign

Socially serving, these Capricorns take interest in social work. Growth is slow but it would surely be there in these natives. Switching jobs is quite frequent in these natives.

Ketu’s astrological significance in Aquarius Sign

They become more independent minded, stubborn, practices benevolence with the ones they think right and make unnecessary plans and desires.

Ketu’s astrological significance in Pisces Sign

The Pisceans hold a lot of beauty in their heart that is enhanced by the presence of Ketu in their charts. Quite disciplined, humbled and humane they are quite knowledgeable too.

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So here we have channelised a few words for you to contemplate on Ketu’s astrological significance in our lives. Nothing that Nature has made for us can be formidable but not Evil and certainly not destructive. If we can only follow Ketu’s rules and make sure that we are not on the side that we cannot justify it would definitely give way to your understanding the role and importance of Ketu in Vedic astrology. Ketu expands your spirit to incorporate everything they have designed on Earth, it is just that men need to open up slightly to ensure they can reach those heights.

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