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Rashi According To The First Letter Of Name And Date Of Birth

What's your Rashi according to Date Of Birth?

Updated Date : Thursday, 04 Jan, 2024 07:37 AM

Curious about your today's Rashifal? It can tell you which activities you should plan to get the best outcomes? With the help of Rashifal, you can foresee all your life events.

Besides, it's prerequisite to know your Rashi, whenever you want to go for future prediction. Your Rashi-zodiac sign can indicate your personality, characteristics, behavioural patterns and even your life goals!

But to know all these the primary condition is-knowing the right zodiac sign! So what is your Zodiac sign? Is it according to your name? Or by your date of Birth? Let's know everything in detail, but the very first thing you should know is what is Rashi?

What is Rashi(Zodiac sign)?

Indians follow the age-old future forecasting technique -Vedic astrology to foresee their life events. Our Rishi (sages) developed astrology years before. From Rishi came the word Rashi -meaning "that which indicates.'

Zodiac is the celestial area that extends approx 8 degrees north or south over a year. The Zodiac is further divided into twelve signs, each one carrying 30 degrees of the space.

Positions of various planets at the time of your birth will help to make your horoscope and based on it; one can know his Rashi.

Usage of Rashi

Do you want to know your today's rashifal?

Why is Rashi so essential? After all, astrology is all about the planet's positions! Scratching your head that why we need Rashi?

Well, Rashi is like a mirror, Through which an astrologer can see your traits. It establishes your connection with other celestial elements. And As per the astrology, we believe that everything is connected and the universe can affect our lives through various planets.

So based on your Rashi astrologers can predict your future events. There are twelve different astrological signs in Vedic astrology. And each of them is a doorway to your future.

But there are two ways to know the Rashi -Rashi as per the name and Rashi by your date of Birth. Which one is right? Is there any difference between these two? Let's discover it in brief.

Rashi According To The First Letter Of The Name

Should a name be kept according to Rashi and Nakshatra? Let's know the answer by Moonsign. Zodiac sign in which the Moon is placed, at the time of your birth is known as your Moon sign.

The Moon sign is one of the most integral parts of your horoscope. Taking this into consideration, people keep their baby's name as per the Rashi. Your moon sign can tell how you see the world, how you manage your emotions etc.

When a person keeps the name as per his Birth Rashi, it becomes easy to predict his future. Hence the first alphabet of his name denotes his Rashi and vice versa. As per the Vedic Astrology Moon also governs various body parts like brain, bowel, stomach, body fluids etc.

Nowadays you can find your Moon Sign calculator online to know your Rashi. Know the newborn's moon sign by this Moonsign calculator


Rashi According to Date Of Birth 

The other way of knowing a Rashi is Rashi According to your Date Of Birth, which is known as your Sun sign. As per the Sun Sign Astrology, your Sun sign can be derived by the position of Sun at the time of your birth.

Sun sign is beneficial to know how you see the world. Sun is the mighty planet, and it's position at the time of your birth affect your Zodiac most. To know your Sun sign you just need to know your date of birth.

By Sun Sign calculator you can know your Sun sign. Click on the link below to know your Sun sign free.


Apparently, It is the most reliable source to identify your Sun sign. By knowing your Sun sign, you can foresee your life direction.

Concluding Thoughts

Now you are well aware of both Sun and the Moon signs. Which is your Sun sign? What is your Moon sign telling you about your emotional traits? It will be interesting to know these answers!

Undoubtedly when a person knows his Moon and Sun signs, he can visualise his life path profoundly. When a Sun and Moon signs are compatible, a person can sail his life course smoothly. After knowing both the astrological signs, you must be curious about your Rashifal today!

Click on the link below to know your rashifal accurately. Don't forget to see the Rashifal today as per your Zodiac sign!


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