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Astrological Meaning Of Left Eye Blinking For Females

meaning of left eye blinking for females

Updated Date : Friday, 21 Apr, 2023 13:19 PM

Every person feels a twitch in the eye at some point in time. It is a widespread phenomenon. People believe that eye twitching leads to several good & bad events. 

The interesting part is that this belief is not only confined to a small group of people or community, rather people from across the globe believe in it. 

Every country or nation has its own set of beliefs when it comes to the twitching of an eye. The natives of Hawaii believe that right eye twitching denotes childbirth and left eye twitching denotes the arrival of death. On the other hand, in China, the blinking of the right eye means incoming luck and fortune whereas the left eye twitching denotes doom. 

However, in India, this phenomenon of eye blinking goes a little further, unlike in other countries. Here, the good omen or bad omen due to eye twitching is predicted on the basis of gender. As per Vedic Astrology, gender plays an important role in decoding the eye-twitching meaning. In this blog, we will discuss in detail the Astrology behind left eye blinking for females. Keep reading!

Meaning Of Left Eye’s Twitching For Females In India

The left eye’s blinking in females is believed to be auspicious as per Indian Astrology. Left eye twitching indicates faith and hopes to come your way. It’s not as simple as it appears as time is also considered of great importance in Vedic Astrology. 

Time, aka the Kaal in Hindi also has a major influence on predicting the exact reason behind the twitching of an eye. 

If a female’s left eye blinks between 6 AM to 5 PM, this indicates that they are about to meet someone powerful who can transform their life completely in a positive way. On the contrary, if the eye twitches between 5 PM to 6 AM then it is not considered quite auspicious irrespective of the fact that it's the left eye. Eye twitching during this time is said to bring misfortune. 

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Significance Of The Parts Of Left Eye That Twitches

The upper eyelid, lower eyelid, and corner of the eye are considered the most important parts in predicting the kind of news that a person is going to receive. Let's find out-

Blinking of Left Eye’s Lower Eyelid

It is not believed to be a good indication, however, it is also not super alarming. Twitching in the lower eyelid means that an individual might have to deal with little issues. The problems might make you feel overwhelmed in the worst case scenario. 

Blinking of Left Eye Upper Eyelid

Blinking of the left eye’s upper eyelid is considered auspicious as it indicates some surprise visits from someone special and additionally it also indicates a period of joy and happiness approaching in someone’s life. 

Blinking of Left Eye’s Corner

This one is considered one of the most positive omens in Astrology. It indicates that luck and fortune are just around the corner for that person. The person might get some unexpected monetary gains if the corner of their left eye is twitching. 

The Chinese Astrology Behind Female’s Left Eye Twitching

The twitching of the left eye of females is believed to be auspicious in China. It is said to bring luck to them. Blinking of the left eye indicates an inflow of sudden, unforeseen income. When the upper lid of the left eye twitches for a female, it signifies that something unexpected will occur in their life that will help them in overall growth and development. On the contrary, the blinking of the lower eyelid of the left eye is believed to be a little inauspicious for the ladies. 

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As per Chinese Astrology, the meaning of a female’s left eye twitching gets altered every two hours. Have a look!



11 PM- 11 AM

Fortune & Luck 

1 AM- 3 AM

Minor tensions

3 AM- 5 AM

A surprise visit from someone special

5 AM- 7 AM

Meeting a long-lost friend

7 AM - 9 AM

A friend will prioritize you

9 AM - 11 AM

Some unexpected favors

11 AM - 1 PM

Receiving praise for the efforts

1 PM - 3 PM

Chances of receiving positive news

3 PM - 5 PM

You need to beware of gambling

5 PM - 7 PM

Help the needy 

7 PM - PM

Might feel low

9 PM - 11 PM


Ending Note…

The blog was all about the Astrological significance of left eye twitching for females. The blinking of the female’s left eye is believed to bring a good omen in their life. Though not every left-eye twitching is a good sign, some can lead to the occurrence of a bad event as well. It is always better to consult an Astrologer to know in detail about it. They can guide you really well. Moreover, every country or nation has its own significance behind the twitching of any eye. 

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