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Gyaras 2024 Calendar - Vrat Katha, Puja Vidhi & Significance

Gyaras 2024 Calendar

Updated Date : Monday, 08 Jan, 2024 06:53 AM

Gyaras Vrat is the divine opportunity to intensify Lord Vishnu's worship. Devotees fast on this day and ask blessings of Narayana for spiritual progress. Gyaras is the eleventh day or tithi of the lunar phase that is important to the Hindus.

Gyaras fasting can give promising results both scientifically and spiritually. According to the Hindu calendar, Gyaras occurs twice in every month (in the waxing phase and waning phase), thus the believers can observe two Gyaras Vrats in a month.

Here’s all about Gyaras Importance, Vrat vidhi, Gyaras Vrat Katha and upcoming Gyaras Vrat dates.

Ekadashi Vrat (Gyaras)

Ekadashi means eleven in the Sanskrit language(‘eka’ means one & ‘das’ means ten). The Gyaras day is considered to be important to Lord Vishnu, and the Hindus, particularly the Vaishnavas, are advised to observe a full day fast on this promising day.

Every Gyaras is an occasion for spiritual followers to enhance their pious service. According to the Vedic inscriptions, one must keep a complete fast on this day without even drinking water! Panchang shows the dates for upcoming gyaras vrat

Also, It must be a day of reduced or no worldly affairs and one who observes strict Gyaras Vrat can discard the negative impacts of planets and negative thoughts. Observing such simplicity-austerity may yield great spiritual advantages.

Gyaras Vrat Puja Vidhi

The Gyaras Vrat starts with the sunrise and concludes with the next morning-sunrise. It must be observed on a day that is not affected by the Dashami or the tenth lunar day. As per the Hindu calendar If the tenth tithi/Dashami closes 96 minutes before sunrise, then one should fast on that day. 

And, when the Dashami doesn’t end 96 minutes before sunrise, then the believers should prefer the next morning to begin their Gyaras fasting. 

Complete fasting on Gyaras is advised to everyone from the age of eight to eighty regardless of their age, gender, and status. Those who can’t carry such high austerity can observe Gyaras Vrat by eating one meal. However, one shouldn’t use food items, which are forbidden on Gyaras Vrat.

Gyaras Vrat Vidhi

  • As Gyaras Vrat begins with the sunrise, one must wake up before that and pray Lord Vishnu with a Diya, incense stick, and Tulsi leaves, etc.
  • Visiting a Vishnu temple and chanting Sri Vishnu Sahasranama can assist in intensifying the spiritual journey.
  • Reading and listening Gyaras Vrat Katha can be purifying
  • Eating once is permitted for those who can’t observe full-day fasting. 
  • Eating non-veg food (meat, fish, egg, etc.), mushroom, intoxicants (tobacco and liquor), and beverages (tea, coffee, cola, and other energy drinks) must be avoided.
  • To end the Gyaras Vrat, one should take a bath on the next day (Dwadasi) morning, worship Lord Vishnu and read Gyaras Mata Katha
  • Devotees break the fast during the  Parana time, which will be different for every Dwadasi.
  • Know the exact Parana time and other Puja timings from the daily Panchang update.

Gyaras 2024 Dates And Timings

When is Gyaras this month? The year 2024 can give you divine results if you know the Gyaras dates and timings well-in-advance.


Saphala Gyaras

Jan 07, 12:41 am - Jan 08, 12:46 am

Krishna Paksha

Pausha Putrada Gyaras

Jan 20, 7:26 pm - Jan 21, 7:26 pm

Shukla Paksha


Shattila Gyaras

Feb 05, 5:24 pm - Feb 06, 4:07 pm

Krishna Paksha

Jaya Gyaras

Feb 19, 8:49 am - Feb 20, 09:55 am

Shukla Paksha


Vijaya Gyaras /

Vaishnava Vijaya Gyaras

Mar 06, 6:30 am to Mar 07, 04:13 am

Krishna Paksha

Amalaki Gyaras

Mar 20, 12:21 am to Mar 21, 2:22 am

Shukla Paksha


Papmochani Gyaras

Apr 04, 4:14 pm- Apr 05, 1:28 pm

Krishna Paksha

Kamada Gyaras

Apr 18, 5:31 pm - Apr 19, 8:04 pm

Shukla Paksha


Varuthini Gyaras

May 03, 11:24 pm - May 04, 8:38 pm

Krishna Paksha

Mohini Gyaras

May 18, 11:22 am - May 19, 1:50 pm

Shukla Paksha


Apara Gyaras /

Vaishnava Apara Gyaras

Jun 2, 5:04 am - Jun 3, 2:41 am

Krishna Paksha

Nirjala Gyaras

Jun 17, 4:43 am - Jun 18, 6:24 am

Shukla Paksha


Yogini Gyaras

Jul 1, 10:26 am - Jul 2, 8:42 am

Krishna Paksha

Devshayani Gyaras

Jul 16, 8:33 pm- Jul 17, 9:02 pm

Shukla Paksha


Kamika Gyaras

Jul 30, 4:44 pm- Jul 31, 3:55 pm

Krishna Paksha


Shravana Putrada Gyaras

Aug 15, 10:26 am - Aug 16, 9:39 am

Shukla Paksha

Aja Gyaras

Aug 29, 1:19 am - Aug 30, 1:37 am

Krishna Paksha


Parsva Gyaras

Sep 13, 10:30 pm - Sep 14, 8:41 pm

Shukla Paksha

Indira Gyaras

Sep 27, 1:20 pm - Sep 28, 2:49 pm

Krishna Paksha


Papankusha Gyaras

Oct 13, 9:08 am - Oct 14, 6:41 am

Shukla Paksha


Rama Gyaras

Oct 27, 5:23 am - Oct 28, 7:50 am

Krishna Paksha


Devutthana Gyaras

Nov 11, 6:46 pm - Nov 12, 4:04 pm

Shukla Paksha

Utpanna Gyaras

Nov 26, 1:01 am - Nov 27, 3:47 am

Krishna Paksha


Mokshada Gyaras

Dec 11, 3:42 am - Dec 12, 1:09 am

Shukla Paksha

Saphala Gyaras

Dec 25, 10:29 pm - Dec 27, 12:43 am

Krishna Paksha

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Gyaras Pooja Rituals 

  • To get the maximum advantage of Gyaras Vrat, one must observe a complete fast or drink only water. A follower can break the Gyaras fast by eating fruits 
  • Those who can’t observe total fasting because of health problems can consume a single meal of allowed foods such as fruits, milk, nuts, etc.
  • As per the Gyaras Vrat rituals, one must avoid all sorts of grains, peas, and beans, tulsi, sesame seeds, salt, baking soda, asafoetida, cloves, cardamom, fennel, etc.
  • The common intention of fasting is to use just as much as needed.
  •  Chanting praises -prayers are a way of involving the mind so that it does not focus on the temptations of the body and senses
  • As per the Gyaras Puja rituals, one must speak very limited or try to observe a Maun Vrat (A vow of silence) throughout the day. The only aim of the devotee should be worshipping God in every moment.

Gyaras Vrat Significance 

  • Spiritual Significances

It is considered that the religious duties performed on Gyaras are more productive. The basic idea of Gyaras Vrat is not just withdrawing food but to limit the needs of the body & senses. Spiritual enthusiasts can progress efficiently with the blessings of Lord Vishnu.

  • Scientific Significances

It is scientifically confirmed that the atmospheric pressure will be low on every Ekadashis. Thus, fasting on these days can be better for body detoxifying.

The health advantages of bi-monthly Gyaras Vrats include reducing the fat and cholesterol, rejuvenating the body, and purifying the stomach and digestive organs.

Consider the Gyaras 2024 calendar as the divine chance to revive your life energies. Happy Gyaras to all devotees!

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