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Download Free Online Tarot Reading App - Tarot Life

Download Free Online Tarot Reading App - Tarot Life

Updated Date : Wednesday, 03 Jul, 2019 06:16 AM

In the stressful and chaotic lives of today, Tarot Reading comes as a welcome respite which provides accurate guidance which in turn plays a pivotal role in defining the future. And, what better way to get instant advice than a tarot reading app in your phone.

Tarot card reading has existed since ages and in the recent times, its popularity has reached to another new level. The consequence of which is the increased use of Tarot Reading Apps. Many people across the globe are taking the help of free tarot reading online to solve the complex problems of their lives. 

There are several advantages of using free tarot reading app over traditional tarot card prediction method. Let’s understand why. 

Tarot App Vs Traditional Tarot Reading

  • On-Point Readings - In a traditional tarot reading, a lot depends upon the intuition and frame of mind of the tarot reader whereas in an application, the readings are always accurate and there is a higher chance of you getting a better solution to your problems.

  • Save Your Readings - One of the best features of a tarot app is that the readings can be saved for future use. You can always refer to your past readings and compare them with the present one in order to get a clear picture. 

  • Get Advice On The Go - With a free tarot reading app, you can get the answer to your question anytime and anywhere. You do not have to depend upon the time and convenience of a traditional tarot reader. In fact, you can get accurate tarot insight in the comfort of your home. 

Tarot App Vs Traditional Tarot Reading

  • Learn About Tarot - A tarot reading app enables you to even gain knowledge about the meaning and symbol of each tarot card in a tarot deck unlike traditional reading which will simply give you the answer to your questions. Tarot app is indeed an interesting way to get started if you are a beginner and looking to get the nuances of Tarot reading right.

  • Complete Tarot Advice In One App - The problems of our lives revolve around love, career, money, relationships and much more. You can get advice for all these aspects in one application unlike in traditional tarot reading where you might have to go for multiple sessions to get your concerns addressed. 

  • Free Guidance - If you get associated with a tarot reader, you might have to pay for each and every session. Majority of Tarot Reading apps provide tarot guidance for free. So, you can get the solution to your problems without burning a hole in your pocket. 

Which is the best free tarot reading app? 

Now, there are multiple free tarot reading apps out there and choosing one which has all the features can be a task. Well, do not fret. You do not have to do it, because we have got it all sorted for you. After, using multiple tarot card reading apps, the one that caught our attention due to its incredibly accurate readings and array of interesting features. It is Tarot Life

Here, we have tried to give you detailed information about the features of Tarot Life which will help you understand the benefits of using this app. 

Tarot Life- Your Guide To Life 

Tarot Life- Your Guide To Life

Tarot Life is a free tarot reading application available for Free Download on Android as well as iOS. Through this app, you can get guidance on the ways to tackle the ongoing issues in your life. The readings offered by this App are exhaustive, detailed, and exceptionally accurate. Moreover, the information of the querent is kept confidential while they navigate through the multifaceted features of this excellent Tarot App.

Download Button (iOS)

Download Button(Android)

Tarot Life - Features 

Tarot Life - Features


  1. Love Tarot Reading 
    Love relationships are complicated and we are always looking for ways and solutions to make our love life smooth and happy. Love Tarot reading by Tarot Life can give solution to the most crucial love life problems through two types of readings : 

  • 3- Card Love Reading - In this type of reading, you get general guidance about your love issues. All you need to do is think about one love-related question that is really bothering you and pick 3 cards. You will surely get your answer. 

  • True Love Spread- It is a 6-Card spread love reading where each and every possible question of your love life is answered. Know about your and your partner’s approach in this relationship, find out whether you are with your soulmate or not and much more. There is a lot that can be revealed with this spread! 

  1. Career Tarot Reading 
    Are you looking for a job? Are you struggling with professional issues at the workplace? Are you looking to propel your career to new heights? Then, Career Tarot Reading will surely provide you the right guidance through two types of tarot readings. 

  • 3-Card Career Reading - Career and professional issues never seem to end and a correct advice about the right direction can be a big help. This is where this reading comes into the picture. Just think about the one problem you are facing professionally and pick 3 cards. It will surely help you start your day at work on a positive note! 

  • Career Path Spread - An extensive 7-Card Spread which elaborates on even the minutest nuances related to your professional life. Is the job right for you? Are you going to face any challenges? What are your professional strengths? There is a lot that you can figure out about your career through this tarot reading. 

  1. Finance Tarot Reading 
    Financial woes are widespread, and most of the people go through a rough patch in their lives when they face a cash crunch, losses, etc. Finance Tarot Reading will help you to end your all financial troubles with the help of two types of readings.

  • 3-Card Finance Reading - This reading gives detailed insights about the money related matters and how you can skyrocket your financial situation. Pick 3-Cards and it can reveal a new hidden aspect which you were never aware of.

  • Success Spread- Success spread is a 5-Card Tarot Spread which advises you on how to attain monetary success in life through the powerful medium of Tarot. Gain insights on your concerns, get an idea about the new opportunities coming your way and much more through this detailed spread.

  1. Daily Tarot Reading 
    Daily Tarot Reading throws light on the major events poised for the day and how you can act in different aspects of your life like finance, career, health, love, etc. All you have to do is to dive deep into the thoughts and think about the most important aspect of the day and then pick your card accordingly. You will come to know about the major happenings in the day ahead, and you will be in a much better position to tackle the challenges.

  1. Yes/No Tarot Reading 
    It serves as a medium to get upfront advice in a Yes or a No when you are stuck in a dilemma and are looking for an instant answer. If you do not want to take the pain of getting into and want to take the decision immediately, then Yes-No tarot reading is what you need. This feature is exceptionally accurate and helps you choose the right direction in an instant. 

  1. Ask A Question
    This is perhaps the most important feature of Tarot Life. Through this, you get to ask a question to a Tarot expert and you get your answer and solution within the next 48 hours. The advice given by the experts at Tarot Life is truly insightful and helpful. Although it is their paid feature, but it is certainly worth! 

  1. Card Of The Day 
    In this section, you get your tarot of the day that gives you insights about money, career and love and helps you make the most of the day that lies ahead. 

  1. Tarot Card Meanings 
    Through this feature, you get to understand the meanings and symbols of each tarot card in details. It is an excellent aspect for tarot enthusiasts who are looking to learn about Tarot Cards and Tarot Card Reading.

  1. Numerology 
    A unique feature which we did not find in any other tarot application was Numerology. This feature tells you about your life path number, destiny number, personality number and maturity number in detail. Simply enter your full name and birth date and you will know about all the number in one click! 

Tarot Life has a wealth of features to offer you which can actually help you make better decisions in life and usher in success and happiness. We have tried it and we think you should too! Download it now! 

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Download Button(Android)

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