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Meaning And Personality Traits of Chaldean Numerology

chaldean numerology meaning

Updated Date : Wednesday, 15 Feb, 2023 14:06 PM

Numerology comprises numbers, birth dates, letters, and much more. Chaldean Numerology is said to be the point of origin in Vedic/Indian numerology. There are several ways to make predictions in numerology. The only difference in every method is in calculating and predicting future events. 

In Chaldean numerology, everything is composed of vibrations and this is a vast concept. Therefore, every particle vibrates at a different level of frequency. Usually, every particle attracts the frequency of its corresponding particles.

What Is Chaldean Numerology?

Chaldean Numerology is one of the oldest systems of numerology and has been prevailing since ancient times. In this method, numbers are calculated in a specific manner and an individual’s outer personality is revealed through a single-digit number whereas the two-digit numbers represent their inner personality. 

Since this numerology system also has alphabets in it, therefore, a person’s personality can be revealed by their name too. However, instead of using an individual’s official name, this numerology considers the name by which one is commonly called. Apart from these two factors, a person’s day and month of birth are also taken into account for making predictions. 

Chaldean Numerology Chart

The Chaldean numerology chart has numbers from 1-9 and every number represents an alphabet. Every Numerology Alphabet radiates positive and negative aura based on the vibrations. Have a look at the chart for a better understanding. 




































Chaldean numerology calculator calculates the numbers and alphabets in a little complex way and number 9 is said to be a pious number and thus, it is mostly avoided. Number 9 comes into the roll only when the sum total of all the vibrations comes out to be 9 or when all the calculations are done. 

Moreover, this numerology focuses on creating positivity in humans and tries to make us better people. With Chaldean Numerology, an interesting variety of predictions can be derived based on mathematics. Though it is considered more precise than Pythagorean calculations, not many people use it since it is difficult to put into practice. 

Meaning Of Numbers In Chaldean Numerology

Chaldean Numerology Number 1

Natives under this numerology number are believed to be good at implementing new ideas and starting new projects. They are highly self-centered and demanding by nature. Moreover, these natives also have ego issues. However, they are born leaders and always move on the right path.

Chaldean Numerology Number 2

According to this numerology, people with the number 2 are said to be peacemakers. These natives are overprotective and sensitive and empathetic. People often perceive number 2s as shy beings but in reality, they are confident and full of grace. 

Chaldean Numerology Number 3

Natives who possess this number are believed to be charismatic and optimistic. These people like to live their life as per their terms and conditions. They are extremely generous and mindful. However, they are highly gullible and can be easily manipulated. 

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Chaldean Numerology Number 4

People under this numerology number are highly organized. Their determination and hard work make them highly successful. Their practical nature explains their personality. These numerology natives are competent to face challenges and possess the strength to overcome them.

Chaldean Numerology Number 5

Natives under this number are free-spirited. Adventure activities keep them constantly alive and give them a sense of freedom. Additionally, Chaldean number 5 people are constantly working to improve their performance and achieve stability. Describing everything in detail and working thoroughly until perfection is achieved is a positive trait they possess. Furthermore, they are highly motivated and passionate about completing their tasks effectively.

Chaldean Numerology Number 6

People who possess this number are generous and caring. They give high importance to their personal life and also focus on nurturing and parenting. They have a better understanding of other people and are highly reliable too.

Chaldean Numerology Number 7

These natives are more like philosophers and tend to have an analytical approach to thinking. They have deep knowledge of everything and can be good advisors. They try to grasp knowledge from everywhere that they can. On the other hand, they are also introverted and like to stay quiet in most situations.

Chaldean Numerology Number 8

People with Chaldean number 8 give importance to practical knowledge. They are goal-oriented and ambitious. They are natural leaders and never hesitate to take the initiative. They have a broad vision and possess great organizational skills.

Chaldean Numerology Number 9

These natives are genuine and compassionate. They believe in doing extraordinary things. Number 9s are highly determined and thoughtful. They selflessly help others and due to this they often end up hurting themselves.

Final Thoughts On Chaldean Numerology

Chaldean Numerology is one of the oldest systems of Numerology. This numerology is often considered one of the complex forms when put into the calculation. It has two different ways of telling a person’s characteristic traits. 

If you want to know about your personality through this method of numerology then you must chat with some expert Astrologers. They can give you a better analysis of your personality.

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