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Cancer Rising Sign | Cancer Ascendant

Cancer Rising Sign

Updated Date : Tuesday, 18 Jan, 2022 13:13 PM

An individual’s Sun sign is ascertained by their DOB, unlike their rising or ascendant sign which is decided by the time of birth. In simple words, the rising sign is determined by the zodiac sign that was on the eastern horizon at the time of your birth. This horizon changes every 2 hours.

You can be a Cancer rising and Cancer Sun, or Cancer Rising and Scorpio Sun, or some other combination depending on the horizon at that point of time.

You might be aware of your sun sign but do you know what is your rising sign?

The rising signs play a very significant role in defining and shaping your appearance, attitude, and first impression in front of others. 

Cancer zodiac natives are sensitive and are ruled by the elements of water. Cancerians seem to surround themselves with a hard outer shell but they have a tender heart.

As your first impression is affected by the rising sign, people often think of you as distant or aloof on the first meet. This impression can make it difficult for you to win friends and influence people.

Know about what is difference between Sun, Moon and Rising Sign.

In reality, the Cancerians are the absolute love and darlings. It takes several meetings for the people to know how fun-loving they can be. These natives have a sense of elegance while communicating with others.

Get kundali to know planetary influences on you.

Cancer rising sign is governed by the Moon. As the Moon is not a planet thus this makes the Cancerians different from others. Due to this, the Cancerians are in a continuous emotional loop and their life gets highly influenced by others’ feelings. 

Being a cardinal water sign, the cancer natives keep their things moving just like the flow of the river. 

Cancer Rising sign natives at work

The Cancer natives love doing the type of work that enables them to move freely anywhere. Just like the Moon, these natives also prefer and like continuous traveling. Getting stuck in a single place and working is not their idea of work-life. In some cases, if they have some creative work on the desk that occupies their brains, they will be fine with it too. They focus on learning new things every day. It is easy, if the Cancer ascendant signs can’t move physically, it will be very important for them to flex mentally. 

They can navigate themselves even through difficult situations related to the workplace.

Apart from being amazing and entertaining coworkers at the office, they also have the potential of being good teachers who can give great insights into wealth and other related knowledge.

Cancer Rising Natives Relationships

The natural tendency of caring for their partners sets cancer rising signs different from all other zodiac signs. Cancer rising makes the person caring and patient in their relationships. It is believed that not many of the cancer-rising males and females have the desire to be the parents and thus start parenting their significant others.

People tend to be comfortable around the Cancer risings and due to this the people also start reflecting their needy and immature side. People do not think once before treating the cancer ascendants as a shoulder to cry on.

Cancer risings are the absolute sweethearts who would do anything to keep their partners happy.

They try to give their best not only in relationships but also in friendships. They truly justify the phrase “a friend in need is a friend indeed!” 

Cancer Rising in Love

The Cancer rising in love is the most affectionate sight to be witnessed. They can go to any extent for the sake of their love. Showing care and affection is the definition of love for cancer rising. 

Being cardinal moon sign, the love is not a spoken emotion or stagnant for them rather it is a continuous and tireless act of commitment to their partners. The Cancer risings will always take care of your little things whether it be your medicines or food. They will always make sure that you have taken your meals properly.

They might even surprise you occasionally with little things like flowers or your favorite food. 

Cancer Rising at home

The home is the place where Cancer rising is find the utmost level of peace and sanity. Their life is full of traveling and caring for others. And due to this, their desire to go home increases. In the end, everyone wishes to be relaxed and happy. They love to take some time out to admire and praise the aesthetics present in their living space. 

Harmonization and synchronization is their thing.

Cancer risings have a strong bond with their family and close ones. They care and value the sentiments of their parents. They try to surprise them at their best. 

Although friendly in nature, they keep selective people close to them. If cancer rising ever invites you over dinner, take it as a compliment for yourself.

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