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Which Is The Best Zodiac Sign? | Best Zodiac Signs by Qualities

Best Zodiac Signs by Qualities

Updated Date : Thursday, 25 Nov, 2021 12:01 PM

Best Zodiac Signs by Qualities

Do you ever get curious to know which zodiac sign is the best? Or Have you ever wondered what rank your zodiac sign holds? This article will tell you about the top 5 best zodiac signs and the worst signs of the zodiac by taking their traits and qualities into account.

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Our Horoscope or birth chart is encompassed by the 12 Zodiac Signs. Every individual has different qualities and traits due to their unique Zodiac Signs. Although it has always been a controversial question as to which is the best Zodiac Sign by qualities. The traits of every zodiac sign are characterized by its orientation, polarity, element, and modality. This article will talk about the qualities and strengths and weaknesses of Zodiac Signs. Have a fleeting glance to know where your zodiac sign stands!

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Ranked 1: Cancer

The Cancer sign is governed by the element of Water. The Cancer natives are highly intuitive and emotional. They never open up about their emotions and feelings to anyone. They are goal-oriented and try to achieve their goal with utmost determination and sincerity. Food, fun, and friendships are Cancerian’s center of attraction. Cancerian’s keep their circle short. This is the reason that you will find a few and genuine friends of theirs. They are not attracted by any superficial things and that is why love is a very serious and delicate matter for them. Their strong intuitions sometimes project a negative image of them in front of others. They also sound mysterious and unpredictable to others.

Ranked 2: Leo

Leo is ruled by the element of fire and the natives of this Zodiac are majorly concerned with financial stability and reputation. These folks are lionhearted and can go to any extent to guard their self-esteem. As they keep nothing above their self-respect. Their attitude of always being on top of everything sometimes hurts the sentiments of the deserving person. The Leo natives are highly romantic and you will find yourself lost in their intimacy of love and pleasure. They are very good at hiding their emotions, one can never predict what is going on in the heads of Leo folks. 

Leo natives make decisions emotionally and due to this, they end up making wrong decisions, at times. These people are usually on high posts like industrialists, politicians, etc, 

Ranked 3: Capricorn

The 3rd best sign by the qualities is the Capricorn. They believe in doing rather than saying things and this is the reason why their actions are louder than words. They have a very helpful and caring nature. They hesitate in taking favors from others and always try to do maximum things on their own. You can not predict what is going inside them by seeing their faces as they are very good at hiding their emotions. A Capricorn native is usually adored by others because of their brevity, benevolence, and diligent nature. They have a very dynamic and action-bound approach in life. They are always loyal to their life partner and friends.

Ranked 4: Scorpio

This Zodiac sign is governed by the element of Water. Scorpio natives are possessive, mysterious, and emotional by nature. You can rely on Scorpions without the fear of getting deceived. Sometimes, their rude and dominating nature stops them from mixing up with people. They have a passionate and high sexual drive. Their over-possessive nature is disliked by others, especially by their partner. They will only open up about their feelings if you are very close to them. If you are looking for a loyal, supportive, and understanding partner, try going for the Scorpions. 

Ranked 5: Virgo 

Virgos are possessed by the elements of the Earth. They give attention to every minute thing. Due to this, they are sometimes perceived as meticulous and creepy by others. They are dedicated and disciplined in their work lives. Virgos are highly pretentious and can not be trusted easily. They are too dependent on their partners for every little thing. If you get into any debate or argument with a Virgo native, be prepared to lose already.

Ranked 6: Taurus

Taurus is also represented by the Earth and that is why the natives of this zodiac sign keep a very practical approach in life. They have a very strong commitment and therefore can easily be trusted. They do not like to share their feelings and that is why they try to keep their conversation short. A Taurus woman is the perfect amalgamation of beauty with the brain. 

Governed by wisdom and logic, the Taurus natives like to work as a team to accomplish a common goal. Taurus folks are always loyal and loving in their relationships. If you ever think of deceiving a Taurus person then be ready for the repercussions and repentances. You can expect complete support from the people of this Zodiac sign if you are someone close to them.

Ranked 7: Aries

Aries natives are known as born leaders who are powerful enough to deal with dynamic personalities. They are impulsive and love freedom above anything. Ruled by planet Mars, the Aries natives can recover from any difficulties or setbacks and keep a very practical approach while dealing with issues. If you have been looking for a friend or a supporter then there can be no better option than Aries. They are a true guardian angel. They love to explore new things and are self-sufficient in turning things in their favor. 

Ranked 8: Gemini

A Gemini woman is none less than a gem and you can never find anyone like her. Talking gender-neutral, the Gemini folks can’t be trusted easily due to their highly volatile nature. They sometimes have a sourish tone and you can be the next target if you cross your limits in front of them. They always try to keep their feelings on the topmost priority even when in the relationship. 

They are socially active and inquisitive because they are governed by the element of Air. Gemini folks try their best to maintain a high standard of living by working hard.

Ranked 9: Aquarius 

Aquarius natives have a straightforward approach in every aspect of their life. Many individuals feel highly touched by their approach. Aquarius natives have their own perceptions which can’t be altered by others. They are free-minded people and love their freedom above all. To strengthen your bond with the natives of the Aquarius sign, you need to be humorous and funny. You might get fed up with them due to their meticulous attitude. Aquarius natives acquire invincible courage and thus it becomes very difficult to defeat them or to let them down.

Ranked 10: Pisces 

Defined by the element of water, these folks are trustworthy and carry an intimate relationship with their partner. People are attracted to Pisces folks due to their communication skills. 

It is not easy to explore people with this zodiac sign as they have some dark sides of their personalities. Pisces natives are highly resilient and never argue over petty issues. Never try to test the patience of a Pisces folk as you will not be able to tolerate it. 

Ranked 11: Sagittarius

This zodiac sign is ruled by the element of Fire. The Sagittarius natives are dynamic and have an optimistic approach to life. Sagittarius folks have great determination and enthusiasm while working for the desired goals. They never hold grudges for anyone rather they prefer staying straightforward. They are loyal and inquisitive. You are likely to enjoy the company of Sagittarius folks due to their fun-loving nature. 

Ranked 12: Libra

Libra natives are governed by the element of Air and are said to be honest. They love to live their life with integrity and harmony. A Libra male can swim oceans for you if you get devoted towards him. They have charisma and can go to any extent to make you feel comfortable and satisfied. They value every kind of relationship, especially the one with their parents. Libras love you unconditionally. You are lucky if you are in a relationship with Libra natives as they are very loyal, loving and will never break your heart. They have a heart of gold and spread happiness everywhere they go. 

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