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All You Should Know About Kark Rashi

Know About Kark Rashi

Updated Date : Wednesday, 03 Jan, 2024 07:57 AM

Each zodiac sign reflects particular traits. And it is interesting to know what are these characteristics for a better understanding of that sign.

Let's read all about Cancer (Kark) Rashi today and try to decode these emotional personalities!

Kark is profoundly intuitive and sensitive zodiac sign. Crab is a Kark Rashi symbol. And just like a crab they too form a shell of emotions around them. They like a conservative and defensive atmosphere to grow.

  • Date range: June 21 - July 22
  • Element: Water
  • Symbol: Crab
  • Color: White
  • Ruler: Moon

Kark Rashi Personality:

Being ruled by the Moon, their emotions are almost on ups and downs all the time. That's why they are moody and sensitive. When at peace, Cancer chooses harmony in life over every other thing.

"I feel." is the one-liner of Kark people. They are very nostalgic and sensitive. Intuitive, loyal, and enigmatic are their essential traits.

Sometimes people belonging to Cancer Rashi ends up being nosy and too much clingy over silly little issues. A charming personality mixed with over-sensitive nature is classic Cancer.

These people are stylish but often dress conservatively. They choose silver and blue shades to look classy. They love luxury brands but not willing to be a trendsetter.

They are very supportive and easy-going. In a group of your buddies when you see a person enjoying small beer sip at the corner quietly, he/she is a Cancer!

They are calm and quiet until someone provokes them! Once you irritate Cancer, be prepared for his vengeful strategies.

Kark Rashi Characteristics:

What are the personality traits of Kark Rashi

Chilling in the bath with fine wine and being nostalgic about good old friends -is Cancer's signature characteristic. They are extremely caring and share a strong bond with their friends and family.

Beautifying their world is their favorite activity. Cancer people like antique showpiece and other aesthetic items.

They are creative and very innovative — these people like vintage styled fashion and classic movies.

They are faithful and protective. This sign is wistful, shy, and mysterious.

These people enjoy good food very much. Generally, they have a sweet tooth. And need diet and weight control regularly.

Intuitive nature and ability to read people's face always help them to create persuasive business ties. They are successful entrepreneurs, service providers, or journalists.

Hardworking and dedicated Cancers are bound to succeed in life with their skills and temperament to deal with every situation.

Kark Rashi Love Life:

Cancer is often in love with the idea of love! But they are very picky about their partner. Once he/she chooses the partner, they are pretty much sure about them. Buying flowers, showering thoughtful gifts are their ideal love expressions.

Keep on reading to know more about Kark Rashi Love life.

Warm and imaginative Cancers are very passionate lovers. It is surprising to know that under the shy shell, they hold intense passion. They enjoy intimate sex life, and don't hesitate to spice it up!

They need tenderness and constant reassurance in a relationship. Family gatherings, romantic dates, and frequent friends visits -are their life's staple.

Being the natural sensitive soul, these people take great care of their life partner. 

Cancer are compatible with Scorpio, Virgo, and Taurus zodiac signs. However, being warm and emotional, they attract almost all the zodiacs.

But only family-oriented, Traditional and caring women will win a Cancer's heart. Cancer man seek for feminine qualities in their love partner and often choose the classic introvert-conservative twin flame to share his love life!

The most hateful task to deal for a Cancer is heartbreak! Being natural empath often they end up choosing the wrong partners. Moving on is very difficult for them after the relationship is over!

Cancer is a mysterious personality. They generally do not open up. And it is hard to understand or read about these people.

Kark Native- As A Friend:

Having a cancer friend in your squad is an honor!

They are always ready to help, and support. If Cancer is your friend today, keep in mind that they are your life-time buddy.

Cancer acts emotionally mature and often ignore small, petty issues in the relationship. Your secrets are secure with Cancer. These people enjoy long quality time spent-evening with their closest pals over loud and crowded party.

Nothing shallow works for them. Cancer craves for deep bonding in every relationship.

When Cancer is unhappy, they are distant and uncommunicative. If you are their love mate, then be ready for prolonged silence treatments, whenever he/she is upset over something.

Don't worry about their harsh silence; they will be back soon with a warm heart. This is Cancer's way to heal.

Once you understand this slow, introvert looking people, soon they will open a new dimension of a relationship filled up with care and affection!

So next time whenever you want to date a loyal, warm-hearted, family person choose Cancer!

Kark Rashifal today:

You are intuitive and listen to your gut feeling today. Whatever decision you take during the time just listen to your inner voice. Take good care of your stomach, your health should be your first priority, especially during this month. Be positive and look forward to Jupiter retrograde, it will bring a lot of new opportunities in life.

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