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virgo and scorpio Compatibility



Zodiac Compatibility Virgo-Scorpio is a relationship formed on strong friendship and deep conversations. Both these signs can have a weird influence on others but in each other's company the mutual influence is always beneficial. Virgo-Scorpio Relationship Compatibility is exceptionally strong owing to the fact that they share a lot of common traits which eventually open doors for deep understanding.


Virgo-Scorpio Compatibility is an association between two highly analytical and probing individuals who have the capability to unmask each other's hidden emotions and desires. Scorpios portray a powerful demeanor which others might find intimidating but not a Virgo. This earth sign respects and admires Scorpio's analytical and critical prowess and will always make an effort to not get in a conflict with them over controversial matters. Scorpio admires and loves the practicality and level-headedness of this gentle sign. The Virgin has the ability to calm down Scorpio's spirits and let their hair down which is indeed a difficult thing to do. Scorpio, on the other hand, will introduce Virgo to new vistas and innovative ideas and enrich them mentally. Such mutual and deep understanding and admiration for each other lays a strong foundation of Virgo-Scorpio Love Compatibility.

Whether in any kind of relationship such as business partners, siblings or lovers, Scorpio and Virgo share a lot of common characteristics. Both of them are well aware of their talents as well as shortcomings. None of them will take a decision without due analysis and calculating success percentages. Virgo is a mutable sign and would never be envious of Scorpio's abilities and will never try to compete with them. This enables Scorpio to break all the defense bars and shield of self protection in presence of a Virgo. Scorpio is a loyal friend and a partner and will always defend the gentle Virgo and be by their side through thick and thin. The Water sign is overly protective of their defenseless and unassuming friend and anyone who hurts a Scorpio's friend would have to face the wrath of this powerful being.

Virgo-Scorpio Marriage Compatibility is a fated association as they both share a karmic or a spiritual bond. Also, Virgo-Scorpio Compatibility works in a way that others or outsiders might never understand or interpret.

Before knowing about the Virgo Man Compatibility with Scorpio Woman and Virgo Woman Compatibility with Scorpio Man, it is imperative to gain an insight on both the Zodiac Signs.

VIRGO (23rd Aug - 22nd September)

The Healers of the Zodiac, Virgo finds a different kind of bliss in serving others. They possess a keen desire to work for the wellbeing of others. Symbolized by the Virgin, this zodiac gets the traits of purity, methodical organization and truth. 'Attention to detail' is the modus operandi of this earth sign as they are quite critical and picky about everything in life. They are perfectionist to the word and tend to notice any flaw or discrepancy, be it in a thing or in an individual. Whether it is the work ethic or their attire or the way they live their life, Virgo in every sense epitomizes flawlessness to the point of being critical.

The Virgin is so into micromanaging its life that every now and then it requires some lone time to spend. Ruled by Mercury, some Virgos exhibit an endearing charm, wit and energy. This planet renders the ability to Virgo to perform every task with an unprecedented perfection and precision. You can depend entirely on your Virgo friend as they would leave no stone unturned in helping you. They are dependable, sincere and hardworking individuals with little or no time for frivolous things such as laziness and extravagance. They never own any illusions when it comes to life and the people in their life. Individuals of this Zodiac Sign are highly gentle, loving and sophisticated folks and seeing them all cranky and annoyed is a rare sight. A Virgo would offer you as much help as they can but they sure know how to say No when demands of others exceed beyond a reason. Also, as they are critical of others and their flaws but Virgo openly resents anyone taking out their flaws and criticizing them. This is the reason they are often termed as selfish. When it comes to love and relationship, do not expect a storybook kind of a romance from Virgo. They are extremely practical and their only way of showing love is utmost devotion.

SCORPIO (24th October - 22nd November)

A hypnotic gaze and a mysterious demeanor perfectly describes a true Scorpio. A Water Sign, their emotions run really deep and they are perhaps one of the most sensitive signs of the Zodiac. But, the quality of a Scorpio to hide their emotions and feelings does not let their emotional side come to the fore. It is the most mysterious sign amongst all Zodiacs and others cannot easily understand a Scorpio and its actions. Ruled by Pluto and Mars, the November born are known to be inquisitive, alert, creative and motivated. Unlike other water signs, Scorpio sign is characterized by still waters and they know how to channel their complex feelings and emotions into focused creativity and work. The emotions of a Scorpio are well-controlled and in no circumstances whatsoever will they show the world their sensitive side. Scorpios are highly secretive and have a probing nature and can prove to be amazing investigators. Hardworking and determined to succeed, Scorpio loves competition and see a loss as a lesson and an opportunity for a bigger victory.

Symbolized by a Scorpion, they are all powerful and possess the ability to overpower someone with their penetrating gaze. This Water Sign is the controller of its destiny and is often referred to as the sign of life, death and rebirth. It effortlessly embraces all these phases of life and is on a continuous spree to reinvent and transform itself. It is very difficult to discover what is hidden behind the poised and calm surface of a Scorpio. Often reserved, this Zodiac sign never fully expresses itself until it has the complete feel of a particular situation. A Scorpio never be friends easily but once it does, it can be the most loyal friend who will stand by you through thick and thin. Break their trust and be prepared to face their ruthless fury. They will serve you with a revenge that you never imagined and can go to any extent to teach you a lesson. Their see the world in black and white with little possibility of grey. A Scorpio is fiercely possessive of what he knows belongs to him and this rule applies to its love life, as well. A romance with a Scorpio is going to be a passionate journey marked with few instances of jealousy and possessiveness.


Scorpio woman and Virgo man have an air of mystique around them wherever they go. Their mysterious and intriguing personalities gives way to Virgo Man Scorpio Woman Love Compatibility. Both of them have a keen desire to unravel each other's hidden secrets and emotions. Once they meet and become lovers or friends, they trust each other blindly. The guard is removed and they form a relationship that is based on mutual admiration and a sense of security. Scorpio woman is an emotionally volatile individual and she finds a lot to learn from Virgo man's calm and composed behavior and his self control. Virgo man is a little uptight about almost everything including his emotions and he can learn from her the ability to be fearless and emotionally strong.

Scorpio woman's changing moods never shocks or affects a Virgo man. He has the ability to see through anyone's heart and knows exactly when is he being manipulated. This is what a Scorpio woman appreciates and loves about him. On the other hand, a Virgo man can blindly trust this woman if he is ever stuck in any problem. He knows that she will support him and even take him out of the situation if need arises. Virgo Male and Scorpio Female Marriage Compatibility is strong as they both are loyal and committed individuals. Moreover, both the partners possess a basic integrity which further strengthens Virgo Man Scorpio Woman Relationship Compatibility.


Virgo Woman Scorpio Man Love Compatibility never begins in the initial meetings. Both these signs are painfully shy as trust is highly important to them in love or any other relationship. Scorpio man, especially, would be highly suspicious of her motives but later he would come to know that Virgo woman is just what she appears to be similar to what he is. Utmost devotion is the foundation of Virgo Female and Scorpio Male Marriage Compatibility. Virgo woman has the most endearing quality of unselfish devotion to the man she loves. Also, Scorpio Man's most admirable quality is his loyalty and intense devotion to the woman he loves. The love between Scorpio Man and Virgo Woman is certainly for keeps.

Virgo woman unquestionably respects this man's views, opinions and judgments. She trusts him immensely and the Scorpio man very well deserves this faith. Scorpio man's unshakeable integrity is his most admirable trait. He will never be dishonest with her. However, this man has his deep secrets which he would never share with any soul. But he will always be more open to a Virgo woman than any other woman. Finances are never a matter of disagreements between the two. Both tend to spend their money wisely and would always keep a saving account for rainy days before spending on luxury. Both of them also love to travel to far off places to restore their spirits and soul.

The world might think of a Scorpio man as cold and undemonstrative but not his Virgo woman. People might find this woman as overly analytical but not a Scorpio man. Both of them show their real selves only to the one they love so they both love and understand each other in a way that no one else can. Virgo Woman Scorpio Man Love Compatibility is much stronger than you think it is.


When it comes to Virgo-Scorpio Love Compatibility, there are no sparks flying on the first date. Both of them are a little secretive and do not want to give away too much about their life and themselves, as well. Scorpio and Virgo take time to trust and open up to others. However, after few meetings the conversations between them flow easily as they realize that both of them are hard core realists and share extraordinary analytical abilities. Virgo-Scorpio Romantic Compatibility is a relationship between two devoted and loyal individuals who love and admire each other in an uncanny way that no one else understands.


Virgo has an earthy sensuality about them and Scorpios are probably the most intense and passionate beings of the Zodiac. This is the reason the physical connection between them is exceptionally strong. Virgo-Scorpio Sexual Compatibility gains strength only when they both are deeply in love with each other as they both now can be themselves without any doubt or inhibition. For Scorpio, a sexual union is one kind of a mystical experience in which they seek every level of passion for absolute fulfillment and Virgo responds equally and beautifully to this abundant passion.

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