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sagittarius and aries Compatibility



When the zodiac's Hero and Adventurer get together, it's pretty clear that it's going to be an exciting relationship. Aries and Sagittarius compatibility is very strong indeed, and even if not lovers this couple can be terrific friends, colleagues or family members.The major point of attraction between these two is their shared love of adventure and excitement. Aries is a pioneer and a leader, journeying where others fear to tread, while Sagittarius is all about new horizons, new experience and a search for truth and justice. With Aries and Sagittarius, compatibility of the word thought and deed is never far off, but don't expect this couple to settle down into a traditional suburban lifestyle. Both hate to be trapped by what is expected of them, so the couple may sacrifice the comfortable lifestyle in order to be free to be themselves – which is fine, so long as it's a joint decision.

Sagittarius-Aries Relationship Compatibility

Aries and Sagittarius are very well matched astrologically as they have a lot in common, especially on the mental level. Both Aries and Sagittarius are strong, independent and free-spirited personalities who value their freedom like none other. Both of these signs have an optimistic outlook towards life. Both of them are extroverts who love to go out, make new friends and socialize, although Sagittarius enjoys traveling and wandering much more than Aries. Aries and Sagittarius share a tendency to dream big and high, making them seem impractical and unrealistic to others at times. They are also restless and risk-taking in business and professional matters. Communication between them will be direct, to-the-point, honest and even blunt sometimes as both of them hate ambiguity and diplomacy. However, Aries can be aggressive and demanding, but not so Sagittarius, who remains cool and carefree even in adverse situations. Aries admires openness and frankness of Sagittarius, but Sagittarius will have to check their blatant remarks that can potentially hurt the ego and pride of Aries. If these small things are taken care of, the two will enjoy a peaceful and comfortable partnership.

Aries (15th April to 14th May)

The Aries born people are fiercely independent in nature. They do not react well to taking orders from others and thus often end up in being the one doing things on their own. The Aries people hate sluggishness and slowness in anything. They would rather take down any obstacle that may come their way and clear it to make their own way. The Aries has quite a strong sense of business and entrepreneurial skills; which make them good entrepreneurs. But in that domain too they have set patterns and values which make partnerships or enterprises difficult. However, Aries are some of the most generous of people that you will come across. They, if befriended can give up their lives for you. They are frank and direct people who do not mince words. They also possess a high sex drive and make excellent lovers and possessive partners.

SAGITTARIUS (23rd November - 21st December)

Sagittarius, the Fire sign, can be easily recognized in a group of people as they will be the liveliest and most energetic people in the group. Being a fiery sign, a Sagittarius is always pumped to explore new avenues, learn new things and travel to far off places. Ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius seeks things that are larger than life; they want the best for themselves and can indulge in extravagant activities to achieve them. It has an unending zeal for adventure and there is no limit for a Sagittarius when it comes to quenching its thirst for the same. High on optimism, it loves to take risks and never shies away from speaking their mind.

Sagittarius is rightly called the 'clowns' of the Zodiac owing to their sense of humor. They will be the wittiest and the most entertaining people you will ever come across. People in this Zodiac sign are extremely outspoken to the point of being blunt. They are extremely honest and loyal and expect the same amount of honesty from the people around them. On one hand, they can be the goofiest people around, while, on the other hand, they are philosophical, wise and knowledge-seekers. The Archer is an extrovert and this is the reason they have a large group of friends and their life is always bustling with activity. You just cannot keep a true Sagittarius at one place and you might not find them by your side all the time. But, if a crisis arises, you can always put your money on them, irrespective of the distance or the time.

Their quest for something new and adventurous all the time can make them a little impatient and restless when things do not go their way. The pace of their life should match the pace of their mind and body, which, if fails, can leave them all grumpy and frustrated. Sagittarius is tactless and reckless in action as well as words which can hurt the ones around them. They find it really hard to commit to a relationship, but when they do, it is for life. They are loyal to a fault and seek warmth and passion from their beloved. Independence is something that a Sagittarius cannot compromise with, come what may. So a relationship that will work best for them is the one in which both the partners savor freedom.

Aries Man and Sagittarius Woman Love Compatibility

Aries and Sagittarius have a lot of similar qualities, both good and questionable. Both are fire signs and can have similar energy levels and needs for creativity. Both understand the desire that can well up when one partner gets a new idea, and both understand each other's need for freedom. Both also understand the tendency to blurt out something tactless not because one was trying to hurt the other, but because sometimes that socially acceptable mental filter fails to work. This is a really forgiving relationship in that respect. A few speed bumps exist, though. Both signs can be bossy and think only their way is right, and if that quality shows up in both partners simultaneously over one specific issue, you could see sparks fly.

Since Aries and Sagittarius are both fire signs, you might think that the Aries man and Sagittarius woman are made for one another. Theirs is certainly a dynamic and fast-moving relationship, and an exciting one too. Both the Aries man and the Sagittarius woman love action, adventure and impulsive activities; both are passionate by nature and essentially honest and straightforward.

An Aries man in love with the cheerful Sagittarius damsel gets a partner with a similar mindset. She has an exceptionally tender and gentle way of binding up all the wounds, whether physical or emotional, of him which he usually gets from the world due to his childish attitude. This woman desperately needs romance, because only romance can heal her instinctive doubt. The important thing for the Aries man to realize is that his lady love is as much an idealist about love and life as he is and at times even more. The much homely appearing Sagittarius woman is quite an independent person and hates to be ordered or bossed around. Then can lead to some pretty dramatic heated arguments that somehow stimulate the relationship and its intensity.

A Sagittarius woman in love with an Aries man is gifted with a person who is dedicatedly romantic. Though he is determined to have his masculine superiority, independence and personal freedom, he cares about the well being of his Sagittarius woman a lot and if someone crosses her, he will be the first one to come to her rescue. His sense of humor and protective instinct makes him a perfect match for her, who needs security at all levels. He accompanies her in all her activities and appreciates all her talents stimulating her confidence and individuality. Though her blunt comments may bruise the innocent heart of the Aries man at times, her integrity is spotless.

When this relationship is going well, however, it seems almost charmed. Life comes easily to the Aries man and Sagittarius woman couple, and they share an exuberance which just spreads happiness wherever they go. Eternally optimistic and always full of plans for a brighter and even better tomorrow, their star sign compatibility is exceptionally positive. Apart from the odd temper tantrum, this is a relationship relatively free of dark moods or emotional storms. The very ease of it could prove to be an issue sooner or later for the Aries man, however. He likes to feel that he has “won” his female partner – and with the Sagittarius woman adopting a take it or leave it approach, he may soon begin to feel that it's all been too easy.

Aries Woman and Sagittarius Man Compatibility

There is a magnetism that draws the Sagittarius man to the Aries woman in either the relationship of love or friendship. The sound persona of her pleases him strongly and he likes her company very much. She always brings new avenues for him and supports him to fulfill all his dreams. She appreciates the honesty of Sagittarius male and feels safe with his true attitude. The strong imagination of Sagittarius man and the practicality of the Aries female allow both being advisory in different ways and sharing their interesting suggestions with each other. His affectionate and impulsive nature allows him to fall into romance easily but he is unable to get committed and this gives hitches to the insecure and fragile feelings of Aries woman. But once trust is established between the two there is emotional harmony between the duos.

The stimulating nature of the Sagittarius man encourages the Aries woman to reach for him easily. He is easily approachable and very adorable and equally thrilling her. He is very promising making his Aries woman excited but sometimes he falls short of his promises, annoying her. He is able to calm down the Aries fiery temper with pleasant remarks and jolly nature. He is very affectionate and gives complete freedom to her without the slightest trace of suspicion making her joyful and comfortable. He is a homely man and so is very compatible enough with the Aries woman.

When the Sagittarius man and Aries woman fall in love, the blend of her enthusiasm with his daring nature, gives them a fire, ensuring happiness throughout their life. Their excitement for new things and youthful spirits prevents their love from turning cold and gives garden-fresh beauty to their oneness. Their compatibility is perfect with mutual feeling towards any controversial matter. With time, the Sagittarius learns to approach her with tenderness and understanding when faced with her hidden fears of rejection and jealousy and she allows him to have the personal freedom, trusting their love. Once they understand each other well, they become very generous and motivating partners. Their union can truly be ideal.

Sagittarius man Aries woman compatibility is fiery, passionate and all-consuming – this couple doesn't really have time for anyone else in their relationship, so friendships or family links may suffer. As parents, they will be a very free range, encouraging a high level of independence in their children. Definitely a couple you're likely to find traveling the world, the Sagittarius man and Aries woman may struggle to put down roots which satisfy them both, resulting in them being eternally on the move. For the Sagittarius man and Aries woman, home is where the other is; they're not hung up on material success at all.

Provided this couple continue to be exuberant in their love, and provided they continue to forgive each other and forget quickly when there is a row, Sagittarius man Aries woman compatibility stands a very high chance of success. It's a full-on, loud and joyful relationship, but once which could definitely stand the test of time.

Sagittarius-Aries Romantic Compatibility

The first dinner date with Sagittarius should be the most exotic place one can find. As risk takers, both Aries and Sagittarius love strange and sensual places. Good topics for conversation are travel and vacations. If dinner isn't on, then sporting events are the answer. Aries and Sagittarius love high energy everything so go to a basketball game or play tennis.The male Sagittarius loves the thrill of the chase. While Aries is trying to catch him, he may be off chasing other women. But, Sagittarius is the number one victor of one-night stands. The Sagittarius horoscope would advise, Your Aries is real and precious, stop chasing the elusive. Both of these zodiac signs must learn forgiveness and patience. Astrologically, this couple is able to get along so well as friends and lovers that a long-term love relationship can be strong. Aries and Sagittarius will have arguments. If they get through them unscathed, boredom will be the next enemy of the long-term relationship. These two zodiacs chase boredom away with an equal quest for adventure or call it off. Sagittarius values freedom more than Aries. Aries can be successful by giving Sagittarius the needed freedom and by taking the relationship slowly.

Sagittarius-Aries Sexual Compatibility

Perfect for physical Aries, Sagittarius likes to explore sexually. This couple will have sex in the bedroom and are likely to have sex just about anywhere else as well. They will engage in risque encounters, and love every minute. The Sagittarius' thighs are their erogenous zone and Aries is the head. These two zodiac lovers will use passionate sex to keep going back to each other. Neither Aries nor Sagittarius is above using flattery to get sex. If this couple ever gets to the altar, the marriage will be successful. Sagittarius can be flexible and doesn't mind if Aries takes charge and becomes the leader. Both avoid clingy relationships and are tough-skinned. Once committed, they are loyal to each other. With Aries' enthusiasm and Sagittarius' audacious nature, this couple can be in a love relationship for life.

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