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pisces and aquarius Compatibility



When water-ruled Pieces is paired with air-governed Aquarius, you mold a relationship as outwardly and as intellectual as possible. Zodiac Compatibility Pisces Aquarius is intensely stimulating and when both the signs come together, they tend to explore some unexplored dimensions. While Pieces seek comfort, love and nostalgia, Aquarius run after variety, change and dynamism.


Zodiac Compatibility Pisces-Aquarius highlights the relationship that brings a Visionary and a Dreamer together. When philosophical Aquarius meets the dreamy and emotional Pisces, magic is bound to happen. Their association is intellectual on one hand and otherworldly on the other. It is the quirkiest partnership ever and they both crave to explore every possible dimension in life. Pisces Aquarius Love Compatibility works on the fact that they both mutually share the displeasure with the world and are always on the lookout to make things better which in turn connects them instantly.

Pisces-Aquarius Marriage Compatibility can work wonders if they help each other thrive with their respective positive qualities. This association brings immense growth opportunities for Aquarius as well as Pisces. The Water Bearer helps the Fish to come out of their whirlpool of feelings and teaches them the power of detachment and how to take things light. Pisces, on the other hand, would make the laid back Aquarius understand the depth and meaning of life. The cozy and warm home of a Pisces will be bedecked by an Aquarius with colors, art and interesting people. Both of them have different temperaments and appreciating each other's differences is what is going to make the things tick. Pisces is highly sentimental while Aquarius is detached; they both would have to find a middle ground for their emotions for a perfect Pisces-Aquarius Romantic Compatibility. The Fish has to make sure not to be too demanding of their commitment-phobic Aquarius partner. Commitment more than an Aquarius is ready to give can compel them to end the relationship there and then. Moreover, Pisces likes to stay with their close knit of friends while Aquarius being a free thinking soul like interaction with different kinds of personalities and thus have a large group of friends. Both of these signs find it a little difficult to cope with each other's social behaviors. Compromise is the key to a successful Pisces-Aquarius Compatibility.

Before knowing about the Pisces Man Compatibility with Aquarius Woman and Pisces Woman Compatibility with Aquarius Man, it is imperative to gain an insight on both the Zodiac Signs.

PISCES(19th Feb-20th March)

Pisces are rightly referred to as The 'Dreamers of the Zodiac' as they are the most imaginative and creative individuals who beautify the world with their artistic talents. Deep souls, they are emotional, sensitive and highly intuitive. The twelfth sign of the Zodiac, they are often referred to as 'old souls' and bear certain characteristics of the eleven preceding signs. You would never find a Pisces spending its life in confines. The Fish savors its independence and loves to be a free spirit and it is very difficult to tie them down to just one spot. Their career choices are also influenced by their love for freedom. One can find majority of Pisces choosing professions that revolve around creativity and art. Brimming with positive energy, this water sign possess the knack of bringing out the best in themselves as well as the ones around them.

Pisces are ruled by Neptune and are the most generous and giving people one can come across. They would give it all for their loved ones in the blink of an eye. They are friendly people and get along with everyone they meet and become everyone's favorite in no time given their charming and endearing personality. Pisces like to live in their beautiful and happy world and are oblivious to what is happening outside it. They do not fret much about the small things in life and feel deeply connected to their spiritual side. While on the positive side, they are dreamers, on the negative side they are escapists. When the brutal realities of life clash with their fantasy world, their first and only reaction is to escape. Facing a problem is the last thing they want to do. They do not find themselves courageous or energetic enough to solve their life issues. They simply go back to their world of fantasy and dreams in adverse circumstances. Pisces are weak-willed and lack the ability to take decisions on their own which makes them vulnerable as a result of which people can easily impose their opinions and decisions on them. Pisces love to spend some alone time as a way to take break from the otherwise chaotic life. This helps them rejuvenate and revive. Pisces are hopeless romantics and when in love they give their relationship all they can.

AQUARIUS (22nd January - 19th February)

Ruled by Uranus and Saturn, Aquarius are mysterious people who can at times get real tough to understand. Friendship and teamwork is what this Zodiac sign represents. Being the Water Bearer, Aquarius possess an innovative energy which they tend to apply on all things in life. They want to explore the world in its minutest form be it learning electronic music or experiencing living on the edge. They are most courteous and soft spoken people you would ever come in contact with. They love to defy the usual public opinion in the most unconventional and unpredictable manner. Aquarius are the most quirkiest signs among all; they do not conform with the usual standards and wear the weirdest and most unusual attires. It is the sign that has the ability to bring groups of people together for a social cause or any agenda. Aquarius is the philosopher of the Zodiac and contemplates reality to the core and beyond. For them, learning is a continuous process and this is what life's about.

A true Aquarius will always have a mysterious vibe around them. It is quite difficult to penetrate the mysterious and magical knowledge of this Air sign. They love their freedom and like keeping things a little casual. Aquarius are free-spirited souls and cannot focus their energy on just one individual. It can make the otherwise buoyant and cheerful Aquarius go a little off balance. This Water Bearing sign is a nomad to the word and this behavior of theirs can at times backfire and compel them to lead a life of loneliness. They have the habit of over thinking way too much with unsettling anger issues. They get easily bored by repetition and crave for adventure. When it comes to romantic relationships with an Aquarius, friendship is the key. They find it really hard to commit to a person, but once they do, this Water Sign is a devoted and loyal partner.

Pisces Man Compatibility With Aquarius Woman

Kindness is what draws a Pisces man and humanitarian Aquarius woman together. As far as Pisces-Aquarius Love Compatibility is concerned, their romance takes off quite instantly. But the relationship can only work until the Aquarius female has kept away her cold and detached attitude to hurt her Pisces partner. He tends to find beauty in everything while she can only appreciate the practicality of a situation. It will be difficult for her to understand his emotional side. They differ in their needs and desires which might act as a big hitch while trying to maintain a long term relationship. But, if they work on such differences Pisces Male and Aquarius Female Marriage Compatibility has a huge potential.

Pisces Woman Compatibility With Aquarius Man

Pisces Female and Aquarius Male Marriage Compatibility is hard to match. The friendly Aquarius and sophisticated Pisces have very less in common. He may not be as emotional as the Pisces woman. He is not bothered about the minute details and wants his woman to enjoy freedom the way he appreciates it. But she is not much of an adventure seeker and wants him to be with him in a calm locale. This makes adjustments quite difficult for the two of them in the long run. To make the Pisces-Aquarius Love Compatibility to work, compromises from both the sides are essential.

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