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leo and pisces Compatibility



Leo-Pisces Relationship Compatibility is harmonious only when it is worked upon by both the sides. It is an uneven match but the personality of a Leo can be slightly intimidating to the gentle and timid Pisces. If they work on their differences, Leo-Pisces Love Compatibility can be a relationship full of affection and warmth.


Leo-Pisces Love Compatibility is an association of the Fish and the Lion and is quite an unlikely match. But, if both of them focus more on their positives rather than negatives then this relationship can flourish amazingly. The initial phase of Pisces-Leo Romantic Compatibility is dynamic, lively and packed with romantic gestures. Leo knows how to woo their partner with some lavish and luxurious treats, while Pisces sensitivity and emotional quotient will enable it to reciprocate with the same intensity that Leo expects. The Lion loves attention, admiration and applaud and no one can enhance the sunny personality of the Leo other than Pisces by constantly admiring and appreciating them with their endearing charm. They both share a mutual fascination which needs to be converted into deep understanding for each other's needs in order for both of them to shine.

They both are not compatible in terms of behavior and nature and need to really focus on each other's positives to make the Leo-Pisces Marriage Compatibility work. It is not a combination that is infrequent. There are myriad of reasons for Pisces-Leo Romantic Compatibility to work. Firstly, Leo likes to dominate when in a relationship but in a highly affectionate manner and the Fish being a little confused about things in life likes that kind of control. The Fish can bring a different kind of emotional depth and tenderness in the life of a Lion while a Leo can bring the emotional security and stability that a Pisces seeks. The Fire and the Water sign come to a clash on many levels. They work on entirely different emotional levels; Leos are extroverts and are likely to vent it all out while Pisces being a little timid and introvert would find difficulty in expressing themselves which can infuriate the Lion. Also their social demeanors are a far cry from each other; Leo wants attention and is the life of every party while Pisces has a very close knit friend circle and they prefer hanging out with them. Both of them come from extremely different environments and one would have to give up theirs for a successful Leo-Pisces Relationship Compatibility. In a relationship between these two, they would seem highly compatible for one minute and then it would fizzle away. This relationship requires a lot of compromise and work from both sides in order to overcome such troubles.

The union of a Fire and Water sign can be a steamy combination when it comes to Leo-Pisces Sex Compatibility. They are two dynamic and sensual personalities and that is reflected in their sexual union, as well.

Before knowing about the Leo Man Compatibility with Pisces Woman and Pisces Man Compatibility with Leo Woman, it is imperative to gain an insight on both the Zodiac Signs.

PISCES(19th Feb-20th March)

The 'Dreamers of the Zodiac', Pisces are the most mystical, creative and imaginative souls who bedeck this world with their exceptional artistic talents. A Pisces spending its entire life at one place is a rare sight. The Fish loves its independence and desires to be a free spirit. It is very difficult to tie them down to just one spot. This, in turn, influences their career choices, as well. Majority of Pisces choose professions pertaining to art and creativity. High on positive energy, the Fish possesses the knack of bringing out the best in themselves as well as the ones around them. They are emotional, highly intuitive, deep and extremely sensitive individuals. Being the last among the Zodiac signs, Pisces bear certain attributes of the eleven preceding signs and are often termed as 'old souls'.

Pisces are governed by the planet Neptune and are the most selfless and generous people one might ever come across. They would give it all for their loved ones without asking. Friendliest among all Zodiacs, Pisces get along with almost everyone and become the favorite of a group in no time courtesy their endearing and charming attitude. Mostly Pisces are oblivious to what is happening outside their beautiful and happy world. They do not cry about the trivial and small things in life and are deeply connected to their spiritual self. While on the positive side, they are dreamers, on the negative side they are escapists. When the harsh realities of life come face to face with their world of dreams and fantasies, their only reaction is to run and escape. Confronting a problem is the last thing a Pisces would do. The Fish do not consider themselves strong or courageous enough to solve any issue in life. Pisces lack the ability to take decisions on their own and are often labeled as weak-willed which makes them vulnerable as a result of which others can conveniently impose their opinions and decisions on them. Pisces love to spend some alone time as a way to take break from their otherwise chaotic life. This helps them rejuvenate and revive. Pisces are hopeless romantics and when in love they give their relationship all they can.


Leo Male and Pisces Female Marriage Compatibility comes with several layers. When the imagination, sensitivity and compassion of the Pisces woman meets the creativity, generosity and dynamism of a Leo man, a magical relationship is certainly on the cards. The Lion always seeks a partners who is earnestly devoted to him and adores him unconditionally and a Pisces woman is a perfect epitome of all that he is seeking. Although it seems that the Leo man is the dominating and decision making person among the two but in reality he respects and is deeply influenced by the depth of knowledge of his Pisces woman.


The best way for a Leo Female and Pisces Male Marriage Compatibility to work is when they both decide to exchange each other's strengths and share a mutual compassion for each other's weaknesses. The Pisces man has all the traits needed to impress the Lioness queen. He will take her to expensive dates and treat her with classy presents and will shower her with the kind of attention she needs. Pisces man possesses all the gentle compassion and passive resistance to cater to the demands of the Leo woman. The Fish is an adept listener and he will satiate the love of a Leo girl for an audience by listening to all her stories attentively.

But, when reality strikes, they both can clearly notice each other's differences. Pisces, being the water sign, requires solitude every now and then to escape the chaos of the real world and finds the gregarious behavior of his Leo woman very strange. Another reason where clashes are bound to happen is when Pisces does not share all his secrets with her. Pisces man likes to keep certain things to himself which usually does not go well with Leo woman as she needs to know everything about her partner. However, both of them will find a perfect solace with each other as the false pride of Leo when injured can be effectively soothed by a Pisces while the inner fears of the Fish can be calmed by the confidence of the Lioness.

They differ in terms of social behaviors. But, Leo-Pisces Marriage Compatibility will work as they both value this relationship and will reach to a compromise in case of any problem. Trust is the foundation of their relationship which can sustain Leo-Pisces Love Compatibility for lifetime.

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