gemini and gemini



Gemini- Gemini compatibility is full of fun and joy. Belonging to same star sign they have same behavioral traits.Both love speed, are charismatic and full of vigor. These traits contribute to a wavering relationship between the two. However, they can be good pals or can have short term relationship. Both love to live a busy life thus giving each other very little space. Both love socializing, hence love to live with lots of people around them

Highlights of Gemini-Gemini Compatibility

Gemini are basically good communicators, hence are talkative and chatty. They love talking on a range of subjects. A Gemini is more comfortable with Leo, Libra, Aquarius and Aries. Both being Air signs are restless and wavering. Instability and urge to experiment new does not allow their mutual relationship to settle. Gemini and Gemini Friendship has a longer age than their relationship.Gemini -Gemini Love Compatibility is always on the lower rung on the love chart.

They are more comfortable in professions complementing each other such as singer-composer, author-publisher etc.

Gemini-Gemini Compatibility percentage

The compatibility levels between the duo is on the higher side. The communication compatibility between the two is very high at 80% which indicates that they are basically good communicators and when they can communicate effectively with others why not between themselves. The sex compatibility between the two is on the high levels at 85%, that shows the level of togetherness and enjoyment in their sexual activities. The general compatibility between the two is also at top bracket at 85%.

Gemini men and women, as they belong to same zodiac signs have same traits that affect their behaviour. They are full of energy and joy. They are entertaining, chatty and love to take risks. Mutually they can please each other and this can go on for long. However, the negative aspect of the mutual relation is that it can not last for long as both go by their heart instead of logic and any minor dispute among them can flare to a major one. This affects the stability of the relation. The key to bring stability in their relation is to adapt to each other's strength and weakness.