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capricorn and capricorn Love Compatibility



Capricorn-Capricorn Relationship Compatibility is beyond ordinary when it comes to financial security and overall stability but emotionally, this association might lack what it takes. To gain an insight on Capricorn Man Compatibility with Capricorn Woman, it is imperative to have an idea about this Zodiac sign.


'Slow and steady wins the race' - a true Capricorn lives by this motto. Much like its symbol 'The Mountain Goat', this earth sign treads the path towards its ultimate goal, slowly but successfully. Ambition is the word for Capricorn and they definitely possess the resilience, determination and grit to fulfill all things they have set their eye on. Discipline and patience, being their core strengths, help the Goat to achieve the impossible in life. Being highly practical individuals, Capricorn would never take the road less travelled. It is just about making plans to reach the top of the ladder and simply sticking to it. The ruling planet Saturn gives Capricorn the discipline and authoritative abilities that they are known for. This Earthy sign, much like its ruling planet, loves to control and command and wants to be revered for the same. In contrast to a tough exterior, a Capricorn is a warm and a friendly person. They open up rarely and only to those who are extremely close to them. One has to dig really deep to find what it beneath the surface of the serious and stern Capricorn.

Capricorn like to be busy, whether it is about working on a project or spending time with family. Work hard and Party harder is what they abide by. They love working towards their goals but they would never neglect their family or loved ones in the quest of the same. Work and family go hand in hand for them and they handle it quite efficiently, as well. Once they have set their eyes on the prize, the Goat will climb steadily to cross the finish line and that too without any shortcuts. And the best part is, they will ultimately win. The most active, energetic and ambitious Zodiacs will fail against the stubbornness and the steely dedication of Capricorn. However, at times, in the pursuit of their ambition, they set some impossible goals which if they fail to attain can leave them getting all frustrated and sulky. They live by traditions and can come across as those who are serious, stern and too disciplined for the modern times. A decision once made by a stubborn Capricorn cannot change in any circumstance. They simply refuse to accept any innovation in their already set plan. Capricorns are pessimists to the extent of going into deep depression. It is very difficult for a them to get into any relationship as they find it difficult to trust people. They take time to choose their partner and once they do, they show love and commitment like no other.


When two ambitious and hard working go-getters meet, we get an association that spells success. They can be perfect business partners as well as an ideal power-house couple with a distinct status in the society. Capricorn-Capricorn Marriage Compatibility has an extremely strong foundation as they are devoted and are also mature and disciplined enough such that any whim or tantrum cannot break this rock solid relationship. When the Goats come together, it is guaranteed that they both will work hard to build a better life for themselves. Capricorn-Capricorn relationship is a respectful relationship with each of them possessing similar values and similar opinions about the world. So, as far as Capricorn-Capricorn Love Compatibility is concerned, it is an extremely stable and enduring association.

It is indeed a fact that Capricorn-Capricorn Relationship Compatibility success percentage is quite high but this partnership lacks emotional quotient. Capricorn comes across as someone who is unemotional and practical as they do not show their emotions easily. They are too much into their careers and building up their financial security and often forget to enjoy each other's company. They are tender to each other, but boredom is something their relationship might suffer from, after a certain point of time. There is a high chance of their life getting stagnant and in order to refresh it, frequent detours from their routine are advised. Travelling, making new friends and learning new things together are some things these two can do to bring some change and spice in their life.


Capricorn Male-Capricorn Female Marriage Compatibility is a strong, enduring, stable and successful association. It is difficult for a Capricorn to fall in love instantly; love at first sight is something they do not understand. It takes weeks and even months for the Goat to fall in love and years to decide their life partner. They are cautious in every decision they take and love is no exception. A Capricorn Man as well as Capricorn Woman value their families a lot so before they plan to take the plunge, it is advised to check the compatibility of their families for a Capricorn-Capricorn Love Compatibility to work. It might be the reason for some serious trouble in the future. Finances will never be the reason for a disagreement between the Capricorn Man and Woman. They are a materially successful couple and both of them strive hard to maintain this status.

Capricorn Woman is a self sufficient and independent woman and is often perceived as a threat by many men but not Capricorn. He understands her ambitions and admires her strength and knows that she would never let her sentiments rule her life decisions. This earth sign looks for their happiness only at one place, i.e. the rock solid ground. However, their being over-ambitious and extremely career-oriented can cause the Capricorn-Capricorn Romantic Compatibility to fade. Both of them have to realize that too much of everything (even if it is good) is bad. It is good to be focused on your career and get financially stable but not at the cost of the time you have together. Capricorn-Capricorn Marriage Compatibility requires frequent doses of fun and excitement so you both have to make sure you have these elements in a relationship.

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