cancer and cancer



When it comes to Cancer-Cancer compatibility, Cancer seems to be a sign of genetic inheritance and sometimes it gets difficult to harmonize the genetic predispositions of the two Cancerian partners.

However, their melodious nature, ability to have and feel enough passion for each other, makes them the perfect candidates for marriage, children and the complete scenario.

Their shared activities and sex life could suffer a general lack of movement, initiative and energy. For this, they both shouldn't try to end up in a boring everyday routine in which they only sit and eat in front of a TV as soon as they come back from work.

It is significant for them to have enough tender activities and surprises that construct their physical relationship or they might end up unsatisfied and would not even understand why.

In case, as two tender individuals, if they are troubled by these shortcomings of their relationship, they will like to make each other feel good, no matter even if means breaking up.


Cancer-Cancer relationship values can be seen as a fan of nonverbal communication. When two of them are in an intimate relationship, they can be quite for many days as long as their inner feelings are good.

Though, they like to share and enjoy the routine of making some life details with their partner, their most awaited time of the day will probably be that when they don't have to talk at all while sipping a cup of coffee in the morning.

A low opinion can be possessed by some of the other signs of the intellectual strength of these partners and it could appear as if they have nothing to share.

But someone who is a bit more sensitive might feel that they look at each other with regular and undivided attention.

Alongside, follows each other's grins and movements. When they can smile at each other, what is the need of words? Nobody cares about communication here.

CANCER (June 22 to July 22)

Cancer is an element of water is the most challenging, revealing of personal life, deeply sentimental and intuitive. It can be one of the toughest signs of all the zodiacs to know.

They are very sensitive and emotional, they care a lot about matters of their home and family. Cancer seems to very loyal and sympathetic attached with people they are close.

People born with their Sun in Cancer are able to empathize and have loyalty with other people's suffering and pain.

Cancerians are guided by their heart and emotions, they could experience a hard time in getting along the world around them. Moon is the ruler of this zodiac, fractions of the lunar cycle deepen their internal mysteries and create brief of their emotional patterns that are far beyond their control.

When they are children, they do not have many defensive and coping mechanisms for the outer world and are needed to be approached with understanding and care, for what they present as a reward.


When it comes to Cancer man and woman compatibility, they trust each other like anything as there are no ego clashes between them. Egos between them are lifted by adultery. It is known to be a well-grounded sign as Taurus is exalted as the ruler.

They look for an emotional stability that can be understood in the materialistic world and understand that there is no such thing as perfection.

When they start feeling for someone or when they find a person that they can see themselves within years to come, they will realize their mistakes and will be ready to make the necessary compromises to build a strong and loving home and a family for themselves.

If two Cancers feel each other in this way, they might not find any reason not to trust each other completely.


When it comes down to a Cancer woman and man compatibility, all we understand is that the couple will share the same values and understanding with each other perfectly in this portion of their relationship.

Their common values and beliefs come to focus right here, where they have the freedom for emotional clarity, calm, peace and family life that someone is able to create. This thing can keep them close and together in a loving relationship even if they aren't perfect for each other at the first place.


When it comes to emotions of Cancerians or let's say in particular the Cancer-Cancer romantic compatibility, we can say that Cancer is the most emotional zodiac sign of all.

The leading roles although are divided by all of the water signs. Cancer is considered to be the sign of closeness and family love, not so much the sexual, sensual love presented through Venus.

When a relationship starts between two Cancerians, emotional states between both of them will be clear and mutual. In their primary family, this is considered as an inevitable issue which is needed to be resolved. They use this way usually to do the same.

As they both are ruled by the Moon, mood changes among them might coincide but the scope of emotions that is represented by the Moon remains far bigger.

The emotional state of their ancestors is carried by them it is just not enough at all to tag them ‘Emotional'. To build a family is the best relationship for two Cancerian partners which only happens when they have a good sex life.

Their emotions are best shared, dealt and understood with when sharing a life and home together.


When it comes to Cancer-Cancer Sexual compatibility, Cancer appears to be a master of achieving it with the right person at the right time. If two Cancerians find that touch of love in their bond that they will reach for each other's deepest emotional side within their sex life.

Cancer is a sign where planet Mars falls and it is not at all easy for them to initiate. Mars needs to be strong for a healthy sex life and these two don't show their strengths necessarily. This can lead to their emotional side blooming but with no sexual charm between them.

Not much of technical knowledge or experience in their sexual encounters is required as this provides them a chance to base their sex life exclusively on emotions that they carry for each other.

It might appear to be boring from the perspective of some other zodiac signs but they really won't bother if they are given the confirmation that they are loved through their physical contact.

Still, they need someone to guide them, motivate them and as well need to push their limits. Boring emotional life is not Cancer's cup of tea, even though it might seem that way.

They fight for their closed ones, for their safe heaven and intimacy but they will not at all settle for something that does not excite them at all.

In order to make their relationship work well, it would be an excellent step to initiate and experiment a little at any time they feel a bit least sexual.