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cancer and aquarius Compatibility



Cancer Aquarius Compatibility is not an instant attraction at first sight type of relationship. At the first glance, they find nothing in common with each other which in turn makes it more difficult for them to relate to each other. However, on giving a closer look Cancer Aquarius Relationship Compatibility has immense potential for bringing a change which can bring improvement in their respective lives.

Are Cancer And Aquarius Compatible?

Aquarius and Cancer come from two different worlds having two different temperaments. The former is an Air sign who loves change, novelty and unique experiences while the latter is a water sign who is emotional, nostalgic and a homebody and craves comfort and security. Being two entirely different individuals, Cancer-Aquarius Compatibility brings a lot of opportunities for both of them to grow and learn. However, there is one thing that they in some way share with each other, i.e. their unpredictability. The Water Bearer is unpredictable in its shocking and unconventional ways whereas the Crab is hard to predict because of their sudden mood swings and unexpected reactions.

Cancer-Aquarius Compatibility is no love at first sight. But as they pass through the initial phase of awkwardness, they would realize that this relationship has a lot to offer them. Both are compassionate individuals, but, Cancer's compassion is for their loved ones whereas Aquarius' compassion is for the poor and needy. Cancer-Aquarius Compatibility is a mismatch on emotional levels. Love and emotions for this Air sign run on pure logic and for them, meeting of minds is the most important thing for a partnership to be successful. On the other hand, any relationship decision that a Cancer takes is purely on guts and instincts. Cancer is a cardinal sign, i.e. they like to lead in an association; Aquarius is a Fixed sign, i.e. they are stubborn and are not easy to lead. In Cancer-Aquarius Relationship Compatibility, Cancer would always try to bring their Air partner to come to their point of view before they realize that nothing in this world can compel an Aquarius to change their mind once they have made a decision.

If harmony is to be achieved in Cancer-Aquarius Compatibility, Cancer should learn to loosen up a little, laugh a lot more and not delve too deep in their feelings and thoughts and Aquarius should learn to not be so detached with their emotions and get in touch with their feelings a little.

Before we get on to the details about Cancer - Aquarius Friendship Compatibility, Cancer Man Compatibility with Aquarius Woman and Cancer Woman compatibility with Aquarius Man, it is essential to gain insights about these Zodiac signs.


Cancer, an element of water, is the most challenging, profoundly sentimental and intuitive sign. They are very sensitive and emotional; they care a lot about matters of their home and family. Cancer seems to very loyal and attached to people they are close. People born with their Sun in Cancer are able to empathize and have loyalty to other people's suffering and pain. Moon is the ruler of this zodiac, fractions of the lunar cycle deepen their inner mysteries and create brief of their emotional patterns that are far beyond their control. Click to know more about the sensitive Cancer .


Ruled by Uranus and Saturn, Aquarius are mysterious people who can at times get really tough to understand. Friendship and teamwork is what this Zodiac sign represents. Being the Water Bearer, Aquarius possess an innovative energy which they tend to apply to all things in life. They want to explore the world in its minutest form be it learning electronic music or experiencing living on the edge. They are most courteous and soft-spoken people you would ever come in contact with. They love to defy the usual public opinion in the most unconventional and unpredictable manner. For them, learning is a continuous process and this is what life's about. Click to know more about the quirky Aquarius Aquarius .

Can Cancer Aquarius Be Good Friends?

Cancer and Aquarius are two far points on the horoscope spectrum, figuratively of course. A good friendship between the two is luck of the draw. Both the signs are dedicated, passionate, determined, and overly independent. They want things to be done their way and counter-resistance is not welcomed at all.

Cancers exhibit traditional morals and a knack for conventional routine while Aquarians get deadened by the monotony of routine and consider themselves avid thrillseekers. This friendship can be really frustrating for both the individuals trying to penetrate each other’s interests.       

Cancer and Aquarius friendship compatibility comprise individuals from Air and Water element and they are likely to get critical of each other’s unique nature. One can expect creative conflicts, tempers flying around, and tireless arguments when these two decide to come together as friends.

Cancer and Aquarius friendship can be a force to reckon with if they agree to find some middle ground and come together to work on the inner dynamics of their relationship. But again, friendships never subject to conditions.   

Cancer Aquarius Romantic Compatibility

The foundation of Cancer-Aquarius Romantic Compatibility is their shared compassion and their deep levels of curiosity about life and people. in general. However, it will be extremely hard for an Aquarius to respond to Cancer's intense emotions and feelings. They both operate on different emotional bandwidths making Cancer-Aquarius Love Compatibility a little hard to be successful. They have different needs in a relationship and as one is secretive (Cancer) and other is freedom-loving (Aquarius), it is a challenge for trust to build in this relationship.

Cancer Aquarius Sexual Compatibility

An obvious sexual attraction can be witnessed between Aquarius and Cancer signs. Cancer-Aquarius Sexual Compatibility is quite strong giving both of them a sense of peace and contentment. Cancer's overflowing emotions and feelings blend effortlessly with Aquarius distant and cool emotions strengthening their physical intimacy and connection. The tenderness of Cancer has the power to make Cancer-Aquarius Sexual Compatibility a passionate, deep and sensual bond.

Cancer Man Compatibility With Aquarius Woman

Cancer Man and Aquarius Woman Love Compatibility might seem a little offbeat but it is not as unusual as you think. A little bit of give and take is all this relationship needs to be successful and long-lasting. Initially, the Cancer man might think of Aquarius woman as a girl with no sense of emotion as she might attempt to mature his emotional outlook. She might try to bring him out of his nostalgic shell and explain to him the importance of the present and future. However, in the long run of Cancer-Aquarius Marriage Compatibility, he will realize that she is one of the few who can actually fathom his deeper longings and understand his gentle soul.

Trouble in Cancer Man and Aquarius Woman Love Compatibility arises when Cancer man tries to direct this woman and control her actions. Aquarius woman can never, in any circumstance, compromise with her independence. And if this Cancer domination is not checked on time, her behavior can become simply unreasonable and she will become immovably stubborn. If the Cancer man wants harmony to prevail, then he would have to let go of his controlling ways as there is no use trying to confine this Uranus-ruled woman.


Cancer Woman Aquarius Man Compatibility does not assure success until and unless both the partners mend their ways and bring them in sync with one another. Cancer woman has a mothering quality about her which can turn into possessiveness in a relationship and this can certainly frustrate the free-spirited and independent Aquarius man. He will love the attention and affection that he gets from his loving and caring woman but not at the cost of his freedom and quirky ways. Cancer woman should refrain from telling him what to do if she wants her Aquarian partner to stay with her forever.

Similarly, when this woman is going through a moody phase, Aquarius man should let her be rather than prying on her secrets. Both of them should give each other the space they need for Cancer Woman Aquarius Man Love Compatibility to blossom. If this problem can be sorted, we get a relationship that is tender, warm and romantic. Cancer woman brings immense love and emotions in this relationship while Aquarius man brings stability and practicality in this partnership.

Cancer's compassion and Aquarius determination can make an offbeat relationship like this work.


Aquarius are adventurous and look to score opportunities that allow them to try a hand at something new, and this apparently happens to interfere with Cancer’s love for peace and quiet. Homely, peaceful crabs rarely come out of their calm abodes but these airy Aquarians disturb their lives to a great extent.

This isn’t it, they are poles apart in terms of expressing their love for each other which further widens the gap between the two. This match is no good in terms of emotional compatibility, may be why these two fail to take it long enough.

Together in a love match, they would have a decent relationship but it will lack a lot of essential aspects, mainly emotional. It would be a kind of challenge to both the signs to understand each other on a deeper level and they are not likely to find a mutually soothing chemistry that a romantic relationship must possess. Hence, Cancer and Aquarius emotional compatibility doesn’t look convincing.           

Are Cancer Aquarius Soulmates?

We aren’t saying Cancer-Aquarius is a kind of couple you can place your bet on, but, they sure can’t be disregarded outright because of their contrasting personalities. With some serious advances towards mending their relationship and a little attitude adjustment, they could do as good as any couple.

The key to this match is Aquarius because they are more flexible and considerate. In relationships like this one here, you can’t expect Cancers to change much significantly because they have already taken over their share of responsibilities and asking for more would be unfair. Aquarians are the ones who need to develop a better understanding and take this relationship ahead. Each sign has its specific role but still considering Cancer and Aquarius as soulmates would be impractical.    


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