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aries and virgo Love Compatibility



Aries is impulsive, aggressive and impatient whereas Virgos think a lot before arriving at a conclusion, are over critical and careful about the expenses. Although, both the zodiacs have an element of honesty in them, but due to their different personality traits, nothing can be said about the longevity of this relationship. Aries Virgo relationship compatibility will undoubtedly take some time as both of them will have to be patient with each other. During the initial phase of their relationship, both will be highly critical of each other. But, later on, they will realize that there is a lot to learn from each other, and due to their completely opposite personality traits, both will complement each other beautifully.

Are Aries and Virgo compatible?

Aries to Virgo compatibility is kind of tricky but if it works then both of them will cherish every moment of it. Both are honest and will be attracted to each other from the inception of their meeting but how long they will stay in a relationship? That is a bit difficult to answer. Aries can not stand someone’s criticism whereas Virgos are known as quintessential critics! Similarly, Virgos are allergic to the brash and aggressive behavior which is a natural personality trait of Aries. Similarly, Aries like to splurge on luxurious things whereas Virgo is cautious in spending. Aries is very fiery and jump on to the conclusions very quickly whereas Virgos take their own time, get into detail and then arrive at a conclusion.

However, these mutual differences may form a basis of a beautiful Aries Virgo relationship compatibility if both of them try to understand each other and appreciate each other’s strengths. Initially, both will see only mistakes and pinpoint each other on trivial issues but if they start focussing on the positive aspects, Aries Virgo match can turn out to be great.

Aries may teach Virgo how to enjoy life and bring that immediate, spontaneous action which is almost negligible in the life of Virgo whereas Virgo may teach Aries to be bit patient and pay attention to details and enhance their knowledge. Aries can teach Virgo to take things easy whereas Virgo can teach Aries to work hard and speak a bit softly. The ruling planet of Aries is Mars and Mercury rules Virgo so both have extreme personality traits and for the success of the Aries Virgo Love story, it is a must that both should strive to learn from each other rather than arguing with each other over their respective methods.  

Before we get on to the details about Aries-Virgo Friendship Compatibility,  Aries Man Compatibility with a Virgo Woman and Aries Woman compatibility with a Virgo Man, it is important to gain insights about these Zodiac Signs .


Aries are natural leaders. They are naturally charismatic and respected by their peers for superior communication and ability to lead from the front. Aries are very verbose and upfront about their opinion. They want to be heard and put their ideas without any worries. Aries are highly competitive and if you want to challenge them, be ready to be at your best!  Click to know more about fiery Aries .


The Healers of the Zodiac, Virgo finds a different kind of bliss in serving others. They possess a keen desire to work for the wellbeing of others. Symbolized by the Virgin, this zodiac gets the traits of purity, methodical organization and truth. 'Attention to detail' is the modus operandi of this earth sign as they are quite critical and picky about everything in life. They are a perfectionist to the word and tend to notice any flaw or discrepancy, be it in a thing or in an individual. Virgo in every sense epitomizes flawlessness to the point of being critical. Click to know more about the methodical Virgo .

Can Aries and Virgo be Good Friends?

Both Aries and Virgo have different personality traits, and hence to maintain an Aries Virgo friendship will be quiet an uphill task for both of them. Virgos are very blunt and straightforward and will let Aries know about their positive and negative aspects clearly. In a way, it will be good for Aries, and in return, they will help to motivate and inspire Virgo so that they do not get harassed or bullied. Of Course, at times it will be very annoying for Aries to be with ever complaining Virgo who is finicky about perfection and always fuss about even the minutest things but Aries should consider the fact that Virgos have to bear with their impulsive aggression. It is very likely that over the passage of time both will understand each other very well and learn to appreciate each other’s flaws. The best part of Aries Virgo friendship compatibility is that their area of interests are different so in the long term, both Aries and Virgo will enjoy some really exciting and fulfilling experiences together.

Aries and Virgo Romantic Compatibility

At first glance, Aries with Virgo love match does not seem good at all. But if they can forget their differences and have a good laugh over them instead of getting into a clash, then they may make a lovable couple. At the onset of their relationship, shy Virgos may be astonished by the frank and straightforward approach of Aries because most of the Virgos are very traditional and may not show very advance thoughts regarding dating and love relationships. Virgos are very particular about their lover, and they observe very minute actions like a hawk and then take a decision. This behavior of Virgo can offend Aries quite quickly.

Both Aries and Virgo can work like good friends, but they may get into tussles every now and then because Aries has a fiery temper and Virgo worries a lot. Virgos think a lot, plan a lot and are very particular about the essential discipline like coming back to home on time, avoiding late night fun, etc. This all may annoy Aries very much, and this is how the challenge begins in Aries-Virgo Love Compatibility .   

Virgos will consider Aries as impulsive, impatient and careless as they tend to miss the detail. Aries will soon feel trapped in vicious circle of criticism. At some point of time, Aries will lose cool because of continuous criticism and would move out of the relationship. This is something Virgo should take care of. In short, Aries with Virgo love is  a challenge, which if not worked upon by both sides will soon see an end. Their relationship can work, if both respect and give full support to each other.

Aries and Virgo Sexual Compatibility

Aries Virgo Sexual compatibility will be quiet good. The communication and understanding between them will be excellent and sexual chemistry between Aries and Virgo will be sizzling. Aries are turned on by the wisdom and sensitivity of Virgos, and their sexual bond will become stronger. But, Aries should take care not to play mind games with Virgos because they may feel offended. Aries have a very high sex drive and will be attracted to Virgos due to their sensitivity, Aries and Virgo in bed will share a great intimacy but Aries will have to take the lead and Virgo will ensure that Aries get pleasure as per their desires.

The name Virgo is misleading as some people relate it with the word “Virgin,” but Virgos are very knowledgeable about the “art of lovemaking” and this may actually surprise their Aries partner! Virgos will teach Aries some tricks on how to give “pleasure.” There are lot many things that Aries can learn from Virgos regarding sex, Virgos tend to enjoy sex as an act but in a particular manner and also believe in mutual pleasure. However, Aries will have to strive hard with verbal stimulation, be patient and indulge in a lot of foreplay to get their Virgo partner in “action mode.”

Aries Man and Virgo Woman Compatibility

At first glance, Aries man and Virgo woman do not look compatible at all because of their poles apart personalities. The Aries man is too fierce, aggressive and impulsive whereas Virgo woman is calm, composed and mild in nature. It is said that if both Aries man and Virgo woman want this relationship to work, then they have to make adjustments to each other’s style. Both of them do not really have any common interests, so it is indeed difficult to get them together. Aries man loves action whereas Virgo woman is romantic to the core and look for support from her partner. Aries man resists the change whereas Virgo woman looks forward to changing her dream man as per her will and align him as per her temperament. The first attraction between the Aries man and Virgo woman will be physical only, Virgo woman will be charmed by the energy and confidence of Aries man so that she can be at ease and enjoy her life. Hence, passion will form the basis of this relationship.

The problem in Aries man and Virgo woman compatibility is that Aries man will not like the constant nagging and criticism by the Virgo woman. Also, he will not take the trouble to dive deep down in her mind and try to understand her in detail. Virgo woman, on the other hand, will be very accommodating and will accept this selfish behavior of Aries man just for the sake of her love. Though Aries man will have to take care of not to hurt her too deeply, and for long otherwise, she may lose her commitment. The trick in this relationship between Aries man and Virgo woman lies in the intention to learn from each other. Aries man can learn a lot about getting responsible and develop a sense of duty from Virgo woman and she, in turn, can learn to have fun and take risks in life from him. The point is that both Aries man and Virgo woman should be willing to learn from each other and this relationship compatibility may work.

Aries woman and Virgo man compatibility

The first impression of Aries woman and Virgo man relationship is very bleak because both of them do not have a common interest which forms the basis of the long-term relationship. Aries woman is very dominating, impulsive, straightforward whereas Virgo man is timid, introvert and a man of few words. In the initial phase of their relationship, Virgo man may be swept away by the audacity of the Aries woman, but soon she will also be charmed by the enigma of the pleasing personality of Virgo man. Aries woman, given her dominating nature, would love to take the lead during the initial phase of their relationship with the intention to win over the Virgo man. And, if all goes well, then their initial infatuation may turn into a relationship.

The Virgo man will be a gentleman to the core, he will be very loyal, committed, devoted and loving to his Aries woman. He can tone down her aggression, and since he is very calm and composed, he won’t react to the verbal volleys of Aries woman because it will only aggravate the situation. His best trait will be patience which can actually make this relationship work. He will listen to all the concerns of his Aries woman calmly, give the best option to her and will leave her alone then. So, Aries woman and Virgo man compatibility is beautiful in that sense.  Similarly, Aries woman will help Virgo man to be more confident, articulate and grow his self-esteem. Virgo man will be charmed by her attention towards him, and the protection given by her and hence this compatibility is a good one if both accept each other. When they meet for the first time, they will feel very comfortable in each other’s company and their diverse nature will pave way for a fantastic bonding between them.

How well do Aries and Virgo click emotionally?

Aries and Virgo's emotional compatibility is good.  However, they will face a challenge to make it excellent because Virgo is basically inclined towards wisdom Aries is more about passion. The best bet for both of them will be to give some time to each other, try to understand what works and what doesn’t and shortly they will develop that emotional connection between them. It is important for both Aries and Virgo both to understand each other completely and think before they get together. Also, it will be great if they start off with friendship first and develop that emotional bond as a couple. Aries, in particular, are much well behaved when they take a step by step approach from friendship to sexual relations. So emotional compatibility between Aries and Virgo will be excellent if they understand and give space to each other.

Are Aries and Virgo true soulmates?

Aries and Virgo are completely opposite in terms of their personality traits, so they cannot be termed as soulmates. They will be charmed by each other’s qualities and will complement each other and provide a beautiful balance to their relationship, but that won’t last for long. Virgo is highly critical and will pinpoint everything that is wrong with their Aries partner. Aries are quite self-centered and will not take this criticism really well. Both Aries and Virgo have a different way to work and a different perspective of life which further aggravates the challenge in this relationship. Aries-Virgo Horoscope Matching can only be great if there is deep love and respect between the two. . It is important that both have the ability to see past their flaws to build a strong relationship, which can be quite a difficult thing to achieve!

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