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Shravana Nakshatra

Shravana Nakshatra

Shravana Nakshatra is regarded as the birth star of the deity of knowledge, wisdom and education, Goddess Saraswati. Shravana nakshatra bestow the natives with intelligence, educational proficiency, power of speech and wealth of knowledge. It comprises of the stars Tarazed, Alshain and Altair. With the combination of these three, a Eagle’s head is formed. The term Shravana denotes hearing which symbolizes learning and listening.

According to the Vedic Astrology, Moon is the governing planet of Shravana Nakshatra. It appears to be a trident, three footprints presented unevenly or an ear which symbolises hearing and the three steps of Lord Vishnu. Vishnu is the Hindu Deity for this Nakshatra. The gender of Shravana Nakshatra star is male.

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Let’s find out about the personality, characteristics, health, family life, profession and other insightful details about people who have Shravana as their Janma Nakshatra.

 Shravana Nakshatra Characteristics

  • Being born in the Shravana nakshatra you possess expertise in the fields of arts, music, acting and dance.
  • You are also endowed with exemplary intelligence and knowledge.
  • Being affable and warm are your inherent behavioral traits.
  • You possess extreme determination and willingness while completing your job.
  • You are likely to be very religious, honest as well as pious while dealing with others.
  • Being a peace-lover, you try to maintain a peaceful environment wherever you stay.
  • You are a sound planner who is likely to attain success by performing effective calculation of risks.
  • You are a perfectionist who seek complete perfection in all the things and your work is completely devoid of any kind of flaws most of the times.

Shravana Nakshatra Strengths

Intelligent, quick learner, ethical, creative, cordial, kind, good speaker, possess ancient knowledge, helpful, charitable, balanced, modest, open minded and work for humanitarian and social causes.

Shravana Nakshatra Weaknesses

Hypersensitive, spendthrift, blunt jealous, and gossip-monger.

Shravana Male Characteristics

If you are a male individual who is born in the Shravana Nakshatra then you are highly methodical when it comes to your work. You work on the set values and principles and like to follow them at every phase. You always look for keeping your surroundings clean and neat. You are highly compassionate and always offer a helping hand to all the needy people. You do not look for appreciation or recognition for your efforts. You are much inclined towards Gurus and God. You possess strong mental strength. 

Shravana Female Characteristics

If you are a female individual who is born in the Shravana Nakshatra then you are likely to have a charitable nature. You are much inclined towards religious activities. You possess both generosity and compassion and you like to showcase them publicly. You like to get recognition, fame and popularity for your work and charities performed. You are very much talkative in and thus incapable to hide things, particularly from your partner.

Shravana Education/ Career Interest/ Profession

If you are a male individual, you are likely to experience continuous changes till the time you attain the age of 30. The period between the age of 31 to 45 will remain stable for you. However, you are likely to attain progress on the social and economic front after the age of 65 only. If you are associated with technical and mechanical fields, then you are likely to attain profits. If you are a female native of Shravana Nakshatra then you might remain uneducated and might have to perform some low-graded jobs. You are creative and have a penchant in arts and dance.

Most Suitable Profession: Story teller, teacher, travel, geologist, speech therapist, recording industry, religious scholars, classical studies, linguists, news broadcaster, politician, gossip columnist, astrologer, researcher, and archaeologists.

Shravana Nakshatra Family Life

The male native of Shravana Nakshatra will have an enjoyable and happy married life. You will get a wife with all the possible qualities of a good homemaker as well as she will take enough care of you and your parents. If you are a female native of this Nakshatra, then you would do everything to keep your family members happy. You might have some rifts in your relationships due to your nature of seeking utmost perfection in all the things. You would share a sound and harmonious relationship with your husband.

Shravana Nakshatra Health

The male natives, will face problems related to digestive system, tuberculosis, skin and ear infections. If you are a female native of this Nakshatra then you might suffer from some kind of skin diseases in the later years of your life. You are also vulnerable to leprosy, tuberculosis and eczema.

Shravana Nakshatra Names

For a newborn under the Shravana Nakshatra, the most suitable name would be the one that begins with the following syllables: Khi, Khu, Khe, Kho, Ju, Je, Jo, So

  • What is the lucky stone for Shravana nakshatra?


  • What are the lucky numbers for Shravana nakshatra?

    2 and 8

  • What is the lucky color for Shravana nakshatra?

    Light Blue

  • What are the lucky days for Shravana nakshatra?

    Thursday, Wednesday and Monday

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